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Founded on November 15, 2014, Vasa Gym is a Utah-based fitness center chain focused on providing an inspiration fitness experience to all types of consumers, for all skill levels, with a mission to uplift anyone who walks through the doors through fun, happy fitness. Vasa has 23 locations across Utah with a brand promise of having the best gym prices in the state. The word “Vasa” comes from the Latin term for “vessel.” Vasa Fitness currently has over 150,000 gym family members in Utah and opened its doors to eight new facilities in Colorado, one in Kansas, and one in Oklahoma.

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The Good

  • Price and contracts
  • Vasa buddy pass
  • Childcare services
  • Upfront fees
  • Classes
  • Trainers and nutrition
  • Other available amenities

Price and Contracts

Memberships can be purchased as low as $9.99 monthly for the basic plan; however, basic plans do not come with access to fitness classes, group fitness, or personal trainers. For those seeking classes and other amenities such as child care and access to ball courts, intramural activities, and steam rooms, the fitness plus plan at $21.99 monthly would be the best option. If you are interested in taking your fitness to the next level with a number of team training sessions and InBody composition scans, you can invest in the Vasa Fit plan with a monthly fee of $49.99 per month. This plan does not require an initiation fee and the 1st month is free while you make sure that it is something that you are interested in.

Vasa Buddy Pass

It is not uncommon for people to want to be able to bring a friend or family member with them to the gym. Vasa provides the opportunity for members to pay an extra $15.99 per month for unlimited access for guests. Each time that you attend the gym or facility, you are able to bring 2 guests with you. Your guest pass will provide them access to the facility

Childcare Services

Child Care is $3.00 per 90 minutes per visit or $10 per month for the first child and $5 per month each additional child added. (It must be set up through automatic billing at the club). There are also additional charges for picking up your child late. Racquetball is complimentary for all Vasa memberships except Basic. An additional $10.00 guest fee will be charged per participant if they are not a VASA Member or if they are a Basic member. Overall, we found Vasa's membership fees to be much more affordable than many of their competitors whose monthly fees can get as high as $150 or more.

Upfront Fees

There have not been any complaints online regarding upfront fees for any of Vasa's membership packages. We found many gyms require upfront fees upon joining/signing up for a membership with fees as high as $300. With such low monthly fees to begin with, Vasa beats the competition in this regard. Enrollment in the basic membership requires a $49.00 enrollment fee and the fitness and vasa fit plans do not have extra fees.


Each Vasa Fitness center offers independent classes ranging from cycling, pilates, and Zumba, to HIIT, R.I.P.P.E.D. and Power Pump, and water-exercise programs such as aerobics and Zumba. Vasa is the only fitness center offering CardioCinema, allowing runners to watch movies during their workout. Members can enjoy a vast array of fitness options such as aerobic classes, cardio equipment, cardio cinema rooms, free weights and strength training machines, private personal training, and group fitness sessions. Customers across the board are pleased with the number and selection of classes offered.

Trainers and Nutrition

Exclusive access to personal trainers is available for members at an additional fee. Sessions are 60 minutes and trainers provide education on the use of equipment, cardio exercise, supplements, weight lifting, resistance training, and healthy lifestyle nutrition tips. Vasa takes an innovative approach by using a Visual Fitness Planner which assess the likelihood of contracting various diseases and cancer, calculates chronological age against seven health risk factors determining a "true health age," as well as showing members a 3D image of their bodies' potential change through weight loss and muscle growth.

Another aspect setting Vasa apart is its attempt to make a difference in local communities by charitable donations and programs helping families and individuals get and stay healthy. Vasa offers free weekend passes to anyone coming in, in hopes to attain new clientele. Previously yearly passes have been given to winners of nominated families who communities deem deserving. The gym also provides a blog on its company website educating consumers with healthy tips as well as information on trainers.

Other Available Amenities

Other amenities the company offers at their fitness centers include pool, Jacuzzi, tanning, hot tub, sauna, tennis courts, massage beds, daycare, free weights area, and functional strength training areas. Depending on the location, there may be one or more amenities that are not offered. We found this to be a downside, since the majority of the locations are in the same state/region. A plus is the variety of amenities offered. Many of the fitness centers we reviewed had the basic pool, Jacuzzi, and sauna. The wide variety of amenities that Vasa offers are typically for more expensive high end gyms.

The Bad

  • Hidden fees
  • Vasa membership cancellation
  • Equipment
  • Cleanliness

Hidden Fees

Vasa also charges penalty fees if a member sets up automatic payments and the card used doesn't function properly. A $40 fee will be charged, even while not being under contract. Make sure that your card is working and that you are in touch with customer service if you are concerned with being overcharged. The sooner you get in, the better your chance of being helped. If you are looking to cancel your membership you will be charged $40 on top of the other monthly fees or contract fees that you will need to pay. An annual fee of $39.99 is charged each year which is considered the "rate guarantee fee". Vasa should work to factor these costs into the monthly price instead of making the cancellation process more confusing.

Vasa Membership Cancellation

According to several dissatisfied customer complaints scattered on the web, once under contract there is simply no possible way to get out of it, not even with cold hard cash, unless members can provide proof they have moved outside of a 25-mile radius of each of their 33 gym locations. Once proof has been provided, there is still the chance that fees for service during the closing of the account will be charged. When you contact your local gym or Vasa customer service to cancel, make sure that you know exactly you will be required to pay upon cancellation.


Equipment for most Vasa locations is fairly new and the gyms are large and well-maintained. Some customers have complained that there aren't enough machines to handle busy high-traffic hours (i.e. after work crowd). Also, some gym locations have old or broken equipment. For example, one customer complained to the Vasa management on three separate occasions about the broken stationary bikes in their CardioTheater which were Out of Order or in a poor state of functioning. Having to wait to use equipment during rush hours is a common issue we found for many fitness centers in addition to the equipment being old, broken or outdated. This still puts Vasa at less-than-excellent in this area.

Cleanliness, Sunday Closures

Vasa's cleanliness policy states that if a piece of equipment is broken or an area of the gym is not clean, for members to report it to the front desk immediately. Many have complained of the sanitary situation at some facilities stating the floors are covered with dirt and hair for days. Other complaints have been made about safety issues, having power cords and strips showing open wires, providing proof on social media sites. Complaints of doors not opening on time, causing members to request a prorated amount for membership costs. Many members including students have also complained of the hours of operation in Utah County and facilities being closed on Sundays.

The Bottom Line

Throughout several member reviews, most customers thoroughly enjoy Vasa Fitness for its low prices. If consumers are looking to solely utilize the gym equipment, a basic membership is more than fairly priced. According to members, the flip side of the low pricing is that you get what you pay for. Recently newer fitness equipment has been installed in several locations to replace the broken equipment. The broad array of classes offered make it worth overlooking some of the gym's flaws.

Other strengths are Vasa's personal training program and additional amenities-which are generous for the inexpensive monthly price. Gyms are not open 24 hours and each have different hours of operation, which can be a downfall to some. There have also been complaints concerning the cleanliness of the facility. The major one being dirty floors that have not been swept in days. Overall, this fitness facility has many attributes their competitors offer, making it an easy decision for curious consumers to step inside and find out if it fits their fitness goals and lifestyle needs.

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Doyal Stewart

June 13th, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

I've used Vasa a bit when I wanted to go to the gym to workout. I have not had any issues with them, but my son has. For the most part, the gym has been clean and has offered all of the machines I wanted. I really like their cardio cinema room and their hot tub.


Maile Curtis

June 13th, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

I have really enjoyed their low membership cost. Also, their facilities are nice, clean and inviting. Also, I like the people who work there.


Kathryn Andrus

June 6th, 2017

I don't have a VASA membership anymore but when I did I had a good experience with it. I really enjoyed the Orem University gym. It was well maintained. The Provo gym has really awful treadmills in the cinema room which hurt my knees a lot. When I cancelled my membership I had an extra charge that was taken off and I was pleased with the customer service.


Sheryl Wilson

May 31st, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

VASA offers a great gym membership at a great price. I love the steam room and the swimming pool. It can be busy early in the morning, so I go later and it's great.


Jonny Hancock

May 31st, 2017 Draper, UT

I've been going to Vasa for about a year now and I've really enjoyed it. The staff is friendly, my membership is affordable, and there are several gyms within 10 to 15 minutes of my house. Vasa also offers some great amenities, including racquetball courts, pools, tanning beds, and a movie room.


Aubrey Rentschler

May 29th, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

It's nice to have a gym that has reasonable monthly costs, and a variety of equipment.


Joshua Stewart

May 28th, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

I'm currently with Vasa. Discount through my work. I go 1-2x/week and love it every time. No complaints.


Quen Wilson

May 26th, 2017 Ogden, UT

VASA has given me the opportunity to improve myself physically and the helpful staff that they have there are more than wiling to answer any questions and assist you with any problem. I highly recommend VASA!


Nique Nichole Frasier

August 2nd, 2016 Salt Lake City, UT

Vasa signed my name to a contract, that I never seen. They stated that when they took my payment that was my signature. The manager then said that there was a communication issue and I needed to take the personal training classes. Because there is nothing I could do about it. They signed my name to a document that I never seen.