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LAST UPDATED: July 23rd, 2019

The Lucille Roberts gym was founded in the early 1970’s when Lucille Roberts saw the need for a gym that catered to the needs of women. With affiliation with the New York, Washington, and Boston Sports Clubs, this gym has progressed significantly and now has close to 20 locations around the North East (specifically in New York and New Jersey). Lucille Roberts prides itself in offering current and in-demand classes that are most pertinent to its clientele. As the Lucille Roberts family continues to grow, its commitment remains to provide a healthy community for generations of strong, confident women to exercise fearlessly and train victoriously.

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The Good

  • Class Schedule
  • Classes Offered
  • Other Amenities
  • Membership Options

Class Schedule

The Lucille Roberts webpage provides a calendar service that details when each class will be taught so that each member can sign up for their preferred classes. One helpful feature provided online is the ability to filter which classes the member would like to see as well as the staff instructors or the trainer who will be teaching them.

Classes Offered

The classes offered include the following:

  • Lucille Roberts Cardio/Strength Combo
  • Lucille Roberts Conditioning
  • Lucille Roberts Cycling
  • Lucille Roberts Dance
  • Lucille Roberts Kickboxing and Boxing
  • Lucille Roberts Mind and Body
  • Lucille Roberts SGT

Other Amenities

As part of membership, each customer has access to a number of other amenities. These include (depending on the specific location):

  • Babysitting — This service does require an extra charge. You can either pay for a two-hour session or you can sign up for a monthly babysitting package.
  • Club — Lockers must be rented, and in some locations those who have rented lockers have access to a laundry service.
  • Group Exercise — Includes group classes and training sessions with employees/instructors/personal trainer.
  • Indoor Pools — Pools are open to those above the age of 16 without adult supervision.
  • Kids Active Programs — Personal or group swimming lessons are available to kids.
  • Personal Training — Members can sign up for personal training with a trainer.
  • Racquet Sports — Those who would like can attend clinics to learn how to play racquet sports.
  • Small Group Training — For those who do not want to participate in large group classes, small training sessions with instructors or a trainer are available.

Membership Options

Purchasing a membership at a gym can be a big commitment of your finances, time, and energy. If you have made the decision to purchase a membership to one of the Lucille Roberts Gym locations,here are your membership option:

  • LR Neighborhood — This membership costs $34.99 per month and requires a one year commitment that can only be cancelled without a fee after 12 months. With this pass you receive all of the basic privileges as well as the ability to reserve your spot in group exercise classes up to 12 hours in advance. With this membership clients will have access to just one club.
  • LR Neighborhood Plus — This membership has a $39.99 monthly fee and does not have a yearly commitment. This membership is kept on a month-to-month basis. It also comes with all of the basic privileges with the additional capability of reserving your spot for a group exercise class up to 12 hours in advance. Access to all regional clubs is included in this membership plan.
  • LR Passport — As the most expensive membership plan with a $49.99 monthly fee, the LR Passport plan comes with all of the basic privileges including the exclusive ability to sign up for group classes up to a week in advance to ensure you will get a spot. This plan is also a month-to-month plan and provides access to all Lucille Roberts locations in New York and New Jersey.

The basic privileges include the following:

  • Access to locker rooms
  • Access to training equipment
  • Classes and reservation privileges
  • Member guest privileges
  • Free personal fitness assessment
  • Free team training/UXF demo
  • Preferred member pricing on services

The Bad

  • Cancellation Policy and Complications
  • Annual Fee

Cancellation Policy and Complications

If you would like to cancel your membership, you will need to first look at the terms of your membership. All cancellations should be made with a minimum of a 10-day advance. For those who have a one-year commitment, you will have to pay a fee to break this commitment early. For those who are paying monthly, there is no advertised fee. The sports club cancellation policy allows for each member to cancel their membership according to the following:

  • Memberships without an obligation term may be cancelled at anytime by providing prior notice to the Sports Clubs in the time frame indicated by your agreement. Additional cancellation fees may apply.
  • Memberships within an obligation term may be cancelled using one of the methods below:
    • Early Termination — In addition to the required notice period an Early Termination Fee will apply.
    • Medical Cancellation — Immediate cancellation upon receipt of approved medical documents. Fees may apply based on state regulations.
    • Moving Cancellations — Receipt of approved relocation documentation is required. State regulations for minimum distance, cancellation fee and notice period will vary.
  • Members may initiate the cancellation in person at any club location or by sending a cancellation request by Certified Mail to the club or the Member Services department.

According to some Lucille Roberts Reviews, when attempting to cancel, some members were charged excessive cancellation fees. Others mentioned that they were told they needed to give 40-days advance instead of the 10-days advertised online. Some also mentioned that after paying their monthly rate for a couple of months, the rate increased by $10 without notice. Upon reaching out to the local gym, they said that this is common that rates increase with time.

If you would like to freeze your membership, you can put it on hold for a minimum of one month and a maximum of 12 months. Though you will not be charged the regular monthly fee for this period of time, you will still be charged a fee for each month that your membership is on hold.

Annual Fee

Like many other fitness centers and gyms, Lucille Roberts charges an Annual Fee of $69.99 that is due the 15th of the month following your enrollment date and each year on your membership anniversary. This fee is used to invest in programs, equipment, and facilities to ensure that customers are getting the best value for their money.


The Bottom Line

For women in the New York and New Jersey areas with the desire to attend a gym, this could be a good option for you. If you are worried about money and are unsure if this gym will be the right fit for you, maybe do a bit more research. Pricing for Lucille Roberts is a bit higher than other gyms and therefore you should make sure that it will give you what you are looking for before signing any paperwork. We recommend that you educate yourself on the gyms in your local area. Then, decide what kind of exercise you would like to do. If Lucille Roberts can fulfill those needs and fits in your budget, we think that you should give the monthly payment plan a go. Make sure to ask for all of the details to ensure that you do not get charged more than you should be.

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