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LAST UPDATED: August 9th, 2019

Island Gym was founded in 2000 and serves members in southern New Jersey. Island Gym is known for a great selection of exercise equipment and a number of group exercise classes. It makes a point to provide a friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere and promotes healthy and active lifestyles for people of all ages and all fitness levels. Its goal is to incorporate fitness into your life by providing both convenience and world-class amenities at the most affordable membership price.

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The Good

  • Group Classes
  • Child Care
  • Other Amenities

Group Classes

Once great advantage to participating in group fitness classes is the chance to workout with a support group. Typically these classes are led by staff instructors or a personal trainer. The following fitness classes are available:

  • Group Power — This class is a hour-long class focusing on weight training.
  • Group Cardio Kickbox — This one-hour class combines martial arts and boxing movements.
  • Group Cardio Sculpt — This workout is for those who want cardio and strength training in one 60-minute workout.
  • Zumba — This dance class brings some spice into your workout.
  • Group Hip Hop — Combining simple hip hop moves and upbeat music, this class will keep you moving the whole time.
  • Insanity — This class is cardio-based and focuses on MAX interval training.
  • Group Power Yoga — This will help you to develop concentration, strength, and reduce stress.
  • Group Boot Camp — A killer combo of cardio and muscle conditioning drills.
  • Group Boxx — Letting out the stress with taped hands and time to blow off the steam.
  • Barre 30 — A full-body workout fusing the best elements of ballet, pilates, sports conditioning, and stretching.
  • Group Piloxing —Mixes Pilates and boxing moves.
  • Group Total Body — Uses bands, stability balls, barbells, dumbbells, jump ropes, and even steps.
  • Mommy and Me — Bring your baby or toddler for a great workout with your baby in a front carrier or by your side.
  • Group AB Attack — 30-minute workout focusing on your abs.
  • Group BenderBall — Core training sculpting your abs.
  • Group Power Pilates — Works to lengthen and slim your muscles.
  • Group Spin — High calorie burning workout while pedaling in groups.

Child Care

For those who struggle to get to the gym because they have children in the home, child care is now not only available, it is free. Services are only available at the Northfield location. There is a 1-hour time limit for children under the age of two and a 2-hour time limit for children two years or older. Attendants in the child care area are not responsible for feeding or changing diapers.

Other Amenities

Attending a local gym or health club takes effort and money, meaning that you want to make sure that this local club has all of the amenities that you need in order to make your monthly dues worth it. Island Gym provides a number of amenities including the following:

  • Full line of cardio equipment and strength equipment
  • 1000sqft FITx functional training center
  • Kettlebells from 8kg to 64kg
  • TRX suspension stations
  • Precor elliptical machines
  • Jacob’s Ladder
  • Free weights
  • Dumbbells over 200lbs
  • Vibe-Plate vibration trainer
  • Strive 1-2-3 smart-circuit equipment
  • Strength/Power lifting equipment
  • Hoist ROC-IT strength equipment
  • Interactive treadmills
  • Cardio theater
  • Tanning
  • Personal training
  • Exercise bikes

The Bad

  • Hidden Fees
  • Membership Fees and Contracts
  • Personal Training
  • Old Equipment
  • Website
  • Locations

Hidden Fees

When signing up for a gym, it is important to ensure that the pricing presented to you at sign up is representative of all of the fees that you will be charged. A number of customer reviews mentioned that extra charges were added to their accounts without consent. It would be in your interest to find out exactly what charges you will be given including monthly dues, an initiation fee, annual fee, and a late payment fee.

Membership Fees and Contracts

When it comes to pricing for membership options, Island Gym is certainly not only of the least expensive gyms. It finds itself somewhere in the middle. The basic cost for the most popular plan is $29.99 per month with a $9 enrollment fee. This provides full access to the gym, free tanning, free child care, and free group fitness. This plan requires a contract of 12 months with a cancellation fee is that contract is broken. The other plan provided has a 16-month contract and costs $24 per month with a $383.72 enrollment fee. These are certainly not the lowest prices on the market and both membership options are bound by contracts.

Personal Training

Working with a personal trainer can be advantageous for those seeking to see more immediate results as they seek to meet their fitness goals, but nothing good comes free. The deterring factor with personal training at this fitness facility is the pricing. The following list details the pricing options for personal training sessions.

  • Scheduled Group FITx Team Training — $89 per month
  • Unlimited Schedule Group Team Training — $199 per month, 4-month commitment, 6 training sessions, expires after 30 days
  • Semi-Private/Small Group Training — $200 per month, twice a week, 4-month commitment, expires after 30 days
  • Private One-on-One Training — $300 per month, twice a week, up to 8 sessions, 4-month commitment, sessions expire after 30 days

These prices are very high and are out of the budget range for most of those seeking to participate in personal training.

Old Equipment

Customer reviews of this fitness facility have mentioned that much of the equipment that it does offer is fairly old and some in disrepair. It is important when looking for a facility to find one that has equipment that is safe to avoid injury.


One major challenge with Island Gym health clubs is its website. Unfortunately, information is very difficult to find online and the formatting of the website is old and in need of some TLC. Much of the text is hard to read as it does not line up well on the page. There are also portions where information is contradictory, such as the pricing for one of the memberships being advertised at both $24 per month and $29.99 per month. If you are looking for accurate information about this fitness facility, you should try calling a local facility.


One major downside with this fitness facility is that there are only two locations advertised online. The website says there are four, but they are nowhere to be found on the internet. If you live in New Jersey, this could be an option for you, but if you don't, this gym is of no use to you.


The Bottom Line

For those who live in New Jersey and are looking for a gym, it could be a good option, but it is not the cheapest gym around. There are a number of other gyms in that area with similar and lower pricing options. Due to the pricing for personal training, the issue with old equipment, lack of cleanliness, and the state of the company website, we do not feel that we can fully recommend this fitness center. We hope to see changes in the advertising online for this gym in order to provide customers with a positive experience online. If you are looking for a local gym, do some research to see what other options you have available in your area.

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