The first Gold’s Gym was opened in 1965 in Southern California. It quickly became known as the “Mecca of bodybuilding” frequented by bodybuilders Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dave Draper. It was also featured in the 1977 movie, “Pumping Iron.” The movie gained nationwide attention for the sport of bodybuilding, and the gym itself. The culture of heavy lifting, and bodybuilders still exists today at Gold’s Gyms across the United States. Over time, Gold’s has incorporated other fitness avenues into its gyms, making them user-friendly for non-lifters as well. Today, Gold’s is one of the most popular gyms in the country, serving more than 3 million members in 38 states and 22 countries around the world. Whether you are looking for a heavy lifting gym, a fitness center, a fitness club, of a generic gym facility, Gold's has what you are looking for to help you meet your fitness goals.

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The Good

  • Equipment
  • Cleanliness
  • Group Fitness Classes


Equipment offered at Gold's Gym includes resistance machines, spinning room, squat racks, benches, Cardio Cinema, cardio equipment/machines, strength training equipment, and free weights. Overall, Gold's equipment is reported to be enough for the crowd that regularly attends with the machines and the company's equipment is in adequate condition. There have been no complaints about machines breaking down and not being repaired in a timely manner the way some customers of competing fitness centers have reported. There are also some competing gym chains that have outdated equipment according to members as well. With Gold's, this does not appear to be a common issue.


Gold's has a reputation for building large, spacious gyms. Even though Gold's gym can and will be busy at high-traffic times, it feels less crowded and busy because of the design of the open layout. Across the board, customers agree that there is plenty of space and Gold's facilities are clean and reasonably maintained.

Group Fitness Classes

Gold's offers a wide variety of group exercise classes to help you reach your goals throughout the day. Even the busiest member can find a time slot to attend a class at Gold's local gym. These fitness classes provide members an opportunity to get in a good workout with a personal trainer or instructor and to socialize a little bit. Most locations hold their group classes starting at 4:30 a.m. with the last class time starting at 9:30 p.m. Some of the classes the company offers are Yoga, Zumba, Studio Cycle and Mixed Martial Arts. These classes are included in the membership fees. This is not always the case with other gym chains, that may charge additional fees for certain exercise classes such as yoga.

The Bad

  • Gold's Gym Membership Price and contracts
  • Upfront fees
  • Hidden fees
  • Trainers and nutrition
  • Complaints

Gold's Gym Membership Price and Contracts

Gold's offers a monthly contract or you can pay for the entire year up front. The monthly fee is $29.99/month, which on its own is inexpensive compared to most gyms on the market today. One complaint customers have expressed about Gold's Gym is that its sales representatives are not forthcoming with the membership fees right away. There are countless customer reviews detailing negative experiences with employees/staff when trying to freeze or cancel your membership. While some gyms prorate their fees in cases where members cancel a membership before the month is up, Gold's does not. The company offers many introductory discounts through vehicles like Groupon, which attracts a large percentage of people interested in a Gold membership. Once these new members encounter Gold's sales representatives, members have reported unethical scenarios, such as being quoted misleading prices only for the company to charge their credit card a higher price than promised.

Upfront Fees

Customers seem to run into issues when it comes to Gold's upfront prices. If a member signs up for a basic, month-to-month membership, they're hit with a $100 initiation/enrollment fee plus the first month's monthly dues of $29.99. Therefore, a member who initially thinks they're enrolling in a $30 a month membership will have paid $130. In some locations like California, enrollment fees can get as high as $199. Other members who decide to enroll in a contract plan for one to three years, have the potential of having their initiation fee "waived" depending on how comfortable they feel, and skilled they are at talking to salesmen.

Hidden Fees

Gold's customers should be aware of hidden fees within the first few months of signup. Specifically, Gold's Gym charges members a $39.99 cleaning and maintenance fee two months after signup. We did not find any gyms that charge a cleaning and maintenance fee, putting Gold's Gym members at a disadvantage when it comes to this area.

Trainers and Nutrition

Gold's Gym offers personal trainers at its locations for those who are seeking assistance. New members get a free, do-it-yourself fitness evaluation tool on their website called The Gold's Gym Fit Test. This is a simple, five-exercise test designed to give you a true measure of your overall physical fitness compared to others in your age range and gender. When it comes to nutrition plans, Gold's Gym offers nutritional counseling, although the cost is not easily available without going through a sales rep at a local Gold's Gym. For many people, reaching their health and fitness goals becomes much easier when working with a personal trainer. Unfortunately, training or workout sessions are expensive and can get as high as $449. When compared to other large gym chains, we found some gyms to be more forthright with personal training fees which were more standardized regardless of location. Regarding nutritional coaching, not all gym chains offer it. Certain companies only offer physical training.


While Gold's is known for being popular and having locations virtually everywhere, a red alert on the company due to having one of the worst customer service records in the industry. Numerous customers have reported various Gold's Gym's for acting in dishonest ways. Some of these reports cite things such as billing irregularities, contracts being illegally altered by sales members after the member has left, advertisements not being honored, and problems with canceling accounts when relocating, to name a few.

Other Available Amenities

Other amenities Gold's offers is a sauna/steam room, childcare and juice bars. Unlike many chain gyms, Gold's doesn't offer amenities like pools, massage beds, whirlpools or courts (basketball, racquetball and tennis courts). Gold's is more of a "no frills" gym.

The Bottom Line

We cannot recommend Gold's Gym due to the expensive enrollment fees, hidden fees, and additional costs. Customers generally agree that the company has nice, fairly updated facilities offering various classes for people of all fitness levels, along with a strong culture of bodybuilding and heavy lifting, but the negative seems to outweigh the positive. Access to certified personal trainers is limited due to excessive fees and working with staff/employees can be complicated tainted your experience with this fitness center/gym. The lengths to which Gold's goes to hide its fees and questionable ways its sales reps deal with customer issues says a lot about its business ethics and how much the gym values its members.

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June 13th, 2016

I started a application with gym. My payment would not go through so I left because my cards would not work. Im thinking that would be the end. Nope they have charged me anyway and im not a member or used the facility. I am being charged for filling out an application. Customer service is terrible. Would not go back EVER.


Leilani Lee

April 4th, 2016 Kansas City, KS

Please consider another gym before signing up. I cancelled my membership due to medical reasons. I took my doctors note up to the gym they said they made a copy and they never cancelled my account. About four months later I recieved a letter from collections. So I contacted the gym to get my cancellation information. They emailed me just the date I cancelled and I forwarded that information to the collections agency, but gold gym is still requesting money for the entire contract length. I read the same compliants before I signed up and I just did not listen. So, please look up all the reviews about golds gym and consider somewhere else.



April 4th, 2016 Richmond, VA

1.0 star rating 4/1/2016 Over all, dishonest people and irresponsible managements. First, they don't honor their adds. The sale ( Jon ) person lock me up in a two years contract without telling me( I asked him, He answered it is month to month without any commitment) . If you have a problem there is no body to talk to except the front disk. They have nothing to do for you. I got the chance after one week of trying to speak with the back manager. The store manager never gave me a chance or even bother himself/herself (I believe the name Aaron). I wrote couple e-mail without any feedback. I asked for whomever above the store manager. The sales person (Jon ) said that he can't provide a name or contact information because of the company policy. It was very much the same answer from the back manager when I had the same request. They charged me $40 and I didn't use the gym or check in at all. If you have to go there you cannot blink or trust them or you will be really sorry.



February 19th, 2016

Think very carefully before signing up to work out at Golds Gym. There is a 100% guarantee that they will take your membership fees FOR MONTHS after you wish to cancel it. And personal training? Forget it. My trainer left the company, and my new trainer did not contact me.......meanwhile the 179 dollar training fees were adding up. Try to cancel? THEY WILL TELL YOU TO F OFF. This gym needs to be dismantled and changed of ownership asap, because it is hurting peoples lives every single day. I hope the owners and people responsible have to pay for their crimes because it is nothing less than theft.



September 8th, 2015 Sapulpa, OK

Gold's gym has a weight loss contest. Weigh in is 9-7-15 to 9-14-15. When I signed up and payed 65.00 to enter the contest. I told them that first day would be on Labor day, he assured me they would have a trainer there. I called Sunday to ask about weigh in times and was told to call back Monday, because she didn't know anything about it. I called back Monday, the first day of the weigh in and was told to come in and they would have a trainer take my measurements and weight. I arrived excited about my new transformation start. I was told they do not have any trainers there and I would have to schedule a time. No one available on the first day of weigh in? I made an almost 500.00 dollar mistake by joining this gym. 65.00 for contest that is non refundable. Locked into a one year contract. I will take the money loss and will not be using this gym. If you're serious about workingout and want a gym that is there for you, don't join Gold's gym.


A. Miller

October 21st, 2014 Bell, CA

SHAME ON GOLD'S GYM of MONTCLAIR!! Although I rate the facility an A+, there management doesn't match up. Manager Terrick Guindy simply hurts buisness. He has led a campaign to stop members from working out with one another....This is UNFAIR, and is obvious HARRASMENT!! This discriminates members who simply want to excercise with friends or colleagues. I mean,is this really happening in 2014....WOW!! As if it's not hard enough to stay committed to excersing these days, Manager Terrick Guindy(MONTCLAIR, CA) has the audacity to target and harrass good people. There is no excuse for pre judging these members...when they are simply keeping each other motivated. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!


jacob McClelland

October 10th, 2014 Tampa, FL

never had a problem with golds gym in Sebring Fl! Price is right and nobody seems to mess with us at all.... Go in there do what we gotta do and leave! Matter of fact somebody always there to greet you and there to wish you a good evening! No problems here.


Marc neely

September 30th, 2014 Corpus Christi, TX

I tried 4 times to call and stop by to become member never got call back and never would get answer on phone to questions stop by gym and got impression they not need me as customer after 4 different attempts to get info gave up and got a membership at another gym that's does not have all the equipment I want or need but the lack of help had no choice I own 2 different. Business that deal in fitness also I not some young kid that not have a career or money to pay have over a 700 credit score but guess I just not good enough to have a membership at your gym [contact info removed] my name grand master Marc Neely 8th degree black belt and owner of T.K.D. Academy and SyyC Ind.


David Johnson

September 22nd, 2014 Rialto, CA

I was completely discriminated against at the Golds Gym in Montclair California. The equipment was great gym very clean but the management especially Terrick Guindy completely unprofessional. Golds was built on people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and his group of guys training hard together and motivating one another. While other individuals at this gym was allowed to workout in groups due to a personal attack against me and my coworkers we were targeted and embarrassed from false allegations made against us. Multiple incidents occurred towards us by management that was completely unnecessary. We have wrote letters and attempted to contact corporate but unable to get a response from anyone. I do not recommend anyone who looks to trained hard with freinds to ever attend this facility you will be judge and ridiculed for your hard work. We drove 25 plus miles away from where we lived just to train at golds. Unfortunately for me and my coworkers we had to cancel our memberships and forced find another gym to attend.


Bonnie Ruiz

September 22nd, 2014 CO

I used to workout at the montclair , ca location with a few friends. I really enjoyed the gym. It was always clean and the equipment was always in working order, however, the management there was terrible. Completely unprofessional. There was an incident where we were approached in the weight room by the manager, Terrick guindy, and multiple other members of his staff accusing a friend of mine of personal training. The management bombarded our workout and drew negative attention toward a specific member of our group. There was no personal training occurring. No one had a Personal training certification or was being paid for their knowledge. These accusations were completely false and brough forth with no evidence in an extremely irrational and unprofessional manner. This situation and many other situations occurs multiple times before my friends and I were forces to cancel our memberships. I would not suggest this location to anyone.



September 22nd, 2014 Gwynn Oak, MD

On 9/12 I was made aware of the daycare worker screaming an yelling at my child. She was also refusing to let my child use the bathroom on two seperate occasions then taunting her. This incident was brought to managements attention. They were appalled to say the least. We were informed she would be suspended without pay. The next day we were told she was terminated. Two days later the employee was back working with the kids. Come to find out there has been at least 5 other complaints of negligence an neglect towards children. Golds gym Then terminated our membership telling us that we did not like their decision and had a complaint in the past. We spoke to the higher ups who was very threatening and abrasive on the phone telling us to just let it go just let It go. I'm sorry I'm unable to let cases of neglect abuse towards kids. Golds gym lancaster should be ashamed of themselves


Manu Hubbard

September 22nd, 2014 Yucaipa, CA

To whom it may concern, On 091814 my friend David Johnson was approached by General Manager, Terrick Guindy (Montclair, CA) for no reason and told him his membership with being canceled. Later finding out Terrick accused David for "Training" several of my friends who we work out with. With the type of work we do it involves "Teamwork". We take that same teamwork to the gym by releasing stress at your facility. Several of us traveling long-distance and passed many competition gyms to come and work out at your gym. Me personally I have sceen your staff walk around the gym watching us workout. Even when I go to the gym with my girlfriend I am being watched like a hawk. Is it because we workout as a team? Or is it because we are being singled out by some personal vendetta? After this incident I am in the process of canceling my membership at golds gym. Not because I want to but because I feel harassed by your employee(s).


kevin scalli

September 15th, 2014 Frederick, MD

Worked out at Golds in Morehead City NC while on vacation. Loved it


Mrz G

September 15th, 2014 Hayward, CA

I gave it a 7 because at my local Salinas Ca gold's gym we have a womens section and we use to very I mean very few weight machines mostly cardio I know us women hit the cardio more but that we can do anywhere I feel like we should have the 4 in one machines instead of like 4 different ones because those 4 machines make the 4 in one that they have up in the everybody section that's always being hogged by someone and also feels more comfortable to do at the women's section without having to be stared at. I give it a 10 with their zumba amd Ujam instructors those are the ones that motivate me and make it fun if it wasn't for them I would change gyms


bud slagle

September 9th, 2014 Baltimore, MD

Excellent facility, great staff.



September 8th, 2014 Houston, TX

I like working out at my golds gym but the down side of my golds gym is that the staff there is really rude and when I ask for assistance for billing info or ask for a day care pass they seem to catch an attitude and act real rude also they seem to never really clean out the pool it's disgusting as well as the showers and the lockers smell horrendous. Also there's quite a lot of equipment that breaks down and doesn't get replaced or fixed quickly like the steam room been down for more than a week as well it's really dirty in there too and when you call or have a concern they're really slow and not as good to resolve your problem but one of the best guys out of the whole golds gym staff is cevero other than that they're all rude


Dark Chief

September 5th, 2014 San Jose, CA

Pros:Golds has the best variety of equipment for weight training. Con: The $60 annual fee.



August 19th, 2014 Twin Falls, ID

My Gold's gym has rude, unprofessional people and I never see anyone cleaning or maintaining equipment. the equipment brakes and they never gets fixed or replaced. All the people that work they're think they are better than you (the vibe).



August 19th, 2014 San Antonio, TX

The particular Golds Gym I use to go to was filthy. The machines always had dried sweat stains on them. I'd complained but the manager responded in a way that I was just a complainer. The locker room/restroom was another story. Soap scum on the counter tops and urine stains on the toilet seats. After 10 years as a member they kept raising my membership by $100 each year with some lame reason. I felt I might have been getting scammed because in the beginning I was told my employee discount rates where I was working would never go up. I was sad to give up Golds but I had no other choice.



August 19th, 2014 Fullerton, CA

Good equipment, a nice mix of new and old machines, fairly clean. Friendly staff. I would prefer 24 hour status. It is a bit expensive.



August 16th, 2014 Reston, VA

As a mature female who needs to be in a gym working out, I have found that Golds does not seem to want or encourage memberships for my age group but would rather gear their memberships toward the youngsters as a meat market/dating service atmosphere. Besides that, the place always seems packed and over crowded and difficult to get on the equipment unless you are there mid day. While I may be retired in a few years I still have only the rush hour times to workout. Those are the worst times.


Sergio Montoya

August 12th, 2014 Sunnyvale, CA

Siempre esta limpio y los asistentes siempre te reciben con un sonrisa todo el tiempo , Es mucho mejor que el servicio del gym 24hrs COMPROBADO


Paul soliz

August 12th, 2014 LA

I have had no problem with golds ever. I lost my job in 2010 and had to quit going but after 4 years and getting back on my feet I returned and they had no problem at all.



August 5th, 2014 TX

I go to quite possibly the worst Gold's Gym in the entire franchise. I have been to other Gold's locations within the same franchise owners territory as well as other Gold's around the world. The Spanish Fork, UT location is hilariously bad. They oversell for this gym by at least 2x the capacity. The equipment is typically hand me down and refurbished from other gyms. Have I mentioned how overcrowded it is at peak hours? They have about 8 olympic bars when there are 16 stations that utilize an olympic bar so you often have to snag one from somewhere else if you can find it and carry it across the gym. They moved the freeweights away from their precious mirrors and out onto the middle of the freeweight floor so there is no room for benches. The bathrooms are dirty and falling apart. The drinking fountain is cleaned about 1x per month. The A/C will not cool the gym below 75 during the summer. The staff is apathetic to the above stated problems. Hilariously bad gym. You get what you pay for. I would pay for something better, but there isn't anything else in the area and Gold's loves that fact.


Greg Brown

August 5th, 2014 Orem, UT

It's cheap, so I guess you get what you pay for. Its always crowded and there's not nearly enough equipment. Rarely get to do the full workout I want to because equipment is being used. Equipment itself is decent, but couldbe much better, with more options.Used to go to 24 Hour, where equipment was top notch and there was plenty of it. Definitely would have stayed at 24 if I hadn't moved closer to a Gold's.



August 4th, 2014 Palm Beach Gardens, FL

My Gold's gym has rude, unprofessional "trainers", and I never see anyone cleaning or maintaining equipment during open hours. They also do not enforce any gym RULES. They call it "gym ettiquete" and they are only suggestions. Weights are not re-racked and members are dangerous and uninformed. NOT a professional enviroment which Gold's used to be known for..



August 1st, 2014 Charlotte, NC

Billing issues that no one wants to fix. Goldsboro gym is 24 hours however the bath rooms and vicinity is nasty. Nothing is maintained. It seem like the staff there is non existent, they are constantly working out themselves, and the only time they work is when the higher ups visit. They recently expanded their facility and did a poor job of utilizing all space.


sergio carmona

August 1st, 2014 Riverside, CA

it's a great gym I love the service when we arrived all their equipment is great. there theater room is very nice



August 1st, 2014 FL

Sterling, Virginia Golds gym SUCKS!!! It WAS an awesome gym, up until they changed buildings and re-modeled. The NEW gym SUCKS sooo bad!! Wasted space on kids club area & theater cardio room that no one uses, a climbing wall, a huge lobby area for lounging around. The weight room is tiny with new waste of space equipment. They replaced all their equipment to this new pulley style stuff and have a small and crowded free weight area. If the gym has more then 10 members working out in the free weight area you are practically climbing on top of one another. I ended my membership after being with Golds gym for 10 years. When I went to end my contract, they still charged me another month in advanced!!! I am so happy I left that (NEW) gym and moved on to LA Fitness!!! I probably would sign up for another Golds gym if I ever moved out of that area, as their OLD gym set up was perfect, which I can imagine most Golds gym locations are like the old set up and NOT this new.. TRYING to be fancy sports club type setup.



August 1st, 2014 Reading, PA

Golds "Gym" used to be just that... A "gym". Golds "gym" used to be "the place" to belong if you wanted to lift weights. It has turned ino a place that caters to the "fads" and scum. The employees are not lifters and don't know anything about lifting. They spend all there money on tv's (which play soaps and women's shows), yoga, Zumba, and what ever fads equipment is in, meanwhile the weight equipment (what's left of it) is shoved in a corner and falling apart, missing ropes, pins, and clips. They got away from the "basics" To sum it up... They are no longer a "gym" it should be renamed golds fitness



August 1st, 2014 Cedar City, UT

New excellent equipment!!



August 1st, 2014 Fullerton, CA

the North Las Vegas losee gym is decent could use a few more stairmasters. the one on Centennial is very small



July 7th, 2014 Detroit, MI

Golds gym of Howell, New Jersey is a disgrace! We have members that have emailed corporate pleading for them to help the members! The gym is falling apart it had mildew everywhere in the bathrooms both men and women! Rugs in ladies room completely saturarstef ftom sauna leaking and never turning off ! Outdated equipment bugs all over alive and dead with no air conditioning and at many times no hit water! We pay a hefty monthly fee to be at this broken down bargain store gym! Why won't anyone help



July 7th, 2014 Toms River, NJ

Above the rest of the gym...Gold's Howell



July 7th, 2014 Hobbs, NM

The gym it's self was good but I paid a 3 year membership in full and only went 1 year . Me and my family had to move and where we moved there was not a golds within like 200 miles. When I called to see about a refund or to see what they could do for me I was told I would not be given a refund. She then told me I could cancel my membership for 100 dollars. The already screwed me out of 800 dollars like I'm gonna give them another 100. They are a rip off and a scam.



July 7th, 2014 Topanga, CA

"Gold's went down hill after corporate was originally sold in 1999....soooo sad......!!



July 7th, 2014 Ozone Park, NY

I'm a member at golds in howard beach (queens, ny). While golds gym seem to becoming scarce, this one in particular seems to pull thru. It's an amazing real gym experience. I don't know what the rules are because they're so lenient and the other customers are courteous. The only bad would be a lot of ppl don't rack their weights and evenings (like any gym) gets over crowded. I wouldn't wanna be a member at any other gym. To me it's a 2nd home.



July 7th, 2014 San Jose, CA

I've been with Gold' s for four years now. It will be my last gym. Why? Because it is a gym! Gold' s gym has what serious bodybuilders and athletes are looking for. I go to the gym to workout not to be social or hear a bunch of talk about other people's problems. If you're looking for the "foo, foo" spa, you have no business at Gold' s Gym. However, if you're looking to get your best workout on quality equipment you would do well at Gold' s.


Shane Ross

July 2nd, 2014 Cypress, TX

I have a Membership with Golds in Kingwood Texas. 1.The equipment is falling apart. 2. The staff is rude & lies to you. 3. The manager refuses to call OR Email me back about issues iv had. 4. No billing issues but then AGAIN i did pre pay for 3 years up front.