How Technology Is Taking Over the Fitness Industry


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Written by Benjamin Smith | Last Updated October 31st, 2019
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Ever heard of Jillian Michaels? Why is her name so commonly associated with fitness even years after the peak of her career? If you have ever been down on yourself because you have felt that you were not seeing the results you wanted and wished that you could have your own personal trainer, I have good news for you.

A revolution is taking place in the fitness world and with the help of technology, personal training is becoming a possibility for everybody. In this article we will discuss some of the new advances in technology that are allowing people everywhere to reach their fitness goals. 

Personal technology

When cellphones hit the market about two decades ago, a major shift was seen in technology. The ability to create small pieces of powerful technology came with great potential. In the fitness industry, a similar change was seen when smart watches, heart monitors, and many other small pieces of equipment were put on the market. 

The following are some of the current common items that are selling like hot cakes: 

These devices are equipped with software that allow for anyone anywhere to participate in fitness programs at minimal costs and in the comfort of their homes or neighborhoods. 

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Images courtesy of The Watch Strap

Local gyms

As tech has been incorporated into more and more homes due to phones and internet services, it has also been introduced in new and exciting ways in the fitness center and gym industry. 

Sydney Eaton, a NASM personal trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, is the director of Fitness and Wellness programs at PK Coin App and works to help people improve their physical and mental health through its new fitness app.  

For those in the workplace, this app helps employees get up and moving to improve their efficiency. You can track your effort levels and earn rewards in the process. The harder you work, the more you earn. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a casual walker, crossfitter, yogi, or anything in between — you can earn with the PK Coin app. It lets you track walks, runs, and hikes just on your phone. You can also connect it to an Apple Watch/heart rate monitor to get accurate readings and track stationary workouts like weight lifting, spin, and more. 

Some of the first partners who have integrated this app into their gyms have enjoyed the success that it has generated. Users have been much more excited to participate in workouts and are starting to reach their fitness goals. 

fitness competition standings chart

Image courtesy of PK Coin App

Training and recovery

When you start becoming more physically active, you may experience a number of different side effects. If you start exercising slowly and work your way into harder workouts, you will usually do okay. If you push your body further than it is accustomed without providing it the needed recovery time, it is possible that you will become injured and slow your progress significantly. 

Upgrade Labs is a company that provides tech to help individuals reach their mental and physical fitness goals and prevent and/or facilitate recovery from injuries. 

When starting with Upgrade Labs, you will have a consultation to discuss your goals and your needs. Following this consultation, you will take part in a free cell health analysis to best understand your body and what it needs in order to be successful. Lastly, the Upgrade team will provide you with an Upgrade plan that is catered to your specific needs based on the results of your testing. 

Some of the technology and methods used in this gym include the following: 

  • Virtual Float Tanks helps your brain sink into a meditative theta-wave state, and provides deep relaxation and clarity to enhance learning, boost creativity, and improve mental and physical energy. 
  • Atmospheric Cell Trainers —  a pod you sit in where the changes in air pressure create a workout for your cellular energy system. Benefits include enhanced detoxification and recovery, improved energy, and altitude acclimatization. 
  • Whole Body Cryotherapy — this method requires you to spend three minutes in a chamber with a temperature of -250ºF. It can help increase fat burning and boosts your immune system. 
  • Redcharger — exposing your entire body to red and infrared LED light promotes muscle recovery, decreases inflammation, and increases collagen production. 
  • Bone Trainer — strengthens your bones, ligaments, and tendons while increasing the loading potential of your muscles.
  • Oxygen Trainer — this allows you to switch between 100% oxygen and insufficient oxygen while you sprint on an exercise bike. The results include improved immune system function and optimized cardiovascular system functions.  

Does it sound a bit like a space station from a movie? Yes… but amazingly, this equipment is available to those who have the desire to give it a go. 

How you can participate

Your participation in this fitness industry movement is up to you. You can participate and enjoy your own fitness revolution. If you are looking for a local gym to attend but don’t know which will best help you reach your goals, here is a list of local gyms and their individual perks that may be of use to you.

Your phone or other tracking device can now become your own personal trainer wherever you go. Life may seem like it has never been busier, but luckily with the help of modern technology, physical health and fitness has never been easier.

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