5 Simple Hacks to Keep You Fit While Traveling


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Written by: Guest | Best Company Editorial Team

Last Updated: February 24th, 2020

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Guest post by Runnerclick.com

Some people travel for work, others travel for pleasure. A rare few travel for both at the same time. You’ll probably find yourself identifying with one of these three groups, and while each of them has a different set of priorities, one singular question unites them all: What are the simple workout exercises and hacks to keep me fit while I’m traveling?

Well, the answer to this question can be liberally divided into several broad answers that cover a lot of ground.

Stick to running

If your traveling arrangements come with a tight pre-determined schedule, you’ll need to fall back on exercising routines that grant you the flexibility to maneuver around appointments and tours. This is why most experienced fit travelers stick to running.

The length of your jog can wary, depending on your limitations for the day, but when push comes to shove, you’ll at least sweat it out for the day. Check out Google Maps for references for local paths or trails. Wherever you are staying, a nice park should be somewhere around the corner, waiting for you to burn those soles off.

This also means that, among the outfits that you are supposed to pack, you should also make room for your running garments and a pair of comfortable sneakers.

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Watch what you eat — take a tip out of a runner’s textbook

If you are pressed for time, the prudent thing is to time the meal right. If you are going on a run, you should probably take your last bite about ninety minutes before you start.

If you are wondering what to eat before a run, high-fiber whole foods are your best bet. Protein like an omelet and lean meat is also allowed, but try not to combine them with empty carbs like white bread; try whole grain bread, instead.

Bananas and energy bars may also come in handy, but only if you feel that your energy levels are going down. Avoid beans, fruits, veggies, red meat, dairy products, pasta, and anything spicy or fried. This should keep your energy replenished throughout the trip, especially if you are consistent about exercising.

As a bonus tip, avoid eating out if you have a chance to purchase fresh groceries at a local market. Prepare your own healthy food instead.

Bring a yoga mat

A yoga mat is almost a perfect invention for our time. It is light, easy to pack, and it will remind you that you should be exercising whenever you have time to breathe. In those short and sweet pauses between the outings on your trip, it is just too easy to kick back and navel gaze. A yoga mat in the corner of your hotel room will encourage you to get up and do some stretching, at the very least.

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Focus on your core and your back

Now, it may be presumptuous, but traveling usually entails a lot of sitting around. This means that your back area will be especially affected during your trip. Partial crunches will help you keep your back and stomach muscles in shape, and you can do them anywhere, even on the above-mentioned yoga mat.

One of the most accessible endurance-tests and core-strength exercises that will keep feeling strong throughout the trip are planks. Make sure that your body is aligned symmetrically before you do a plank and remember to time yourself. It is a simple exercise to grasp, but it can be incredibly effective as well.

Whatever the maximum time you can achieve in a plank position, increase it by five seconds every day. This should lead to some satisfying results.

Be mindful about your limits

Unless you are already solidly built and physically fit, you should probably limit your workout output to some satisfying yet mild exercises, just to keep yourself moving, yet safe. This, combined with a healthful diet, is more than enough.

Use the stairs, walk down the block instead of using public transport, or swim if your traveling activities take you to the beach. You can use the environment to your advantage! You don’t need a gym or a treadmill.

Consider the fact that your body is already under a lot of stress, especially if you’ve changed time zone and climate. You don’t want to overwork your muscles and end up spraining yourself or damaging your muscles. The inflammation that can ensue will make your trip quite unenjoyable.

The bottom line

Traveling is an exciting endeavor, whether you are doing it for work, pleasure, or both. Staying fit with a busy schedule that brims with sites to see, activities to enjoy, and wonders to savor can add challenge to the adventure, but it is far from an insurmountable obstacle. The philosophy is fairly simple: engage in a lot of movement, use the environment to your advantage, stay flexible and consume light food.

Guest post by Runnerclick.com. Runner Click stands for the individuals behind the shoes, brands, gear, and events.

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