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Yahoo! Sports first released its fantasy football application in 1999. Since then, Yahoo! Fantasy Football has become one of the most popular online fantasy football platforms used today, and is considered the industry standard in terms of news coverage and gameplay.

The Good

  • Solid interface
  • Draft kit
  • Feedback and suggestions

Yahoo! Fantasy Football offers users a solid interface that features live scoring, matchup rankings, injury reports, an interactive message board, and a number of customizable options (custom leagues, custom scoring, etc.). Users can either play for free, or enter one of four paid leagues for the chance to win real cash payouts. And as Yahoo! Sports has long been regarded as a top-tiered name in sports news, users will gain access to some of the best expert analysis available.

Yahoo! offers one of the better draft clients in the industry. In addition to supporting both online and offline draft options, Yahoo! features a full draft kit complete with player projections, printable cheat sheets, a mock draft, and in-depth draft analysis to help users identity the top-rated players.

Yahoo!'s main objective is to drive customer volume. Consequently, Yahoo! has made it very easy for their customers to send feedback and suggestions for ways to improve its fantasy football platform. Users can email or even tweet their questions or concerns directly to Yahoo! and can expect Yahoo! to be responsive to issues with their mobile app or other gameplay issues.

The Bad

  • Restrictions on size
  • Servers crash

In spite of its foothold in the fantasy football industry, Yahoo! Fantasy Football does have some limitations. While other companies allow users to form leagues of nearly any size, Yahoo! restricts league size to between 10 and 20 teams. Similarly, though Yahoo! gives users access to expert analysis, it lacks the same amount of coverage that other companies set as their standard; Yahoo! offers nothing in terms of blogs, podcasts and other media streams and outsources much of its content through its partnership with NBC.


Because Yahoo! Fantasy Football is so popular, its servers have been known to crash occasionally. In 2014, Yahoo! Fantasy Football's website crashed just before Draft Day - the most important day during the fantasy football season. This is not the first time something like this has happened, and it has made even dedicated Yahoo! fans wary of Yahoo!'s reliability at crucial moments.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Yahoo! has consistently ranked as one of the top fantasy football providers in the industry. It contains all the attributes that serious fantasy football fans look for in a service and has a proven track record of high-quality gameplay and analysis; however, users should be aware of Yahoo!'s history of crashes, as this has weakened its trustworthiness over time.

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October 25th, 2017 Leesburg, VA

I've been using Yahoo! Fantasy Football for 11 years and it's by far the easiest, consistent, and most entertaining Fantasy Football app around.



Jason Geis

October 20th, 2016 Harrisburg, IL

Best site hands down. I'm in a league in ESPN and it is far worse. App flat out stopped week one, ads constantly, and only paid subscribers get all of the info available for free on Yahoo!