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LAST UPDATED: January 4th, 2022
Yahoo! Sports first released its fantasy football application in 1999. Since then, Yahoo! Fantasy Football has become one of the most popular online fantasy football platforms used today, and is considered the industry standard in terms of news coverage and gameplay.

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The Good

  • Solid interface
  • Draft kit
  • Feedback and suggestions
Yahoo! Fantasy Football offers users a solid interface that features live scoring, matchup rankings, injury reports, an interactive message board, and a number of customizable options (custom leagues, custom scoring, etc.). Users can either play for free, or enter one of four paid leagues for the chance to win real cash payouts. And as Yahoo! Sports has long been regarded as a top-tiered name in sports news, users will gain access to some of the best expert analysis available. Yahoo! offers one of the better draft clients in the industry. In addition to supporting both online and offline draft options, Yahoo! features a full draft kit complete with player projections, printable cheat sheets, a mock draft, and in-depth draft analysis to help users identity the top-rated players. Yahoo!'s main objective is to drive customer volume. Consequently, Yahoo! has made it very easy for their customers to send feedback and suggestions for ways to improve its fantasy football platform. Users can email or even tweet their questions or concerns directly to Yahoo! and can expect Yahoo! to be responsive to issues with their mobile app or other gameplay issues.

The Bad

  • Restrictions on size
  • Servers crash
In spite of its foothold in the fantasy football industry, Yahoo! Fantasy Football does have some limitations. While other companies allow users to form leagues of nearly any size, Yahoo! restricts league size to between 10 and 20 teams. Similarly, though Yahoo! gives users access to expert analysis, it lacks the same amount of coverage that other companies set as their standard; Yahoo! offers nothing in terms of blogs, podcasts and other media streams and outsources much of its content through its partnership with NBC.


Because Yahoo! Fantasy Football is so popular, its servers have been known to crash occasionally. In 2014, Yahoo! Fantasy Football's website crashed just before Draft Day - the most important day during the fantasy football season. This is not the first time something like this has happened, and it has made even dedicated Yahoo! fans wary of Yahoo!'s reliability at crucial moments.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Yahoo! has consistently ranked as one of the top fantasy football providers in the industry. It contains all the attributes that serious fantasy football fans look for in a service and has a proven track record of high-quality gameplay and analysis; however, users should be aware of Yahoo!'s history of crashes, as this has weakened its trustworthiness over time.
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13 Reviews

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Eddie Rios Ogden, UT

Yahoo! Fantasy Football is simply the best platform for fantasy football delivery. Ease of use, low cost and dynamic. My league has enjoyed tons of flexibility and real time scoring. This site is likely the best in market!

2 years ago

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Anna Newkirk Sacramento, CA

Beware with Best Ball. Their rules are terrible, I didn’t realize the draft would start right away (no warning on starting/date) so my team was autopicked. Besides getting players I didn’t want, I wasn’t eligible for any money/prizes and they wouldn’t switch or do anything. They simply could care less.

4 months ago

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Rob Levy Santa Monica, CA

The absolute worst in having common sense for fantasy players. Just joined their Best Ball league. They don't even tell you the scoring system! How are you supposed to use strategy if you don't know how to score points? Their leagues have 17 positions, which gives clear cut advantage to early lottery picks. Snake drafts MUST end in an EVEN number. How have they now figured this out by now? NO Dynasty support at all. If you have a dynasty league on Yahoo, you're managing your team using paper and pencil during the offseason. Yahoo fantasy is for kindergartners. Seriously hoping they finally do the basics and get their stuff together because other than missing the essentials, it's a good platform.

9 months ago

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Lesa Burgess Pleasant Grove, UT

This is my preferred Fantasy site, not just Fantasy Football. I enjoy the ease of use, and the consistent improvement of the site and its features. It is wide-spread enough that most people have a Yahoo! account and can join the league with ease.

3 years ago

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Jason Geis Harrisburg, IL

Best site hands down. I'm in a league in ESPN and it is far worse. App flat out stopped week one, ads constantly, and only paid subscribers get all of the info available for free on Yahoo!

5 years ago

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Mark J Long Branch, NJ

Up until recently I would have given all 4 or 5 stars. However, upon winning my last pro football legue ( I mean how often do we ever win), I was notified that I was ineligible to receive any payment as I failed to attend the draft. I explained that my internet was down at the time and that I never even knew of these rules and if these rules had changed from the past I never received any notice of such change. I also asked why they never notified me of ineligibilty for payment after the draft and let me spend virtually hundreds of hours playing. I also have played in numerous yahoo leagues for the past 20 years or so. Their response was basically too bad - the rules are the rules (even if they are to be found in the fine print) and that legally they are covered. I suggested to them that they legally are misleading the players/public by not stating clearly these rules upfront. Their answer - take it up with our legal department Their customer support services need to be trained on how to deal with customers to keep them happy and satisfied with yahoo services. The alternative is losing players to other venues.

1 year ago

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Frank Wolowicz Prospect Heights, IL

I recently participated in a Yahoo fantasy football draft. Throughout the draft, it appeared that things were going properly as all the players I was drafting were moved in to the appropriate slots on my line-up. However, when I checked my roster the following morning only one player that I drafted was processed correctly ; in other words, the roster I got was not the one I drafted. I contacted Yahoo both via email and their "chat" function, and their position is that their policy is not to give refunds. This is unacceptable when it is Yahoo that created the problem.

3 years ago

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Cade Boudreaux , FL

Yahoo fantasy football is a good app. I use it a couple years ago and it was very easy to use and me and my friends had a good time playing. Would use again.

2 years ago

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ousawvh2 Leesburg, VA

I've been using Yahoo! Fantasy Football for 11 years and it's by far the easiest, consistent, and most entertaining Fantasy Football app around.

4 years ago

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Theodore Niemann Boulder, CO

The phone application made it difficult to edit lineups. In addition, I wasn't able to look up as many stats as I wanted to on players that are on waivers.

2 years ago

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Molly Keogh Ogden, UT

nice app/website but not as easy to navigate the other apps. but overall a well done app and a good place to host your fantasy games

2 years ago

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victim of cheats San Diego, CA

Yahoo fantasy football. 1st time in a yahoo cash league. The commish whom goes by the name of keen is a cheat. Did a random draft order twice (one 4mins later) to change his draft slot. Emailed yahoo, they did nothing about this. Dont join a yahoo league unless you know the commish.

3 years ago

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Cole Bailey Houston, TX

The app for fantasy football is okay, there definitely better apps out there. I didn’t like how they had everything arranged and how the system worked

2 years ago