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LAST UPDATED: June 28th, 2019
Reality Sports Online is a fairly new player to the online fantasy football scene, but their innovative platform is already making waves among fans and fantasy players alike. Reality Sport's mission has been to create an experience that mimics and perhaps rivals even that of an actual NFL franchise owner. Since their launch in 2012, they've added and fine-tuned a series of features to provide a front-office experience unique from other fantasy sports platforms.

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The Good

The process of assembling a team of players with Reality Sports Online stands out as being one of the more authentic auction processes. They have several features that contribute to a more real-world experience, including:
  • Rookie Draft: Rookie picks complete with slotted contracts based on overall draft selection.
  • Salary Cap: Rules based on the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement that inhibit excessive spending.
  • Ability to Offer Multi-Year Contracts: Players can be negotiated with multi-year contracts along with salaries.
  • "Free Agency" Algorithm: Computer-generated player responses to contracts that allows each player to "choose" their best offer.
These features combine lend a completely unique "draft pick" that closely mirrors actual NFL negotiations. The platform also provides important live game information such as scoring, player stats, and injury reports. It allow allows offline uploads of draft results and other important features employed by their larger competitors. These features, paired with the innovative algorithm and unique auction process, make gameplay smooth and comprehensive.

The Bad

  • Short time in the industry
  • No professional affiliations
  • No free leagues
Reality Sports has only been around for three years and does not have affiliations with any professional analysts or major broadcasting networks. This keeps it from being as reputable or as accurate as other fantasy sport platforms. Reality Sports runs their own onsite blog, but articles are not endorsed or promoted by any major NFL entities. The company has also not yet established a strong customer service presence. Contact is only possible through a basic contact form and responses are only issued during normal business hours. This could cause some problems for those being met with technical difficulties during gameplay. Cost may also be an issue for potential users. Reality Sports Online does not offer any free leagues, though their prices are relatively low at $9.99 a team. While you are able to engage in a free mock auction, you will always have to pay for your actual league plays.

The Bottom Line

Reality Sports Online seems to have already identified the gaps in the typical fantasy football experience and has begun to fill them. Their innovative features are intriguing enough to justify consideration by anyone looking for a new fantasy sports experience. Though the lack of cost-free options may be discouraging for some, the experience is worth a try if you can spare the relatively small price of $9.99 per league. As far as the gameplay itself goes, the platform appears to have all the features necessary for a smooth and lifelike draft experience and beyond. The company is still young at only three years, so it inevitably has its own share of issues to work through over time; this is in part what their customer service problems and lack of expert reviews can be attributed to. But as Reality Sport's collect more accreditations and reviews, their reliability as a major "player" in the game may increase.
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