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Although FleaFlicker is one of the smaller players in the fantasy football area, it provides a number of features that give it a competitive advantage over some of the more well-known entities. For the past 10 years, FleaFlicker has striven to provide users with a free and customizable fantasy football experience.

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The Good

  • Great features
  • Up to 24 teams
  • Drafting advantages

For a smaller company, FleaFlicker has a lot going for it. First, it provides its users with a level of gameplay to match most of its competitors. This includes an interactive message board, live scoring, and updated player stats. FleaFlicker allows commissioners to organize leagues of up to 24 teams, which is more than either ESPN or Yahoo! Sports. FleaFlicker also produces player injury reports to help users create the best possible lineup come gameday. Another key feature of FleaFlicker's service is its customizable league options. Users can edit scoring options and set their own rules.

Draft Day

FleaFlicker is unique in what it brings to the fantasy football draft. Not only can players upload offline draft results, from home, but they can also email FleaFlicker with the draft picks, can even trade draft picks and players with other users in their league. These draft picks can be traded up to two years in advance.

The Bad

  • Lacking some features
  • No pay league options only
  • No draft kit

Unfortunately, FleaFlicker lacks some important features that are standard for most other fantasy football providers. In an effort to keep their gaming experience free, FleaFlicker offers no pay league options, which is great for users looking for a free league, but does little for serious users seeking cash prizes. And though FleaFlicker does allow users to upload their offline draft results, it provides nothing in terms of a draft kit, meaning users forming their own leagues will need to provide their own materials for creating their draft order, etc. Additionally, FleaFlicker is not connected to a major network, so users do not have direct access to blogs, podcasts, or expert analysis in any form. This lack of coverage forces users to consult other services for fantasy football information, and many of these services have fantasy football platforms of their own.

The Bottom Line

FleaFlicker is dedicated to keeping their services 100% free, and if you're looking for a strictly free service, FleaFlicker competes with the best of them; however, if you want play for cash, or gain access to expert analysis, you should look elsewhere. And while FleaFlicker provides numerous draft features, users who favor offline drafts should be aware the FleaFlicker offers nothing in terms of a draft kit. For more information on what you should expect from the best fantasy football companies, check out our top rated companies.

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John Whichello

May 31st, 2016 Tampa, FL

I have played with this format for several years and have found that it is easy to navigate, as competitive as say a yahoo or espn league. They DO keep you abreast of what is happening as far as trades, injuries, suspensions and relative information needed to gain any advantage you can over the rest of your league.