Established in 2009, FanDuel seeks to transform the fantasy sports industry by offering a wide array of play-to-play contests for real cash prizes. FanDuel offers contests across several fantasy sports, including professional and college football, professional and college basketball, major league baseball, and professional hockey. It now claims to pay out over $10 million in prize money each week.

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The Good

  • Customizable gameplay experience
  • Great draft tools

FanDuel’s fantasy football platform has been optimized to accommodate a vast array of users. Users can customize their gameplay experience in a number of different ways:

  • League Types: Users can play for free, or enter a paid league for anywhere from $1 to $10,000.
  • League Durations: Users can also participate in day-, week-, or season-long leagues, depending on their level of commitment.
  • League Size: There is no size maximum or minimum; users can either challenge a couple of friends, or enter a league with hundreds or thousands of other players.

Users of FanDuel’s fantasy football product also gain access to their draft tools, such as their mock draft feature, and can purchase a draft kit to help them plan out drafting strategies on their own. And since FanDuel partnered with NBC Sports in 2013, users also have access to expert information and analysis through NBC Sports’s fantasy blog Rotoworld.

The Bad

  • No offline drafting
  • No private leagues
  • Customer complaints

In spite of FanDuel’s extensive customization, it does not allow users to participate in offline draft and then upload the results of those drafts to FanDuel, neither can users create private leagues with custom rules. One consistent complaint against FanDuel’s mobile app is its customers’ in ability to adjust their lineups after submission. This feature – used by several other fantasy football providers – is important in the necessity of a substitution to one’s lineup (as with an injury).

Since FanDuel has only been around for about six years, it is difficult to determine whether its business model is sustainable. And although FanDuel has partnered with Rotoworld to supply its fantasy news and expert analysis, FanDuel’s own sports blog contains no information that is relevant or helpful to fantasy players, but rather has the feel of a entertainment news blog.

FanDuel is an online gaming site. As such, this type of business sets certain limitations on a company. Persons from certain states or who are under the age of 18 are not prohibited by law from using its services.

The Bottom Line

As a fantasy football entity, FanDuel competes with the best of them, and is doing some things even better than the best. Users can completely customize their experience, paying the exact price they are comfortable with. Because FanDuel doesn’t set strict limits on how much a user can wager for a given contest, users should exercise caution when competing in FanDuel’s paid leagues. For more fantasy football options, check out our top recommended companies.

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