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ESPN has been one of the leading fantasy football platforms for nearly 20 years. Through its industry-leading coverage and interactive gameplay, ESPN Fantasy Football seeks to provide users with the best fantasy football experience available.

The Good

  • Index of expert draft picks
  • Great features

ESPN has kept pace as one of the top expert-led fantasy football sources in the industry. In addition to an impressive index of expert draft picks, pre-season analysis, and informative articles, ESPN offers several media channels to bring fans the latest player updates:

  • Fantasy Football Now: ESPN's flagship fantasy football television program; also available for live internet streaming
  • Fantasy Focus: ESPN's fantasy football podcast that provides daily player previews, game overviews, injury reports, and strategy
  • FantasyCast: Provides users with live play-by-play updates for every game being played

ESPN additionally offers a complete draft client, paid leagues, and several customizable league options. ESPN also offers its ESPN Insider paid service which gives serious fantasy football fans even more insight into their draft picks and league trends. ESPN Fantasy Football remains as one of the top-used portals by league commissioners.

The Bad

  • Inflexible in some aras
  • Lower payouts and higher entry fees

With that in mind, ESPN does demonstrate some inflexibility in other areas. Its paid leagues are not as dynamic as most other paid leagues, which means overall lower payouts and higher entry fees. The same can be said for its league sizing restrictions; leagues can only be between 10 and 20 teams. Also, while ESPN's Insider feature may give users an advantage come Draft Day that other services cannot match, it is still a paid service. And while iOS users generally have had no complaints as to ESPN Fantasy Football's mobile app, Android users have consistently reports app crashes and sluggishness in terms of live updates.

The Bottom Line

Overall, ESPN Fantasy Football has been the standard against which all other fantasy football services are measured against. As far as expert analysis is concerned, ESPN is nearly perfect in its coverage. Its free service remains one of the most popular on the market. Potential users should be aware, however, that ESPN does impose restrictions on league size, and serious fans looking to profit from their fantasy football experience should consider other options.

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Cassidy Gundersen

December 12th, 2017 Orem, UT

I have done Fantasy Football for years and ESPN is my favorite place. I think their website is easy to use and navigate. There are so many users that it is also fun to compare stats and wins. If you are looking for the best Fantasy Football headquarters- ESPN is the place.