CBS Sports’s fantasy football product represents the industry standard as to what one should expect from a high-quality fantasy football platform. CBS has been in the fantasy football game for 14 years, and offers comprehensive analysis and responsive gameplay for all users – from the casual first-timer to the serious league commissioner.

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The Good

  • Great features
  • Free league
  • Device compatibility

CBS Sports is a somewhat underrated player in the fantasy football world in the sense that it provides a number of features that compete with other more popular platforms like Yahoo! Sports and ESPN. Its free league is on-par with competitors, and CBS offers a complete draft kit for users who want to take their fantasy league experience offline or practice their draft skills. Furthermore, users of CBS Sports gain access to the networks vast array of analytical channels, such as injury reports, blogs and podcasts, and news updates. CBS Sports Fantasy Football is also optimized for iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry mobile devices.

The Bad

  • Can be expensive
  • Flexible league sizes

While many fantasy football provides offer a paid league option in which users can pay an entry fee for the chance to win cash prizes, CBS Sports strays on the more expensive side, with its minimum paid league standing at $39.99. Several alternative fantasy football provides offer much cheaper options for similar or greater payouts. Additionally, many of CBS Sports’s competitors in the fantasy football industry are fairly flexible with their league sizes, some allowing for up to 24 teams in a single league. CBS Sports only allows up to 12 teams in their free league, so users looking to involve several teams should perhaps explore other options. On a final note, CBS has been criticized by some users for some responsiveness issues during gameplay, and this hurts its score.

The Bottom Line

Overall, CBS Sports is an accessible way for beginners to learn about and participate in fantasy football. They have expanded their expert team from two members to five, which provides valuable fantasy league information for all users; however, while CBS Sports is an adequate platform, its paid packages are more expensive that those of other services, and its lack of immediate reponsiveness – however slight – puts it a step behind other providers who are doing more to make sure users are staying up-to-date.

Football Commissioner: $179.99

Cost for the whole season – this includes all of your league’s owners up to 30 teams

Gold: $39.99

Compete for up to $200 in league prizes (additional teams cost $29.99 each)

Platinum: $99.99

Compete for up to $600 in league prizes (additional teams cost $79.99 each)

Diamond: $249.99

Compete for up to $1,600 in league prizes (additional teams cost $199.99 each)

Double Diamond: $499.99

Compete for up to $3,500 in league prizes (additional teams cost $449.99 each)

Elite: $999.99

Compete for up to $7,000 in league prizes (additional teams cost $799.99 each)

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