Bleacher Report does more than just send score updates and breaking news alerts to your phone. A division of Turner Sports, Bleacher Report has always focused on providing sports fans with up-to-date information surrounding their favorite teams and players. Their team of writers and expert contributors publish articles, videos, and analysis every day in real time. Bleacher Report heavily focuses on what fans want to see, and Bleacher Report delivers. Through their Quick Pick Challenge promotion, Bleacher Report provides users with a limited fantasy football experience and the chance to win two NFL tickets.

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The Good

  • Great source for accurate and in-depth coverage
  • Free access to expert opinions

Bleacher Report is rapidly becoming one of the premiere sources for accurate and in-depth sports coverage, and their fantasy football coverage is no different. Users are given free access to expert opinions, player stats and injury updates, and can view anything they’d want to know on their fantasy picks through Bleacher Report’s mobile app. Bleacher Report’s fantasy football promotion is free to enter, and users can receive tips from industry experts on how to select their weekly picks. Also, there is no cap on how many teams can compete in a single league.

The Bad

  • Heavy constraints
  • No autopick draft
  • No repeated picks

That being said, it is difficult to classify Bleacher Report as a legitimate contender in the fantasy football arena. This is due to the heavy constraints placed on gameplay. Rather than going through the traditional draft process, users simply pick a four-player roster and the team they think will win the that week – no autopick draft, no offline draft, and no draft kit to speak of. Furthermore, users are prohibited from repeating any of their picks more than once during the season. Users cannot customize scoring rules in private leagues and it is unclear whether Bleacher Report’s private and public leagues feature live scoring or message boards. It is also difficult to determine the implications of competing in or winning a private league (e.g. prize eligibility).

The Bottom Line

Bleacher Report is and will continue to be one of the most comprehensive information sources for any fantasy football fan; however, its fantasy football promotion lacks the comprehensive user experience championed by other fantasy football providers. Instead of being evaluated on the performance of an entire roster that can remain consistent throughout the season users must choose their weekly picks carefully as they can only make those picks once. And because this is only a promotion offered by Bleacher Report, it is difficult to determine whether certain gameplay features such as live scoring and message boards are being used.

How to Play

Each week, users will make five picks:

  • Quarterback
  • Running Back
  • Wide Receiver
  • Tight End
  • Team that will Win the Game

Each of these picks will be scored according to Bleacher Report’s scoring rules, and users will rack up points; it should be noted, however, that each pick can only be made once during the season.


The user with the most points by the end of the season receives the Grand Prize:

  • $500 Gift Certificate to national ticket-broker site
  • Roundtrip Airfare for two to Your Game’s City
  • 2 Nights’ Lodging
  • $500 Spending Money

The top five Runners Up will each be given a $150 gift certificate for a national-ticket broker site.

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