5 Best Practices for Buying Eyewear Online


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Written by: Guest | Best Company Editorial Team

Last Updated: April 13th, 2020

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Guest Post by Alex Lago

Making an online eyewear purchase can be tricky when you aren’t able to try things on like you can in the store. However, buying eyeglasses online can open up a lot more possibilities and allows you to compare the best deals and the best brands available to you. While there is an advantage to buying eyewear online, there is also some protocol that you should follow in order to make sure it remains an advantageous experience.

Being aware of your wants and needs is an important first step to finding the perfect pair of glasses. Second, you should make sure you’re aware of everything an eyewear company offers its customers. And third, always take previous customer feedback into account before making a purchase.

Know your prescription

First things first, you need to visit your eye doctor and confirm your exact prescription before purchasing anything online. There is no greater setback than ordering the wrong prescription and having to send the glasses back, so save yourself the time and trouble and get this step out of the way before you even start shopping for frames. If you’d prefer not to visit the doctor, some eyewear companies offer comprehensive eye exams right there in the store.

Know your ideal frame

Do some research before falling in love with a specific frame. You can try different frames on in a store near you if necessary or search online for a style that fits the shape of your face. You should also take frame color and material into account, as there are multiple options in that area as well. Having this information in mind before you start shopping will help you narrow down the hundreds of options you will find online.

Eye exam chart with a pair of glasses

Know what questions to ask

Do they offer try-on options?

Make sure you look into what each company offers. Some companies offer great amenities, such as home try-on or virtual try-on, which can make choosing a frame that much easier. With the home try-on option, you can order multiple pairs to try on in the comfort of your own home and simply send the ones you don’t like back. Similarly, virtual try-on allows you to see how they might look online just by using a photo of yourself. Make sure you do a thorough investigation of a website or an app if offered to see what an eyewear company offers you.

Do they offer different lens options?

Along with your prescription, some companies offer other lens options such as glass, plastic, anti-scratch, anti-reflective, or UV-blocking lenses. Before purchasing your glasses, make sure you are aware of all of the lens options you can possibly get and decide which ones are right for you. Some lens options may be an extra cost at some companies and all-inclusive at others.

Do they offer free shipping or free returns?

This is a very important offering to look for on an eyewear site. Even if you check everything off this list before purchasing your eyewear online, there is still a small chance that you will not like them once you try them on. Therefore, it’s smart to take shipping and returns into consideration before purchasing. Buying glasses online can potentially save you money as compared to buying glasses at the eye doctor, but if you have to pay a ridiculous amount for shipping or for a return you could very well end up in the same expensive situation you were trying to avoid.

What are their ratings and reviews?

Another thing to consider before buying anything online, especially eyewear, is reading the ratings and reviews posted by previous customers. This will give you a good understanding of how quickly the glasses will come, the quality of the product, and the demeanor of the customer service representatives when trying to return or exchange. Getting a feel for past customer experiences will allow you to determine whether you would like to do business with the eyewear company and narrow down your options.

If you make sure you check all of these steps off your list before purchasing eyewear online, it can make your experience go very smoothly. Buying eyewear online can save you money, allow you to find everything you’re looking for in your lenses and frames, and open you up to more fashionable and original options than what is offered at the eye doctor. Once you find the right eyewear company for you, you can purchase multiple frames and lenses for every occasion!

Alex Lago is a content creator and freelance copywriter/editor.

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