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TriNet Expense is a cloud-based financial management software developed by TriNet Group, Inc. Its primary function is to help small businesses easily manage their expense reporting online, either from a desktop or mobile device.

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The Good

  • Features and integrations
  • GPS-enabled

Features and Integrations

Although a lesser-known product, TriNet Expense provides several services that help it keep up with some of the more dominant players in the expense tracking/small-business accounting market (e.g. QuickBooks, FreshBooks, etc.). TriNet Expense easily syncs with your bank accounts and credit cards even features an upload option for receipt photos that helps businesses reduce the amount of paperwork surrounding their bookkeeping efforts. TriNet also integrates with other applications such as QuickBooks, Tripit, and Intacct.


Unlike QuickBooks and FreshBooks, TriNet Expense’s mobile app is GPS-enabled, allowing users to instantly and accurately project and log their travel expenses. This product supports 160 different forms of currency, and is considerably less expensive than many of its competitors. Another plus is TriNet’s incidents reporting page on its desktop homepage. This provides users with an open forum to discuss any challenges or complications with using TriNet Expense, and similarly allows TriNet Group, Inc. to respond to these problems immediately.

The Bad

  • Issues with TriNet
  • Costs add up

Issues with TriNet

TriNet Expense falls short in a couple of areas. First, its encryption level is only a 128- out of the possible 256-bit SSL encryption used by banks. In early May of 2015, Forbes reported that TriNet Group, Inc. had ventured into “oversold territory” suggesting that TriNet’s stock is being sold at a price much lower than its assumed value. And while this does not necessarily affect the quality of their products or customer service, it should raise the concerns of potential investors.

Costs Add Up

Likewise, it should be noted that TriNet Expense’s paid packages are charged by the user per month; so for larger businesses, the cost can stack up quite quickly.

The Bottom Line

TriNet succeeds in promoting features that give it a competitive advantage over some of the more well known cloud accounting softwares, particularly the GPS-enabled mileage tracker. It offers a free package for individuals that the competition does not, and depending on how many users your company requires to use its software, it could be a much more affordable alternative to some of the bigger dogs in the fight. Just remember that you are charged by the user; a company of 10 employs could be paying up to $90 a month for TriNet Expense. If you feel that’s too much for the size of your company, you may consider other options.

The pricing packages for TriNet Expense are as follows:

Free Package (For Individuals):

  • Syncs with over 20,000 banks and credit cards
  • Creates/Submits/Approves expense reports
  • Access to free mobile app (iPhone, Android, Blackberry)
  • Supports 160 currencies
  • Receipt management
  • Integrates with Tripit for travel expenses
  • Standard Support Package


While TriNet Expense’s paid packages all carry the same features, they are each priced differently according to the number of people a given company requires to use its software:

Startup Package (1-9 users):


Team Package (10-24 users):


Corporate Package (25+ users):


Enterprise Package (250+ users):

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All paid packages employ the same features as the free package, plus the following:

  • Tax tracking (VAT, GST, HST)
  • Credit card reconciliation
  • Admin company settings – adds unlimited users, subsidiaries, or accountants
  • Integrations with NetSuite, QuickBooks, Intacct, and other TriNet products
  • Project-based time tracking
  • Manages company expense policies/per diems
  • Spending analytics
  • Premium-level support

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