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Toshl Finance is a personal finance app that allows users to keep track of their daily expenses, set budget goals, gain a better understanding of their spending habits, and ultimately save money.

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The Good

  • Mobile compatibility
  • Travel-friendly

Mobile Compatibility

One thing that immediately sets Toshl apart from the competition is its wide range of mobile compatibility; in addition to the Web, Toshl is optimized for iOS and Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, MeeGo, and Nokia Symbian. Toshl is also export-focused, giving users the power to transform their data into a number of useful formats including CSV, Excel, PDF, and even Google Docs.


Toshl is travel-friendly. Not only does Toshl support 160 different currencies for the vacation and international businessman alike, but it also provides users with the daily exchange rates for 34 most used currencies throughout the world. The mobile app is also equipped with a GPS-enabled mileage tracker for travel expenses.

The Bad

  • Lack of integration

Lack of Integration

Unfortunately, for all of Toshl’s compatibility, this financial assistant does NOT integrate with your bank or credit card accounts; all transactions must be entered manually. On the bright side, this lack of financial integration does somewhat justify the 128-bit SSL encryption, which is half the level of security used by most banks. And unlike several other expense tracking applications, Toshl does not allow users to upload photos of their receipts to their account.

The Bottom Line

For a free app, Toshl’s baseline services are adequate for anyone wanting to keep track of their expenses. Its design is internationally oriented, which is great for users who frequent multiple countries; however, when compared to other free financial apps (like Mint by Intuit), its deficiencies – such as the poor security and lack of financial account integration and automatic updates – can make Toshl seem like a less convenient solution to your financial management.

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