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After 19 years in business, Replicon has attracted customers like Dolby Digital, Dropbox, FedEx, Expedia, and HP among many others who use Replicon to streamline their expense processing and management. Replicon promises easy-to-use expense sheets, expense codes and tax formulas to ensure accurate tracking, easy tracking for project-related expenses, and real-time reporting. Replicon is designed to integrate with virtually any project management or financial solution such as QuickBooks, Oracle, Sap, JDEdwards, Sage, or Microsoft DynamicsNAV. Replicon WebExpense tracks all business expenses per type, department, project, or client in one central location with real-time visibility and reporting.

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The Good

  • Cloud-based
  • Customer support


By being cloud-based, Replicon can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Most users describe it as intuitive and straight forward.

Replicon can easily be customized to integrated with other programs to allow customers to "piece together exactly what they need."

According to Repilicon, WebExpense includes the following key features:

  • Easy-to use expense sheets: Empower employees to submit expense reports quickly and easily with a simple and clean interface.
  • Epense codes and tax formulas: Ensure accurate expense tracking with support for unlimited expense codes and tax calculations to meet your business needs.
  • Project-related expenses: Track expenses by project and client and compare against projected expense amounts. Easily bill back expenses to client for billable work.
  • Real-time reporting: Gain real-time visibility into reimbursable and project expenses with configurable and easy-to-use reports.

Customer Support

Support is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Not only is Replicon present on various social media outlets, they have a blog and a FAQ page with online tutorials and webinars. Most importantly, they're available via phone, chat, and email at all times of the day whether you're a potential client or a paying user. Replicon's customer service reports that 95% of cases are closed within the same day.

The Bad

  • Three packages
  • Limited features
  • Customer service issues

Three Packages

Replicon splits its services into three different packages-WebExpense, TimeOff, and TimeAttend. Many competitors include features from each of these in their service rather than splitting it into different packages with different monthly fees. If all you need is WebExpense management and nothing to do with time management, then this might be a good way to save some money. However, if you're looking for a more robust list of features, the cost will go up as you add additional packages to your plan.

Limited Features

Perhaps because Replicon's services are split into different packages, the WebExpense package is missing a number of features present with competitors. They do not allow you to sync with bank accounts or credit cards. Purchases must either be entered manually and you an take a picture of a receipt to store. They also don't have GPS to track mileage as an expense. Lastly, they do not have any CPAs or financial professionals to help companies with tax and finance related questions to ensure accuracy with audits.

Customer Service Issues

Replicon boasts of their 24/7/365 customer service. While the personal representatives assigned to accounts are generally viewed as helpful, the chat offered before signing up isn't quite as reliable. When tested, the representative from Replicon had to search for answers to questions and even then didn't have all of the answers regarding the features of their services. Rather than answering over chat, they instead request more information about your company and insist on you receiving a phone call with more information from a representative.

The Bottom Line

Since 1996, Replicon has been helping companies streamline the process of expense management. Replicon's customer service oriented, web-based company has attracted and maintained a lot of businesses ranging from midsize to Fortune 500. They stress that their service is cloud-based, hassle-free, ad enterprise ready.

The features that Replicon does offer are generally regarded as intuitive and easy to use. Entering expenses is quick and clean. Your software can be tailored to your business needs with specific expense codes and tax calculations. Real-time updates help to keep the process running smoothly. However, because Replicon's service is specialized specifically to expense management, there are a number of features missing that are commonly found with competitors. For a similar price, competitors include GPS-tracked travel expenses and bank/credit card syncing. Perhaps because Replicon has been around for nearly 20 years, many of the competitors that are newer to the market offer a more modern take on expense reporting and approving. This may be a positive to companies trying to keep a more traditional expense reporting experience while simplifying the process with Replicon's technology.

Replicon does offer demos and tutorials in addition to a 14 day free trial so companies can assess whether Replicon offers the features they need.

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