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Mvelopes is a web-based personal finance software. Playing off of the idea of using envelopes to budget your money, Mvelopes allows users to use a similar practice but in the digital age. Mvelopes promises to help you:

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  • Gain control over finances and recover as much as 10% of your income from hidden spending.
  • Create peace of mind as you get a real time view of all your accounts and transactions with anytime/anywhere secure access in one simple tool.
  • Build financial freedom by eliminating existing debt and increasing savings.

Mvelopes hopes to help users erase debt, add to their savings, and stress less about money without the hassle of manually monitoring a budget.

The Good

  • Great features
  • Free package
  • Mobile app

Great Features

Mvelopes wants you to “become a budgeting superhero.” They promise that with 9 minutes, they can change your financial life. They try to accomplish this with four main features:

  • Envelope budgeting on the go: pay bills, manage your budget, plan ahead, and more…instantly, from anywhere.
  • Real time budget updates: Capture receipts in real time so that you can update your budget at the point of purchase.
  • New mobile design: Our beautiful new design allows for a smooth, easy mobile experience with your budget.
  • Personal finances, made easy: Make informed decisions as you go by always knowing what you have left to spend.

Free Package

Where many competitors may just offer a free trial, Mvelopes offers an entirely free package. While you may not get as many features, the free package allows up to 4 bank accounts and 25 spending envelopes. If you try this out and decide you need more features, you can upgrade to the $95 per year plan. If this isn’t enough for you, the customizable plan offers even more potential features including 1-on-1 coaching with creating a budget, maximizing retirement, or general coaching on your finances.

Mobile App

Mvelopes can be viewed on your smartphone and tablet with specially designed tablet apps with optimized view. When you’re on the go, you can even access detailed merchant information like locations and customer reviews. In the web view, you’ll get a more detailed vision of your envelope budgets and bank accounts. Graphs and charts give users a visual of where money is going.

The Bad

  • Reviews
  • Management and tracking
  • Expensive


Most user reviews echo what PC Magazine had to say: “Navigation and usability design need improvement.” Reviewers have found the platform to be buggy and often confusing. Others describe it as cumbersome and “not that user-friendly or intuitive.” That means that even if Mvelopes offers a number of helpful and powerfultools, users can’t always understand how to use those tools or where to find them rendering them useless.

Management and Tracking

Another negative is that the software doesn’t track or manage investment accounts. Since Mvelopes often talks about getting out of debt and saving for the future, this may be a big let down for users who want to do so by investing a portion of their finances and want to see these numbers in their monthly budgeting reports.


While there is a free package, the paying packages are generally quite a bit more expensive their competitors’ for similar features. In fact, many competitors offer free packages that include the features only offered in Mvelope’s paying packages.

The Bottom Line

Mvelopes capitalizes on the tried and true method of using envelopes to create budgets. However, in an age when cash is rarely used in favor of credit and debit cards, Mvelopes has modernized this budgeting strategy. Instead, you can sync your bank and credit cards with their software, organize your monthly budget into categories called envelopes, and then use their software to visually see where your money is going.
Mvelopes boasts that with their formula, customers are getting out of debt, saving money, and even paying cash for big expenses like vacations.

Their platform can be used on computers, smart phones, and tablets so that there’s no excuse to not be managing your money. All spending gets tracked and can then be viewed in charts and graphs. However, the reviews of how easy this process is are quite mixed. Many customers have found the platform difficult and confusing to use and buggy. Other reviews have suggested that if you’re not tech savvy, this might not be the right place for you.

Mvelopes offers one-on-one financial coaching on general finances, creating a budget, and maximizing retirement. However, one user in particular found this coaching inconsistent. However, that is not indicative of all users’ experiences.

This software ranges from free to $95 per year and up (for custom plans).

Package 1: Free

  • 4 online bank accounts
  • 25 spending envelopes
  • iPhone and Android App
  • Mac & Windows compatible
  • Auto transaction gathering
  • Email support
  • Community forum
  • Networth tracking
  • Annual envelope spending plan view

Package 2: $95 per year

  • Everything in the free package and
  • Unlimited bank accounts
  • Unlimited spending envelopes
  • Integrated debt roll-down
  • Integrated premium video content
  • Live support-chat

Package 3: Packages customized for individual needs

  • Everything in package 1 and 2 and
  • 9 step financial success plan
  • Rapid debt elimination plan
  • Build 2-6 month income replacement fund
  • Live expert help-phone
  • Expert help creating a budget
  • One-on-one coaching sessions
  • Help maximizing retirement
  • Create monthly financial margin

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