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Lauded as a response to the frustration caused by “slow, bloated accounting software,” FreshBooks has positioned itself as the QuickBooks alternative, and has been an industry favorite since its initial release in 2003.

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The Good

  • Great features
  • Encryption

Great Features

In many ways, the positive things customers say about QuickBooks they could also say about FreshBooks. FreshBooks flaunts an impressive array of support features including demos and tutorials, an online community, live chat, a user-populated FAQ directory, and round-the-clock live customer support. And like QuickBooks, FreshBooks makes it easy for users to gain direct contact with accountants and other industry experts for accounting and bookkeeping tips. It gains a slight advantage over QuickBooks by reducing its price by an average of five cents per package.


FreshBooks touts 256-bit bank-level encryption, and is designed with a global market in mind. Its software supports over 50 different currencies and is used in over 120 countries.

The Bad

  • Expensive


On the other hand, some FreshBooks likewise shares some of the drawbacks as its Intuit counterpart. In spite of the five-cent advantage, FreshBooks is still a rather expensive alternative to most expense tracking softwares simply because it does so much more than track your business expenses. And while FreshBooks does offer a side-by-side comparison between itself and QuickBooks, this comparison is far from objective, and may not provide an accurate reading into how the two companies really stack up.

The Bottom Line

In just over a decade, FreshBooks has worked its way up to being one of the most competitive small-business accounting software platforms in the world. It is a comprehensive and streamlined service for the small business on the go. And though you may not necessarily get an unbiased opinion about how FreshBooks compares with QuickBooks, chances are your business will be in good hands anyway.

In addition to the 256-bit bank-level security encryption, FreshBooks has taken steps to ensure that your financial information is safe:

  • Firewalls: powered by Cisco, provides an additional level of security
  • Vulnerability Scanning: The security provider AlertLogic regularly scans FreshBook’s servers for vulnerabilities and flaws, allowing FreshBooks to address immediately address potential breeches.
  • Intrusion Detection: The FreshBooks network is being constantly monitored for suspicious activity and security threats.
  • Physical Security: Servers are stored in Rackspace’s state-of-the-art datacenters
  • BackupsFreshBooks backs up your data in two geographical locations in the unlikely event that one data server crashes.

FreshBooks pricing packages are as follows:

Sprout ($9.95/month)

  • Manages up to five clients
  • Automatic late fees on overdue notices
  • Expense tracking/automatic expense imports from bank accounts and credit cards

Seedling ($19.95/month)

  • All the same features as the Sprout package
  • Manages up to 25 clients

Evergreen ($29.95/month)

  • All the same features as the Seedling package
  • Manages an unlimited number of clients
  • Gives administrative access to one additional staff member
  • Tools for project managers, team timesheets, and team expense reporting

Mighty Oak ($39.95/month)

  • All the same features as the Evergreen package
  • Gives administrative access to up to five additional staff members (charges $10 for any number greater than five)


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    January 18th, 2017

    Slickpie fills were important gaps in my business. I am Not an accountant or bookkeeper person. I can manage all my invoices easily. It links with my bank accounts and credit cards, gives me professional invoicing and tracks all of my taxes. It is an easier to use than Freshbooks.

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