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Concur Expense provides web and mobile solutions for expense management. It is designed to automate, simply, and generally improve the expense management process.

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The Good

  • GPS-enabled
  • Integrations
  • Integrates with other platforms


Concur Expense has been optimized to address your every business expense tracking need. On mobile devices, it is GPS enabled for monitoring mileage and other travel expenses (flights, cab and bus fair, etc.). It also supports multiple currencies, and new users are offered a free 30-day trial to try Concur for themselves.


One of the major selling points of Concur’s expense management software is its integration with the ExpenseIt app (also produced by Concur), which not only allows you to upload photos of all their receipts, but also automatically extracts pertinent data and save it to your Concur account. This feature effectively removes the hassle of manual data entry and promotes fast and accurate expense tracking.

Integrates with other Platforms

Concur Expense also integrates with other popular business and financial management platforms such as SAP and QuickBooks.

The Bad

  • Pricing information

Pricing Information

However, Concur is severely limited in the number of banks with which it can sync, and can only service clients of American Express. Furthermore, their site is unclear as to how much Concur Expense will actually cost, as no pricing information is mentioned anywhere save the free 30-day trial. Additionally, while Concur does run systematic security checks and audits, it still only provides 128-bit SSL encryption over its data, which is half the 256-bit encryptions used by most banks to protect their clients’ information.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Concur is definitely a competent, user-friendly interface for all your business expense tracking needs. The ExpenseIt app integration – though only available to Concur customers – is an industry standout; however, as Concur only works with American Express, access to both it and ExpenseIt is very restricted.

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