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LAST UPDATED: August 12th, 2021

Headquartered in Bountiful, UT, Taxbot provides a user-friendly interface to track business expenses and prepare small businesses for tax and audit season. This company was created in order to help in tax returns, tracking small business expenses, and taking pictures of receipts. This software can help your tax attorney and accountant with all of the issues that surround the tax world.

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The Good

  • Security
  • Customer Education
  • Online Website and Mobile App
  • Flat Rate


Taxbot comes fully equipped with a high quality standard set of features that make expense management and tax preparation much simpler, safer, and faster. Taxbot ensures its data is kept safe using 256-bit SSL (bank-level) encryption over all its users' financial data. Many credit card companies use this type of bank-level encryption to safeguard credit card information.

Customer Education

Taxbot gives subscribers access to professional tax tips and advice through a number of videos and articles. Their desktop site offers step by step installation and feature guides to help users navigate their mobile apps. Their live chat feature is incredibly responsive and helpful for potential and existing customers alike.

Mobile App and Online Features

The online website and Taxbot's free app are great tools when using this expense management software. 

The Taxbot app for Android and iOS both are made very well, easy to navigate, and can give you access to everything the online website gives you access too. Taxbot's free app is able to be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play Store. It tracks expenses, mileage, and helps you categorizes all of your expenses. These are some of the features that you are able to receive from your Apple and Android devices:

Expense Tracking: This expense management software does the basics. It will track your personal expenses and your business transactions in order to get your deductions.

Receipt Scanner: This software allows you to snap pictures of all of your receipts and scans them for the information needed to track all of your company's expenses.

GPS Mileage Tracking: Taxbot's mobile app tracks when you are driving in order to give you better tax deductions. By noting traveling expenses while filing taxes, you are eligible to receive a lot of money in tax returns.

Categorize Expenses: Each company is different. If you are a real estate agent you will have different expenses than a door-to-door salesman. Independent workers will have very different expenses than large companies. These tools allow you to organize your company in a way that will help your company become the best.

Although expense management is never simple or easy, the mobile app and features that Taxbot offers allow you to automatically store receipts, track mileage, complete expense reports, track income and expenses, and budget money.

Flat Rate

Taxbot is available at a flat-rate price of $19.99 a month, which is great for mid-sized businesses looking to save on their expense tracking software.


The Bad

  • Price
  • Negative Reviews


On the other hand, that flat-rate price can feel a little steep for individuals or small businesses with under 10 employees, especially when compared with the smaller pricing packages of some of Taxbot's competitors (for example, QuickBooks and FreshBooks both offer a small business package for roughly half the price of Taxbot). And while Taxbot is optimized for Android and iPhone models 5s and on, they have yet to tap into the rest of the smart device market as other carriers like Blackberry do not allow Taxbot to access certain parts of their devices. Also, Taxbot does not support multiple currencies, which can limit the mobility of certain business owners seeking a more global focus.

Negative Reviews

Although Taxbot has a lot of great features we have seen a lot of issues from users. Some have issues with the GPS, customer service, and with some of the programming. Our review of Taxbot is overall good, but these issues will have to be fixed before it becomes one of our top-ranked companies.


The Bottom Line

Overall, Taxbot provides a safe, educational, and trustworthy component to any small business's financial management strategy. And while it may lack the traction, capabilities, and market share of some of the bigger companies, it is no less reliable. Its flat-rate pricing makes it a steal for mid-sized companies; just be sure your business is prepared to handle this monthly subscription, as it is the same for companies of all sizes.

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Clara Austin, TX

I've used TaxBot for several years - think I'm on my 4th year. It has simplified how I handle my taxes by so much that I'm able to overlook any glitches. It saves soooooo much time at the end of the year, can't imagine life without TaxBot. Yes, over the years I've seen the software have issues -- the biggest is when my mileage isn't tracked. But when I call customer service, they are ON IT and very helpful. Usually a reinstall of the app solves the problem. I do wish the online version and the app version matched better, I can't put as much detail into the app but I can add it in on my laptop later. Overall, this software is amazing. I can track more mileage than ever before ( was mostly winging it before ), I am keeping better track of income and expenses, all in the palm of my hand. Worth every penny!

2 years ago

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Randall Hebert Houston, TX

I am a Houston Realtor and have used TaxBot for 7 years. So convenient to be able to take a photo of each receipt and place it in a category (categories can be personalized), you can record revenues, I record IRS payments (i pre-pay the IRS after each Real Estate Transaction instead of quarterly), The GPS function does need some work but as a work around, you can easily enter your mileage manually---- TAXBOT has grafts and pie charts that show the percentages of your expenses & I love the end of the year reports that I simply email to my accountant ---- the expense report has the photos of the actual receipt and does the math for the accountant so that my tax prepration fee is less than $500. This is the best $100 a year i spend Randall Hebert Keller Williams Realty

1 year ago

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Sjoerd Hoekstra Houston, TX

We have been using Taxbot for a year and a half now, and this is the platform we will consolidate all our mileage and receipts on. The ease of entry and the comfort that at the end of each year I have a audit resilient document for the receipts and mileage gives us great comfort. We will see if in the future there will be more integration with quickbooks or TurboTax and other accounting and tax prep software, but information for the whole the year can be entered on a summary level, so no big deal. Looking forward to the voice interface that is coming soon

1 year ago

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Tressidy Bountiful, UT

I had some issues with tracking but it turns out that my Android phone came out with a new update that turns apps off that run in the background like Taxbot does when it tracks my business trips. The customer service was very helpful in explaining this to me and walking me through the steps of how to turn it off in my phones settings!

2 years ago

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Fergus O'Brien Washington, DC

I have been using this app for a couple of weeks (free trial) -- it doesn't include some features such as receipt scanning and quickbooks integration and the gps function doesn't yet pick up airports (u have to put the address in if u find yself having to enter a trip manually (after the fact) but they have great customer service, a great interface and excellent tutorials plus a cumulative expense tracker -- the price is 9.99 per month for most use... I think there is an upgrade option. Expensify seems to have the most options/features at this price point

4 years ago

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Gail Hawkins, TX

We have been using Taxbot for three years now. Wouldn't want to be without it. The ease of entry of expenses and income, the charts and grafts and mileage tracker are exceptional. Thank you Taxbot for helping to make life and tracking expenses so much easier!

5 years ago

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Jeanie Shook Kansas City, MO

I am hugely frustrated to find out at the end of the year that although I spent a lot of time to associate receipts with each logged expense, that the receipts will not print in the reports. The only way to get receipts from the ENTIRE YEAR is to manually go back into each entry, click on the receipt, and then print it. The reason I even purchased this software was because my friend told me that you could add receipts to each expense log. Now I am going to have to go back and nitpick through all my records in order to find these receipt images, after trusting that this software would make it easy.

5 years ago

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Twyla Topham Indio, CA

I attended the free seminar and have been charged monthly over a $100 I believe while I have been sick and haven't even opened the program. I'm not happy.

2 months ago

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donna San Jose, CA

Have been using for a few months and found a lot of good things but lots of not so good. Customer service gives you different answers. No hel getting set up or organized. What I finally painfully on my own am doing is setting up separate "businesses'-like my rental-my broker-my personal. I am not downloading any statment into it-put entering them weekly and then comparing against statments from bank, etc. Not the best system.....but assures me that things entered properly. Not help from customer service.....I think they are young and do not understand.

2 years ago

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Robert Raaf North Hollywood, CA

I've paid for Taxbot for over 2 years. I used it the first year and liked it but, was tired of entering the same transaction time and time again. They have NO option for regularly repeating transactions like a web site fee, monthly app fee, bank fee, auto insurance fee or any other fee. Not even their own $9.95 / ,month. Each month you have to sit down and reenter what you have already entered. I've been hounding them for a year and 6 months. They kept stalling me assuring me they were working on that feature. Still no feature. It's a VERY simple thing to add. I'm done. I've canceled my account. I'll keep my miles in a book or on a spread sheet or go with another app that has a reoccurring payment feature.

5 years ago

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Josh Sacramento, CA

Poor customer service; they emailed me special promotion - save % if you sign up today, I clicked on the link, but it doesn't work. I emailed Taxbot Support and Jake about the problem and telling them that I cannot sign up - no response. I haven't dealt with a business with such poor business practices - if I can't even sign up when I respond to their automated email, how can I trust their software and customer service when I become a paying customer.

2 years ago

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Mathew Speer

The system needs lots of work and is very inaccurate. I have used it for too long and given it much more of a chance than necessary. It misses many of my trips and is not super user-friendly. My devices are up to date with plenty of storage on them to process things properly but this program just doesn't work as well as it should. This company needs to programmers or it's current programmers to get it together.

4 years ago

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Wade Collier

I tried to email the company and they did respond however they did not answer my question. Then I tried to call and I was put on hold for 10 minutes. I have yet to have my question answered and we have already paid for an account. I understood that a spouse who owns another business is not charged extra but can be included in a sub account. I'm not finding how to set that up and that is what my question has been.

4 years ago

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Elizabeth Spencer Greensboro, NC

I do not know how I got signed up for Taxbot nor do I remember using it. I am not saying that someone else signed me up but I sure did not use it. But the charges were taken out of my account automatically and it took me a while to find them to cancel them. It would have been nice to have had an email notice each month about the charges being taken out of my account.

5 years ago

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Jean Wood Eden, NC

There are some things that are great, but the kinks are driving me crazy. I wasn’t paying attention and sometime in mid-November the app decided to stop tracking my mileage. You have to stay on top of it. My fault for not keeping up with it. But UGH!!!

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Sergey Mooresville, NC

The app for tracking mileage doesn't work. Updated to latest version and all things went down South! Lost so much trips!!! STAY AWAY!!

4 years ago

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