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LAST UPDATED: June 4th, 2020

In 2009, staffers at Dayspring Technologies created an experiment. They wanted to create virtual envelopes — basically capitalizing on the age-old budgeting tool of dividing up your spending into envelopes to help you manage your spending. As time has gone on, they've added a number of other features like checkbook reconciliation, accounts, recurring transactions, etc. because of user feedback. 

GoodBudget believes that budgets reveal priorities, so by seeing whether your spending matches up with what you say you value in life, the company's software can help you to take steps to better align priorities with spending habits. What it calls the "Good Budget Way" also incorporates using safe community relationships to improve your budgeting and encouraging giving generously to those in need.

Along with its mobile apps, it has a web version to access all of your information making this budgeting system accessible to anyone with a computer, an iOs product, or an Android Device.

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The Good

  • Features
  • Mobile App
  • Free Version


GoodBudget's budgeting software has many tools that have been tried and tested and have been proven to work. These tools allow clear and smart ways to organize your money, as well as, helping you with your budgeting and expense management needs. Your bank accounts will hopefully stop draining as you implement these tools in your life:

  • Envelope budgeting system — Make envelopes for all of your budgeting categories. Set aside money each month in each envelope. Allowing you to spend money with a budgeting system that compartmentalizes your daily, monthly, and yearly expenses. This system makes it clear that you will not have to face surprises that come up by a bill or sudden expenses.
  • Sync and share budgets — Avoid arguments between spouses over who spent what. This option allows for whomever you want to join your expense sheet to ensure no one overspends.
  • Budget planner — Plan ahead and save for big expenses months in advance so that you can pay cash for big purchases like cars and vacations. This planner allows anyone in any financial situation to start saving hundreds to thousands of dollars by keeping track of their expenses.

GoodBudget doesn't attempt to be anything revolutionary. It even says so itself — it's going for a tried-and-true method. What the company does seek to do is make the process of budgeting easier by letting the technology do the work for you. Whether you're someone who enjoys using a credit card or a debit card, these budgeting tools will allow you to learn and track your income and expenses with multiple devices.

Mobile App

The software can be accessed via phone or home computer, so you can see a breakdown of spending while on the go. When compared to many of the other personal finance apps, GoodBudget's mobile app is simple, easy-to-use, and is a powerful tool to track your spending and budget your money. This mobile app is available for iOS products as well as Android devices. 

Free Version

GoodBudget offers a free version and a paid version. The free version offers basically the exact same features, but limits how many envelopes, accounts, devices, and years of history stored. The free version also doesn't come with any live support feature. However, the features are all the same.


The Bad

  • Limited Accounts
  • Missing Features
  • Support

Limited Accounts

While the paid account does offer unlimited accounts, the free account only allows you to link one account, which probably isn't enough for most people. Competitors like Mint are also free and allow unlimited accounts. The free GoodBudget account isn't going to let you add all credit cards, checking accounts, savings accounts, student loans, or investments. While it's nice that the free account lets you give GoodBudget a try, most likely, you'll end up needing to upgrade to the paid account.

Missing Features

One noticeably missing feature is the ability to take a picture of a receipt or scan it in. The app makes it pretty easy to manually enter purchases made via cash or an unlinked account, but the photo feature would make things even easier.


The free account doesn't include any support from representatives, only the online community. The paid account does have email support, but no phone or chat support. This also means that there is no way to counsel with financial experts.


The Bottom Line

GoodBudget has the vision to make budgeting easier, more transparent, and more reflective of your personal values. Its vision is a lot more personal than many of its competitors that really only talk about money. GoodBudget believes money holds a lot of power beyond simply saving or spending it.

Nearly everyone who uses GoodBudget has really positive things to say about it. The interface is relatively simple, as is the process of budgeting. It relies on the aid of the tried-and-true method of its envelope budgeting system, so there's not much of a learning curve for new clients. However, that doesn't seem to detract from its effectiveness. By digitalizing the envelope budgeting process, GoodBudget does basically all of the work for you. Users have been extremely positive in their reviews about both the usability and effectiveness of GoodBudget.

There are a couple of missing features — the ability to take a picture of receipts and the support offered. Only the paid version offers personal support, and it's only email support at that. The free account offers nearly all the same features as the paid account, but it does limit you to one account, ten envelopes, two devices, and one year of history. Since most users are likely wanting to track more than one account, you may end up upgrading to the paid account, which is only $5 per month or $45 per year. For most, this is a cheap price to pay for the savings that this software can provide through tax cuts or in savings in your daily and monthly expenses.

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Liana Colorado Springs, CO

I used the free version, and for personal budgeting needs, it was perfect! It helped me manage my expenses and save for several bigger purchases, and gave me ease of mind knowing exactly how much money I had and where I could allocate it.

3 years ago