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LAST UPDATED: December 11th, 2019

DOKKA is an accounting automation software company founded in 2017 by Emil Zak, Eric Edelstein, and Gabriel Taubes. Though it’s a relatively small business, DOKKA has employees worldwide that help bring this cloud-based platform to its clients, who are primarily from English-speaking countries.

However, DOKKA can read any language and is available globally to users. Its machine learning software is language agnostic.

DOKKA simplifies bookkeeping, accounting, and internal finance for its client companies. DOKKA can integrate with other software companies such as SAGE, Xero, and QB.

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The Good

  • Free Plus Plan
  • Custom Plan Options
  • Machine Learning Software
  • Quick Processing

Free Plus Plan

For small companies and businesses seeking a trial of DOKKA, the DOKKAplus plan is a free version that allows setup for two companies and is capable of processing 30 pages and extracting 3 bank statements monthly.

This plan won’t fit the needs of larger corporations or bookkeeping companies with a big clientele, but it is a generous option with access to this streamlined AI software.

Custom Plan Options

If you’re looking for more options, DOKKA delivers. By upgrading plans, you can access an account with more approved users and statements.

  • Silver — 4 users, 500 documents, 4 bank statements; $150 per month
  • Gold — 6 users, 1,200 documents, 12 statements; $310 per month
  • Platinum — 10 users, 2,600 documents, 30 statements; $630 per month

In addition to these options, you can also work with DOKKA to create a Custom plan with the right range of users and documents for your business.
Machine Learning Software

DOKKA learns from what you input. The software can autofill bookkeeping entries and create and establish rules based on the changes you make to its autofilled documents. This is what gives DOKKA a competitive edge over other expense management software.

Ideally, DOKKA’s AI will improve based on your suggestions and autofill bookkeeping entries with perfect accuracy as you train it. This could save time immensely for the bookkeeper.

Quick Processing

DOKKA can process a document in seconds. You might expect AI to take longer to autofill a bookkeeping document, but DOKKA is quick and efficient.


The Bad

  • Pricier Plans
  • Bookkeeping Focus
  • New Business

Pricier Plans

Compared to other expense management software, DOKKA’s paid plans could be considered pricier. You’ll probably want to check out the free plan, or request a demo, to see if DOKKA is right for you before you commit to the cost of an upgraded plan.

Bookkeeping Focus

DOKKA is primarily for organizing and recording expenses. While some competitors might have software for managing employee payroll, billing clients, and managing taxes, DOKKA focuses on bookkeeping tasks such as expense tracking, accounts payable, and bank reconciliation. Because it integrates into other software services with more expansive scope, it’s likely that DOKKA aims to retain this bookkeeping focus.

If you’re looking for software that can manage the finances of a larger business juggling several demands, you might need to look elsewhere.

New Business

DOKKA may have plans to expand its services, but the company has only been in business since 2017. DOKKA needs time to build clientele, gain customer testimonials, strengthen its brand, and refine services. Clients looking for a longstanding company will need to find another.

However, some customers might see DOKKA’s fresh approach as a benefit. The company is offering cutting edge AI software and venturing where many other expense management companies have no expertise.


The Bottom Line

DOKKA’s AI software streamlines bookkeeping to create a faster, simplified process. We like that it offers clients the chance to try it free, and we appreciate its innovative approach to expense management.

However, companies looking for expense management software with a wide range of features might need more than what DOKKA offers. Check out DOKKA, request a demo, and see if the company will be a good fit for your bookkeeping demands.

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