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LAST UPDATED: January 16th, 2020

Deductr's core purpose is to help small business owners maximize the tax deductions and keep more of what they make. The company has over 500,000 user accounts in over 80 countries and is endorsed by companies like NuSkin International, Primerica, the National Association of Realtors, and USANA Health Sciences.

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The Good

  • Powerful New Features
  • Free Version
  • Upload Items

Powerful New Features

Deductr is among the leaders of innovation. It is all about creating new products and tools for its clients to use. As the brand name suggests, Deductr is dedicated to helping companies take advantage of as many deductions as possible. Deductr's tax deduction and expense management software does this through its different tools and features:

  • Income/Expense Tracking: Automatically upload all of your business income and expenses by connecting directly to the bank or credit card of your choice. Deductr's automated expense tracking protect companies from overpaid taxes. With millions of dollars lost in taxes every year to the IRS, Deductr helps every business track these expenses to ensure a simpler tax season and a greater chance at tax savings.

  • Mileage Tracking: Track your travel expenses through GPS-enable software that logs every mile you travel. The GPS mileage tracker can give businesses and independent contractors a great tax break when they drive a lot for work. This mileage tracker is simple and easy to use, as well as helps companies receive tax deductions for mileage expenses.

  • Time Tracking: Time is money! Track the precious time you dedicate to your small business and avoid a costly audit. 

  • Custom Reports: Tailor Deductr's interface to fit your company's specific needs. Whether you are a real estate professional or a photographer, your reports will be custom made for your industry and company.

  • Mobile App: Optimized for iOS and Android devices. Allowing users to have access to all of Deductr's tools and documents wherever you may be. Customers can download the app for Android devices from the Google Play Store and can download the iOS version from Apple App Store.

  • Security: Deductr keeps your financial data secure with Deductr Pro's 256-bit SSL (bank-level) encryption.

  • Tax Preparer: Because Deductr has been tracking expenses for you through your receipts or added expenses, Deductr will organize your expenses and help ensure that your taxes are better prepared when the end of the year tax season comes.
  • Support: Become a tax expert through tutorials, free webinars, a community-driven FAQs page, live chat, and advice from experts. There is also an easily-accessible Help Center located from the company's main menu.

Free Version

With lots of different expense management software systems, Deductr claims to be the best software around. To test their claim, Deductr gives a free 30-day free trial. The free version platform gives each business access to all of the tools and features that Deductr has to offer.

Upload Items

Deductr allows you to upload photos of your receipts and invoices and catalog them to your Deductr account. The retail price for Deductr's services are a monthly rate of $19.95 or an annual rate of $199.00, but most customers' subscriptions are even less expensive through subsidies provided by corporate partners. This is great for mid-sized or larger small businesses looking to save on quality expense tracking software.


The Bad

  • Flat-rate system limitations

Flat-Rate System Limitations

One limitation of using a flat-rate system is the fact that smaller companies with fewer employees (and possibly less revenue) are charged the same price as their larger counterparts. More well-known expense tracking companies like QuickBooks and FreshBooks offer various pricing packages that cater to the size and needs of any company.



The Bottom Line

All relevant things considered, Deductr does what it says it will do: help small businesses stay on top of their expense management strategy. With year-end tax help, Deductr is all big business owners, as well as small business owners, need in order to deduct hundreds, if not thousands in tax breaks, budgeting systems, and tracking expenses. With the issue of its flat-rate system limitations, it is a competent and trustworthy tool if you're looking to capitalize on tax deductions.

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C Monroe

Deductr is an awesome app for tracking my business expenses. It keeps me organized and automatically tracks whenever I use my business credit card or debit card. It tracks my miles on my phone! I've saved thousands each year on my taxes because I'm organized and have proof of every tax deduction I claim! I didn't pay $20 a month for Deductr. I only paid $99 for a full year. So I know there are options for better deals on deductr out there. And they have a great help center and customer support. I think this review is misleading and incorrect on a number of subjects. Just my opinion from my experience. I love Deductr.

4 years ago

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I was introduced to Deductr through my membership with the national association of realtors. I got a free 30 day trial to check it out. So far it's been great. I linked my debit card and credit card and now it tracks all my expenses. The mileage tracking on my phone seems sporadic. I'm not sure how accurate it is. So far I plan to pay for it at the end of the trial and it'll only be $99 for a year.

4 years ago