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LAST UPDATED: December 20th, 2019

MRPeasy is a powerful, effective, and reliable one-stop production planning tool for small manufacturers — which is anywhere from 10 to 200 employees. The system provides a number of options to plan a production process. The system has a simple interface that allows users to see an overview of the company’s performance and users can access important information at any time.

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The Good

  • 15 + 15-Day Free Trial
  • Transparent with Pricing Information
  • Helpful FAQ and Resource Page

15 + 15-Day Free Trial

While many other companies in the industry offer free trials, MRPeasy provides a unique opportunity for consumers to get a 30-day free trial.

Just for signing up with MRPeasy, users will receive 15 free days. Then, if a user watches the company’s first demo video — which is essential for understanding how the software works and how to use it — they’ll get an additional 10 free days. And lastly, if a user follows MRPeasy on LinkedIn (use the “Free Use” section inside the program) to receive 5 more free days. That’s 30 days in total.

Transparent with Pricing Information

MRPeasy clearly lays out its MRP software plans on the website and includes the pricing information for each plan. Users can expect to pay anywhere from $49 per user per month to $149 per user per month (for the first 10 users only).

The Starter plan — which is $49 per user, per month, for the first 10 users — is the most limited plan but users get MRPeasy’s main functions including production planning and reporting, dynamic rescheduling, reporting via Internet-Kiosk, multi-language, multi-currency, and integrations with QuickBooks Online, Xero, Magento, Shopify, and Pipedrive.

The Professional plan includes all of the main functions and professional functions — so users will be paying an extra $20, raising the total to $69 per user, per month, for the first 10 users.

Some of the features users will get with the Professional plan include Co-product BOM, custom fields, expiry dates, BOM with parameters, piece payment, quality control, serial numbers, subcontracting, integrations, and tiered pricing.

MRPeasy’s most popular plan is the Enterprise plan, which is $99 per user, per month, for the first 10 users. The plan includes both the main functions and the professional functions but adds enterprise functions which consist of the following:

  • Approval System
  • Barcode System: Printing and Scanning Barcodes
  • Backward Production Scheduling
  • Maintenance Management Systems (MMS)
  • Multiple Stocks
  • Multiple Production Sites
  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
  • Revision/Version Control System
  • Sales Management
  • Integrations

The last plan that MRPeasy offers is the Unlimited Plan for $149 per user, per month, for the first 10 users. However, it should be made clear that the Unlimited plan has a minimum required number of users. Because of this, the monthly invoice is per 2 users making it $298 instead of $149.

Users will get the best bang for their buck with the Enterprise plan — as users have access to everything MRPeasy has to offer. However, if a company doesn’t need or want all functions, the lower plans are reasonably priced. If a company is looking into working with MRPeasy, we suggest starting with a lower-tiered plan and upgrading if more functions are needed — mainly because users cannot downgrade their account.

Helpful FAQ and Resource Page

For those new to the industry or struggling to use their MRP/ERP software, MRPeasy provides an extensive and detailed FAQ and Resource center. The Frequently Asked Questions page includes several topics for users to select from and within those topics are some of the most commonly asked questions. The given answers are easy to understand but aren’t demeaning to the consumer. Additionally, the Resource center has tons of blog articles, how-to videos and demos for consumers to look at. For many, MRP/ERP software is confusing and it is nice to see that MRPeasy attempts to help its clients learn how to use the software efficiently.


The Bad

  • Cannot Downgrade Accounts
  • Deleted Accounts Cannot Be Restored

Cannot Downgrade Accounts

Unfortunately users cannot downgrade their account due to several technical and organizational reasons. If a user wants to downgrade, they have two options. First, they can delete their current account and sign up for a new one. Or they can empty their database and then ask a support team member to downgrade their pricing plan.

Deleted Accounts Cannot Be Restored

Whether a user deletes their account because they’re downgrading or it's been 28 days of non-payment and the account is deleted by MRPeasy, users should be aware that a deleted account cannot be restored. MRPeasy explains that when an account is deleted, the database is also deleted, so no further access to that data is possible.


The Bottom Line

MRPeasy is a modern and user-friendly Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) system designed to help small manufacturers. The MRP system was built for manufacturing businesses and works with multiple industries, including aerospace and defense, biotechnology, engineering, medical devices and equipment, pharmaceutical, packaging, plastics, retail, and more.

MRPeasy software is fairly robust and offers plenty of features to help manufacturers streamline their production process. There are a few inconvenient aspects to MRPeasy’s software such as users can’t downgrade their account, but the company does offer a free 15 + 15-day trial — which allows users to try out the platform for free.

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