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LAST UPDATED: August 17th, 2020

Launched in April 2020, Droplet Solutions, LLC., (dropletk12.com), is a Utah-based tech company focusing on digital forms, workflows, and e-signature solutions tailored to help school districts work more efficiently behind the scenes. 

To be very clear: Droplet's online platform is not for teachers and students to interact. It is meant to be used by school and district staff, faculty, and administrators.

Droplet's privacy policy states: 
"Our Services do not address anyone under the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect personal identifiable information from children under 13. In the case we discover that a child under 13 has provided us with personal information, we immediately delete this from our servers."

This software company's service focuses on digitizing existing paper forms and automating and tracking current paper-based administrative and approval processes. Examples of forms and processes that Droplet can help with include the following: 

  • HR documents
  • Employee onboarding documents
  • Purchase requests
  • Reimbursement requests
  • Student registration
  • Field trip forms
  • Acceptable use
  • Permission slips
  • Event sign-ups
  • Incident reports
  • Research requests
  • Volunteer applications
  • Asset Management
  • Check request workflows
  • Personnel requisitions
  • Maintenance tickets
  • Requisition orders and POs
  • Reimbursements

Other similar platforms are very complicated, require clients to build their own forms, and have coding abilities to route any approval processes. Droplet is simplified and specifically designed for school districts. 

Keep reading our Droplet review to learn some of the pros and cons of using this educational company's platform.

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The Good

  • Easy to Use
  • Save Time and Money
  • Streamlines Admin Workflow
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Free Demo
  • Makes Analysis Available
  • Platform Integrations

Easy to Use

Often when a company or business gets new internal software, everyone has to go through a long learning phase because their processes have changed to conform to the way the software works. While Droplet doesn't rule out a learning curve, one of its most promising features is that it takes on so much of the onboarding workload and works to recreate your existing forms and workflows, so the transition can be easier.

School administrators are already so busy. Droplet users don't need to learn how to use a form builder or work with unfamiliar forms. Schools can submit their current documents that they use and the team will build online forms that closely match their appearance. It's not just the forms for signing that will mimic the physical world. Workflow process can be done in the same order as normal because Droplet offers a flexible setup.

While school staff will have to learn a new system, Droplet tries to make it match reality as closely as possible. A few more of the perks that the platform supports are listed below:  

  • Multi-step approval
  • Routing logic
  • Collecting digital signatures
  • Secure document storage
  • Multiple approvers 
  • Purchase thresholds
  • Automatic routing based on conditions

Save Time and Money

Going digital with your forms can help to save money for your district. Schools spend thousands of dollars each year on paper and printing supplies, let alone the man-hours people spend printing, copying, filing, organizing, and sending paper requests back and forth to different locations, for different individuals to approve and sign. 

Especially with distance learning and teachers now working from home, many still have paper workflows in place to get approvals. This slows down requisitions even more. If schools go paperless, it can also help to save time that is now wasted waiting for a simple yes/no answer. 

Dynamic Routing

A big highlight, according to co-founder Mike Rowland, is that approval workflows can easily be set up, without any coding skills needed. This means that if you need multiple people to approve something, in a specific order, users can easily set this up. It can also be automated for individual forms to always be sent for the same approval routing. 

Previously for this type of paper process, someone would have to find the right form and fill it out, then send it to the district office for multiple people and departments to sign, before getting it back to see if the project or requisition was approved or denied. You can set up routing so that approval first goes to the school principal, then the district's business director, then the superintendent. 

Processes that used to take weeks can now be done much faster due to Droplet's simple, no-coding-needed dynamic routing. 

Mobile Friendly

This ed tech company's platform is mobile-responsive and friendly, so administrators and others can check statuses and quickly sign approvals on the go. However, a specific mobile app for Droplet is not available. 

Free Demo

If you are interested, you can sign up for a free demo online to see how this company's combination of digitized forms, automated processing, e-signatures, and organization of documents can help your district. 

Makes Analysis Available

Making approval and other processes digitally recorded will provide lots of data. It can help school districts with budgeting, optimization of resources, streamlining of everyday processes, and more. Droplet's data can help administrators track many things, including the following: 

  • Spending and financial planning
  • Approvals and denials for projects, field trips, or improvements
  • Items pending your approval
  • Automatic reminders for items needing attention, if they haven't been addressed

Platform Integrations

The Droplet platform can be integrated with well-known business suites and like programs, including Dropbox, Zapier, and Google Docs. Droplet will even set up your integrations for you.


The Bad

  • Small, New Business
  • Contact for Pricing
  • Limited Information Online

Small, New Business

Droplet is a small startup company that was recently launched in April 2020. Its planned service platform is not fully completed yet. For example, a mobile app isn't slated for another year. 

However, it's pretty normal for any tech company to have an ongoing plan for improving and adding to its product. When your product is digital, there is often no endpoint for its development. 

Additionally, this small startup is already working with school districts in six states. 

Contact for Pricing

For those doing preliminary research, it may be disappointing that Droplet's website doesn't have any pricing information. Potential customers must contact the company for a free demo. 

Limited Information Online

This intriguing paperless solution for schools is an interesting idea. However, it is a little disappointing how little information Droplet's public-facing website holds. The following references would be a welcome addition to the company's website: 

  • Case studies showing cost and time benefits
  • More examples of how forms would look
  • Contract terms and policies

The Bottom Line

With the rise of online learning, relying on paper-based documentation and approval processes can slow down a school district's ability to act fast and adapt when needed. Droplet provides school districts with the opportunity to move slow-moving workflows online. It combines custom, mobile-friendly digital forms, automated task and approval routing, document signing, and storage, all in one place.

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