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LAST UPDATED: December 12th, 2019

Mopinion is a feedback analytics platform that not only collects customer feedback but allows users to analyze and manage their online customer feedback all from one platform.

Users can easily create their own feedback forms and add behavioral triggers wherever they’d like. Mopinion’s self-service data discovery features are fully customizable and allow users to visualize and analyze the feedback. Mopinion even analyzes all scores, reviews, and comments automatically, so users know where they need to take action.

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The Good

  • Cloud-Based Architecture and Security
  • Features
  • Moderate Pricing

Cloud-Based Architecture and Security

To ensure a company is up and running, Mopinion provides tons of connectors and agile cloud services for data integration, management, and automation. The company boasts being built on the best technologies and attributes that as the reason Mopinion is a trusted name among users.

However, even though the company aims to provide a seamless process, it doesn’t skimp on security. All data transferred to and from Mopinion’s servers are encrypted via an SSL connection. The Mopinion platform is hosted with the world’s leading data center providers and the company’s data center providers are SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 certified.


Mopinion offers a variety of features throughout the entire process. When it comes to collecting customer feedback, Mopinion has event-driven forms, simple .js deployment, custom branding capabilities, and the platform can connect easily with APIs from other survey tools. Plus, Mopinion can integrate with iOS, Android, and Windows.

When analyzing the customer feedback, Mopinion makes it easy with data visualization, text analytics, sentiment analysis, classification, in-chart filtering, and smart labeling. These key features make it easy for users to explore vast amounts of data efficiently.

However, collecting and analyzing the data won’t get users far. In order to boost their customer experience, they’ll need to take the insight and prepare a plan of action. Mopinion sends proactive alerts that notify users as soon as anything important happens. The platform also allows users to push tasks to their team members directly into apps like Trello or Asana.

Lastly, Mopinion provides several features that help manage risk situations and engage with the customer. Mopinion users can directly engage with the customer through the platform — making it easy for users to act directly on the received feedback. Several response templates can be tailored to allow the company to engage with its customers consistently.

Moderate Pricing

Whether its users are a large enterprise or a small startup company, Mopinion has a plan that can help. All of Mopinion’s plans are moderately priced and offer a variety of features that can be used to improve the performance and user experience of a website or app.

There is a free plan, although it has a limited amount of features — which is to be expected. The next plan is the Basic Plan and that is best for low traffic sites and early-stage companies. The Basic Plan starts at $35 per month; however, users should keep in mind that the Basic Plan also has limited features.

After the Basic Plan is the Starter Plan. This plan is for teams that are ready and prepared to listen to their customers. The Starter Plan is $89 per month and there are no limitations.

Mopinion has several plans that are geared toward the unique needs of larger businesses and companies. There is the Growth Plan, which is $229 per month and allows up to 20 users.

The Turbo Growth Plan is $579 per month but allows two digital channels and up to 20 users.

Opinions Enterprise Plan doesn’t disclose the price but is a good fit for companies with high traffic websites, mobile apps, and custom needs. The plan is tailored, so users will need to set up a demo with a representative. However, Enterprise users get multiple digital channels and can have 20+ users.

Mopinion clients should keep in mind that all listed prices exclude VAT (Value-Added Tax).


The Bad

  • Free and Basic Plan Limitations

Free and Basic Plan Limitations

Those interested in using a feedback management platform will be happy to know that Mopinion offers a free plan and a reasonably priced basic plan — $35 per month excluding VAT. However, while the two cheaper plans may save users a few bucks each month, there are some limitations to the plans, including the following:

  • No text analytics and AI
  • No mobile SDK usage
  • No data imports and exports (XLS)
  • No automated tagging
  • Limited amount of email alerts
  • Limited task and action management
  • Limited integrations, APIs, and webhooks

The Bottom Line

Hundreds of companies trust Mopinion, including Canon, Kia, HEMA, TomTom, Expedia, Spokeo, Volkswagen, Topshop, and Walmart. While digital enterprises generally use Mopinion, the company has several plans that are an excellent fit for smaller companies or startups. The Free and Basic Plans have limited features, but if that’s a deal-breaker, users can upgrade to the Starter Plan — which is a bit more expensive but includes all features. The company’s website also provides several ways to get in touch with customer support, video guides, walkthroughs, and other useful resources.

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