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LAST UPDATED: October 14th, 2020

Nextech is a healthcare technology solution company that provides EMR software for specialty practices that includes dermatology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, and orthopedics. The software aims to deliver solutions that maximize efficiency, optimize charting, and increase overall practice profitability for physicians. Nextech services more than 11,000 providers and 4,000 practices.

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The Good

  • Increase Documentation Speed
  • Mobile EMR Access
  • Telehealth
  • ePrescribing and Lab Integrations
  • Room Manager
  • Integrated Outpatient Surgery Management

Increase Documentation Speed

Nextech’s EMR software provides customizable EMR templates that simplify patient documentation and increase charting speed. The templates are tailored to a physician’s specialty, even at multi-physician practices.

In addition to Nextech’s customizable EMR templates, physicians can increase documentation speed through HIPAA compliant dictation saving time and money wasted through manual transcription and data entry. Physicians are able to add notes to charts using simple voice commands and talk-to-text dictation during the patient visit or at any location, optimizing time and improving productivity. 

For Ophthalmology, Nextech offers Intellechart PRO EMR templates that are specific not only to ophthalmology, but to individual patients as well. Designed by a practicing ophthalmologist, the adaptive technology has shorter pick lists and only relevant choices based on a patient’s medical history and problem list allowing ophthalmologists to chart faster while maintaining accuracy.  

Mobile EMR Access

Nextech’s EMR software enables physicians to securely chart anytime, anywhere through mobile access on its iPad application that is HIPAA compliant. In the app, physicians can quickly view patient charts, review notes, dictate directly into charts, snap and integrate photos, and refill prescriptions allowing them to chart in-clinic or after hours as needed. 


Telehealth capabilities are also included in Nextech’s EMR software. Physicians can meet with patients through secure, HIPAA compliant video chats while allowing simultaneous documenting and charting during the meeting. These features maintain exceptional levels of care while optimizing time.

ePrescribing and Lab Integrations

ePrescribing is seamlessly integrated into Nextech’s EMR software. Physicians are able to easily draft and renew prescription orders, customize provider “favorites” lists, and easily track drug and allergy interactions to increase patient safety. All pertinent information is easily accessible and viewable through the software’s one screen access.

Nextech’s EMR software also has lab integrations that streamline the lab order process. Physicians are able to quickly view lab results and record pathology notes in the patient’s file. Nextech partners with major lab companies including Ameripath/Dermpath, CBL Pathology, D-Path, DLCS, Aurora Diagnostics, Labcorp Dianon, Miraca, Plus Diagnostics, Skin Path Associates, and many others.

Room Manager

The Room Manager feature in Nextech’s EMR software allows physicians to further optimize clinic operations by managing patient flow through viewing all rooms and resources at once. Physicians can visually track patients through each step of the visit from check in to check out enabling them to track data and analyze time elements. 

Integrated Outpatient Surgery Management

Nextech’s EMR software also offers an integrated outpatient surgery management. Physicians can add surgical procedure notes directly into the patient’s medical record. The outpatient surgery feature allows physicians to maintain records to track compliance and support accreditation. Additionally, physicians can use the software to make cost effective decisions through analyzing material costs, tracking expenses, and automating billing.


The Bad

  • EMR Software for 4 Specialty Practices
  • Pricing Information Undisclosed

EMR Software for 4 Specialty Practices

Nextech’s EMR software is only available for four types of specialty practices: ophthalmology, plastic surgery, dermatology, and orthopedics. While the software is very specific in the practices it serves, it is because it provides exceptional services and select features for each type of practice.

Pricing Information Undisclosed

Pricing information for Nextech’s EMR software is undisclosed on its website. Prospective clients can request a free demo and speak with company representatives to discuss software costs. 


The Bottom Line

Although Nextech only offers its EMR software for dermatology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, and orthopedics, the features have been carefully designed for the needs of those specific specialties to optimize time and boost efficiency while maintaining high level care to patients. 

Nextech does not disclose pricing information for its EMR software online. We recommend examining terms such as annual increases, additional costs for use of various features, etc before selecting the software.

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