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LAST UPDATED: January 27th, 2021

The average person will spend around 90,000 hours at the office. Motivosity is a company that strives to make those long days a little easier. 

Motivosity is an employee recognition software platform that aims to build a cohesive work culture. In fact, Motivostiy believes that businesses will unlock their greatest potential when they connect, recognize, lead, and listen.

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The Good

  • Recognize Employees and Coworkers
  • Transparent Plans and Pricing
  • Premium Support
  • Case Studies

Recognize Employees and Coworkers

On a day-to-day basis, people's actions (achievements, professionalism, efficiency, acts of kindness, hard work, etc.) will often go unnoticed. Motivosity makes it simple to recognize and reward employees for their exceptional work.  

Users can publicly share their appreciation for a coworker, or announce a significant accomplishment (whether personal or professional) through the platform's peer-to-peer recognition system. Employees are then notified and receive motivational awards and recognition points. The points can be spent at the reward and gift store. The store has various gift cards and rewards available, so there is bound to be something for everyone. 

Motivosity also has several other exciting features, such as a personality quiz. While creating their profile, each employee can take the personality test to see who they are most similar to. Although this may seem like a silly gimmick, it actually is incredibly helpful. The personality test can reveal useful insights on employees/coworkers and how to best work with them. 

Employees can also add their interests and responsibilities to their profile page. Again, this might not seem like a big deal, but it can actually help employees learn more about each other and bond over similar interests. 

Transparent Plans and Pricing

Those interested in working with Motivosity will find the company's plans and pricing directly on the website. There are four plans: Connect, Recognize, Lead, and Listen. Each plan offers unique features, but Connect's personality profiles, interest groups, visual org chart, peer-to-peer appreciations, highlights and announcements, and HRIS and API integrations are included with all plans. 

Premium Support

Every Motivosity plan comes with premium support. Premium support includes all of the self-help options such as help desk, help site, community site, and ongoing training videos made available to employees. Premium support also includes quarterly QBRs with a dedicated Customer Success representative. Numbers and trends will be reviewed and suggestions made around how to get even more value out of Motivosity.

Motivosity has a reasonably robust Help Center. Users can look up a specific topic or search through the list of FAQs. 

Case Studies

If you're not convinced Motivosity is right for your business, we suggest checking out Motivosity's case studies. The case studies are helpful as they show what kind of services Motivosity offers and some of the potential benefits provided from those services. 

The case studies show how Motivosity helped big-name companies build a sense of culture and invest in its employees. Motivosity is used by companies such as Cotopaxi, HealthCatalyst, Health Equity, and WasatchIT. 


The Bad

  • Detailed Information Can Be Hard to Find

Detailed Information Can Be Hard to Find

While Motivosity is transparent with its plans and pricing, you have to do some digging to find out more about the rewards system and store. For example, there is a monthly allocation. This is the amount that every user will get on the first of every month. 

Motivosity also has something called "The Sweetener." This is when employers give rewards to their employees for using all of their giving money. Say an employee is given $5 as their peer-to-peer bonus amount. If they give all of the $5 away to their coworkers, the Sweetener amount will be deposited into their spending balance. 

We like that employees are rewarded for recognizing and appreciating their coworkers. However, it would be nice to display this information upfront rather than buried in the company's help center.


The Bottom Line

Employers need to recognize all the hard work and effort their employees put in every day; luckily for them, that's where Motivosity comes in. The employee recognition software is easy-to-use and makes it easy to recognize and reward employees for their day-to-day accomplishments. Motivosity is great for helping employees and employers better understand, connect, and interact with each other. There are four plans, all competitively priced, but Motivosity Connect is included for free with all Motivosity Recognize, Lead, and Listen. 

We recommend that businesses look into Motivosity's employee recognition software.

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Jen Burt Herriman, UT

I like that people can recognize you for good things you do. It's helpful to have Motivosity bucks to use and is a nice way to provide recognition for others you work with.

1 year ago