Wise Company is am emergency preparedness store which largely focuses on food storage supplies. They have been in business for 5 years and are headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. In the short amount of time they have been in business, they have accumulated an impressive number of endorsements from celebrities such as Dave Ramsey, Marie Osmond, and Michael Savage. They have also been highlighted in National Geographic.


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The Good

  • Food storage products
  • Blog
  • Free samples

Wise Company’s strength is in their food storage products. They offer a variety of well-priced options; shoppers will find both freeze dried and dehydrated items, sold both individually and in kits ranging from 72 hours all the way up to one year. Their streamlined website makes it simple to select and purchase the right amount of food storage for your family.

They also carry a basic supply of other emergency supplies such as:

  • A good selection of survival kits
  • Water filters
  • Seeds
  • Fuel
  • Auto kit

Wise Company maintains a blog that is full of useful information about disaster preparedness, food storage, and urban farming.

We also like that shoppers can request a free sample; purchasing food storage usually requires a large initial layout, as most things are sold in bulk. Offering a sample is a great way to help customers have confidence in what they are buying.

The Bad

  • Educational materials
  • Emergency supplies

Wise Company does not have as much educational materials as some other preparedness sites; the blog is well done, but less thorough than you might find elsewhere. There is one calculator to help understand how much food to buy, but aside from that there are no other calculators, and no printables or preparedness checklists at all.

Also, the selection of emergency supplies aside from food is limited, as food storage is really their specialty.

The Bottom Line

We recommend Wise Company for food storage needs. Their prices, selection, and customer service are strong and respected for food storage needs. However, shoppers looking for other emergency goods or for a lot of educational and planning materials may want to look for another company that puts more emphasis on those areas.

Learning Material

Wise Company has an active and very informative blog with a wealth of articles on emergency and disaster preparedness, food storage, and urban farming.  They also offer a calculator to help figure out how much food storage your family needs. However, they do not offer any printables or checklists to help put together an emergency plan.

Emergency Store

Wise Company specializes in food storage, and they have a huge variety of dehydrated and freeze dried options.  Shoppers will find long term and emergency food kits, as well as the ability to purchase freeze dried meats, vegetables, and fruits.  They also stock a basic array of other emergency goods like survival kits, water filters, fuel, and seeds. Their pricing is competitive.

Connecting with the Community

Wise has a lot of resources, but a local connection is not one of them.  As seems common with preparedness stores, they have a presence on social media but do not have any other resources with connecting locally.

How is the Website?

Wise Company has a great, easy to use website.  There is not a lot of clutter, but instead a visually pleasing, streamlined experience that makes it quick and simple to locate what you are looking for.

Time in Business

5 years

Contact Information

Phone number: 1-800-393-2570

Email: contact form http://wisefoodstorage.com/contact-us

Address: Wise Company

3676 California Avenue

B100 Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Other Perks

Wise Foods offers an affiliate program for bloggers and others with an online presence who may be interested.

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