Thrive Life, LLC is a 10 year old company located in American Fork, Utah, and is the food storage branch of Shelf Reliance, LLC. They are the recipients of a number of awards, including the Utah 100 Award, 14th Fastest Growing Company in Utah 2012, and the Entrepreneurial Success Award 2010.


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The Good

  • Product variety
  • Website
  • Charity

Thrive Life offers a wide variety of freeze dried and dehydrated foods, as well as a number of staples packaged for long term storage. They focus on providing healthy foods preserved in such as way as to maintain nutrition and taste for a shelf life of up to 25 years. The foods are also designed to be used as a convenience in everyday cooking to save time and reduce waste.

This company also stocks a good variety of emergency supplies like kits, water storage, and shelter, as well as unique shelving solutions to organize your food storage.

The website makes it easy for customers who may be new to emergency preparation to figure out what they need for their family. There are calculators that will use your family information to create a plan for building a 3 month supply of food and emergency items that will fit your needs. If desired, you can add the entire plan to your shopping cart with one click, or the calculator will break it up into monthly purchases to help spread the expense out over time. This monthly system is called the “q,” and you can also set it up manually by choosing the foods you wish to stock up on and a monthly budget. The system will break your choices down into automatic monthly deliveries that fit the budget you specify.

Thrive Life has their own charity, Thriving Nations. 5% of all profits are donated to provide water, nutrition, and education in selected third world nations.

The Bad

  • Direct sales aspect

Thrive Life markets to The home party/direct sales aspect of this company does have the pot to the customer who is not interested in hearing about hosting a party or becoming a consultant. The company naturally wishes to draw in more sales consultants, repeat customers, and party hosts, and the marketing reflects that.

The Bottom Line

We recommend this company without hesitation.They have a wonderful track record of quality and service over the 10 years that they have been in business. The website is easy to use, contains a lot of solid educational materials, and makes planning your emergency supply pretty painless. You can also enjoy knowing that 5% of any purchase you make will go directly to charity, which might take just a little of the sting out of the cash layout needed to create an emergency stash.

Learning Material

THRIVE has an unbelievable amount of learning material on their site.  In the THRIVE University section, there are myriad articles on food storage, food rotation, and emergencies.  You will also find calculators that will take details about your family and give you a detailed plan for building a 3 month supply of food or an emergency kit.  The calculators will even add the entire plan to your shopping cart in one click, or alternately, create a plan to parcel out the large purchase over a longer period of time.

Emergency Store

THRIVE specializes in freeze-dried foods that are all-natural, and you will find an enormous selection of these items, along with basics like wheat, beans, sugar, etc.  They also carry an extensive line of shelving and rotation systems designed specifically for food storage,  and a good line of emergency kits and supplies.

Connecting with the Community

The website does not offer any local connection to your community, but they do have an active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube.

How is the Website?

The website is vast, with a lot of information, and enough links to keep you busy for literally hours.  There is a large online store, calculators, information about the business and their direct sales opportunity, and more.  We found the site to be well-designed, making it easy and intuitive to find the information you are after.

Time in Business

10 years

Contact Information

Phone number: 801-756-9902 (Utah County)/ Toll Free-877-743-5373

Email address: [email protected]

Address: THRIVE

691 S Auto Mall Dr.

American Fork, UT 84003

Other Perks

THRIVE offers a unique monthly auto-delivery service, which allows you to customize a plan to build your food storage gradually over time according to your desired budget.

They also offer a direct sales/home party opportunity for those that are interested in earning free items or combining their interest in preparedness with a home business.

Finally, THRIVE operates a charity called Thriving Nations, which provides nutrition, water solutions, and education in third world countries.  5% of all profits are donated to Thriving Nations.

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    September 16th, 2016 Newberg, OR

    I bought Chef’s Selection, my bad choice and buyer beware here. What you get for over $200 per month, for 3 months are a few canisters in each box that are of some value; . The bulk of what you will receive are cheap filler products such as; rice; dry pastas; flour; brown sugar; sugary drink mixes; salty bouillon; dry beans; etc. 25 year shelf life as advertised and the name ‘Chef’s Selection’ pulled me in to buy. Sounded good and I did not look close enough to realize what I was going to be receiving. Again my bad. If I were to buy from THRIVE I would not trust THRIVE company to make selections again. Not the experience I was anticipating and so disappointed. I bought with emergency storage in mind which this is not. Also note that the word dehydrated is misleading. When I think dehydrated I do not think of flour or the many other items sent. DO NOT BUY THIS

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