My Food Storage is one of the leading emergency food preparedness providers located in Spanish Fork, Utah, providing consumers with high quality freeze dried and dehydrated food options with an up to 25 year shelf life.


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The Good

  • Products
  • Kit essentials
  • Online accounts

Other than being the highest rated food storage company, one of the strongest attributes this company has is they literally outweigh their competitors with their 120 serving packages weighing in at 30 lbs consisting of 42,696 total calories, which comes to $11.71 per 2000 calorie requirement. That means each meal contains about 300 and up to 400 calories, giving individuals the nutrition and energy they need during times of crisis. They offer products ranging from a 2 week supply up to a full 12 months of food storage providing four adults, or 2 adults and four children with three servings daily. This company also guarantees the lowest price on all similar products with free shipping to the continuous 48 states. Otherwise 10% of the purchase price will be added for shipping costs. We like their food storage estimator calculator which helps consumers calculate how much food is needed for each member of their family. Adults are considered 10 and over, whereas children are 10 and younger.

The individuals who enjoy the great outdoors may like their 72 hour food kits which are simple for taking along on camping trips. Each food kit is packed in lightweight mylar bags perfect for hiking and camping trips. The price for a 2 person, 72 hour food kit is only $37, making it a cost friendly option.

Aside from their assortment of freeze dried foods, they also provide survival kit essentials which include food, matches, sleeping bags, and even a deck of cards in case there is a need to sort out thoughts over a game of solitaire, among other top survival gear products.

Another aspect that makes this company a little more progressive is customers may create an online account enabling them to store shipping information for a quicker shopping experience, as well as view and track their orders. Name and email address are the only pieces of information needed.

The Bad

  • Food options
  • Outdated blog
  • Website

Among the positive attributes this company has, there are also a few downfalls. For instance, there are not as many food options as some of their competitors, such as beans and rice, which is a fundamental component to any food storage person. Surprisingly, they also do not offer any meat products, which may not be so bad for all the vegetarians out there. They state the reasoning behind a no-meat product line is because the oils in meats and eggs will render a product with a shorter shelf life. This can definitely leave some consumers seeking products elsewhere. We were also unimpressed by their lack of gluten-free products. While it seems that many people are jumping on the gluten-free band wagon as more of a fad, there are individuals out there with serious conditions, such as Celiac disease, that are unable to consume such products. They also process their ready-made meals on equipment that processes peanuts and other tree nuts, posing a risk for those with serious allergies. Also, there are no organic products, which can leave some consumers seeking alternate companies for their food storage needs.

They provide a blog which is pretty outdated, with only two recent posts, both dated in June of 2015. Previous posts are dated back to 2013 and prior. Posts range from economical topics and information on upcoming natural disasters to silly topics such as surprising methods to survive a zombie outbreak. Of course, each post that we have seen is geared toward sales.

When attempting to contact them concerning their relief efforts, they refused to inform us of how and where they have provided assistance, and again focused on a quick sale saying “…your focus should be on serving size and lowest cost…” completely leaving out the factor of high quality product, or any information concerning local or national relief efforts, which left a bad after taste.

Also, some web pages are repetitive with crammed information on the homepage and the same or similar information on other pages.

The Bottom Line

This company has received many rave reviews from consumers around the web, and has one of the lowest prices and largest quantities that we have seen in an emergency food preparedness provider. However, they have not taken into consideration the health needs of those with allergies or other diseases. It seems their focus is strictly on a quick sale, rather than high quality and customer satisfaction. However, healthy individuals without allergies or health issues will find almost everything they need with the highest quantity and lowest prices around.

Do they offer local assistance?

Yes, although they do not set their marketing focus upon this, and refused to inform us of how.

What do they offer in terms of learning materials?

They sell educational materials such as Preparedness Principles, A Guide to Emergency Survival for $26.99, a family emergency planning guide for $12.99, It’s Time to Plan not Panic by Barbara Salisbury for $12.99. They also provide a blog with educational information on food storage, which is outdated.

Do they offer a variety of goods?

Products offered:

  • Long term Food Storage – 120, 240, 360, 720, 1080, 1440, 2160, 2880, and 4320 serving packages.
  • Emergency Food Kits – Up to a 2 week supply of long term food storage, 72 hour kits
  • Survival Kits – Includes 44 servings of food, mylar sleeping bags, water proof matches, tissues, water filtration device, gloves, metal eating utensils, portable stove, etc.
  • Freeze Dried meats – Chicken and beef
  • Assorted Freeze Dried Fruit – Strawberries, Bananas, Peaches, Apples
  • Assorted Freeze Dried Vegetables – Corn, Broccoli, Green Beans, Peas
  • Long-Term Milk – Up to 720 servings
  • Water Filters and Kits – Filtered water bottles, LifeStraw, Water Treatments
  • Up to 1000 gallon water box kits
  • Hydration Packs and Filters

Website Quality


The company website is pretty cluttered, yet easy enough to navigate. A couple of the links in their “More About Us” section, toward the bottom of the page do not work. Otherwise it has all of the attributes for a high quality website including relevance and context, readability, and images are clear and appropriately sized.

Time in Business

3 years. The company launched in 2012.

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