Mountain House is a division of Oregon Freeze Dry, which has been in business since 1963. They are a popular supplier of freeze-dried foods to preppers as well as outdoor adventurers, major commercial food companies, and the United States Military. They employ over 300 people, with 3 manufacturing plants in the U.S., plus affiliated facilities in the U.K. and Denmark.


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The Good

  • Freeze dried foods
  • Experience

We would consider this company a top pick for freeze dried foods. Mountain House has chosen to do one thing and do it well, and has become an established leader in the industry. Here are the strengths that we love:

  • 51 years of business
  • Selling to major companies and the military as well as the general public
  • Great selection of foods and package sizes
  • Items widely available through local retailers as well as online
  • A collection of links to point shoppers toward local and national groups such as the Red Cross

The Bad

  • Product limitations
  • Website

The flip side of Mountain House’s expertise is that they do not offer the extras that many other preparedness companies do. You will not find:

  • Emergency gear, such as cooking tools, seeds, lighting, first aid, etc
  • Informative articles, checklists, planning materials, or calculators
  • Large supply kits, such as 6 month or 1 year supplies

Mountain House definitely bears the marks of a huge company that has chosen to specialize and is secure in its niche – there are few frills on the website. A lot of shoppers may be expecting to find helpful calculators and planning supplies, and may be disappointed.

The Bottom Line

For shoppers just looking for quality, competitively priced freeze dried foods, you probably could not do better than Mountain House. If you are looking to buy a 1 year supply, to study and learn about disaster planning, or to purchase emergency supplies other than food, you will not find what you are looking for here.

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