is the online store operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, offering a wide range of LDS church related items. In keeping with the LDS teachings regarding self-reliance, there is a small section where members and others can purchase basic food storage and emergency preparedness items. The online store is an extension of brick and mortar stores, which have many locations worldwide.


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The Good

  • Prices
  • Website

For shoppers who know what they are looking for and just want a particular item or two, the LDS online store has good prices and an easy to use website. Buyers can see at a glance what is available and easily select what they want.

The Bad

  • Selection
  • Resources

The LDS online store is not very big, and has a very basic selection. There are no calculators, checklists, printables, or other online material to help shoppers figure out what they may need or want. Knowing that the emergency preparedness section is not a major part of the online store, could make some buyers wonder if they will get the service they would hope for.

The Bottom Line

On the whole, the LDS online store is not recommended as a great place to shop for emergency supplies. The very limited selection, combined with the lack of any educational or planning materials, will leave most people wanting a more comprehensive store. They don’t carry anything that can’t be found at other stores, and the prices are fair but not significantly lower than the competition. We think most people will be happier shopping elsewhere.

Learning Material

This site offers some pamphlets on home food storage for sale, but does not have a blog, calculators, checklists, or any other educational material.

Emergency Store

There is a small store, offering 13 basic food items, including a small and reasonably priced starter kit, which also includes LDS materials on food storage.  There are also a few pieces of equipment for use in preparing your own food storage, water filters, and power converters.  Their prices are comparable to the competition.

Connecting with the Community

The website will direct you on how to connect with a local LDS church, but it is not designed to help find other local resources.

How is the Website?

The LDS online preparedness store is only a single page.  It is laid out clearly and simply, and users can quickly see whether they will find what they are looking for.

Time in Business it is a function of the LDS church, which is 184 years old. There is no information regarding how long it has had store function.

Contact Information 

Phone number: 1-800-537-5971

Email address: [email protected]

Address: Church Office Building (LDS Church Headquarters)

50 East North Temple St.

Salt Lake City, Utah 84150

To find store locations visit:

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