Yesmail offers full-featured enterprise email marketing for large companies. The average customer of Yesmail sends millions of marketing emails per month. As such, their products do not make sense for anyone but the largest companies. They provide full-featured services and offer a full marketing suite integrated with the latest tools to help large companies connect with their customers and maintain and improve their ROI on their marketing.

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The Good

  • Success framework
  • Personalized service

Yesmail fills a need for the largest of companies. They follow a set and determined framework for each of their clients to design a personalized and comprehensive strategy to maximize their digital marketing strategies. The steps in their framework include: diagnose, define, design, develop and deploy. Yesmail diagnoses a client’s existing program by going over each program component and gaining an in-depth understanding of its objectives. After diagnosing, they define areas of improvement and the most effective and efficient ways to optimize each client’s digital program. Next, Yesmail designs data-driven, visually stunning creative campaigns to reach program goals and enhance the customer experience. Since each company is unique, Yesmail develops the right framework and technology to cater to each client’s unique objectives and distinct target audience. Finally, Yesmail deploys a custom solution to achieve program objectives and take them to the next level.

By utilizing this approach, Yesmail is able to create digital marketing campaigns which are as unique as each of their individual clients. Along with the personalized and customized service, Yesmail offers each of their clients a personalized experience by assigning them to one of their highly trained representatives who takes the time to know their clients, their business and goals.

The Bad

  • Limited resources
  • Lack of transparency

Yesmail does not offer services to any but the largest companies, so their services are not reasonable for most. Unlike their competitors, they do not offer many tips or education via their site, since their product is vastly tailored to a specific demographic, the need is not there.

In order to obtain pricing or contract information, it is necessary to receive a personalized demo from one of Yesmail’s sales staff. In short, there are three main ways in which Yesmail could improve its services:

  1. Provide pricing information upfront. Many other email marketing companies are transparent about their pricing, which makes customers more confident moving forward with their purchase.
  2. Offer a free trial of its services. While a free demo is good for advertising, it does not allow customers to truly engage with their email marketing platform.
  3. Provide A/B campaign testing.

The Bottom Line

We recommend Yesmail for large clients. They are able to use their experience and tools to head a robust digital campaign. Yesmail services the largest companies, and has a proven track record in doing so. We do not recommend them to midsize to small businesses.


Yesmail does not publish their pricing online of give quotes over the phone. When talking to the sales team, our reviewers found that they were very open in their limitations in that accepting any business which is not sending millions of emails. One of our reviewers was told that the average client can expect to pay between $5,000 and $10,000 per month for their services with a year’s contract.

Dashboard Functionality

Clients with a contract turn their digital campaigns over to Yesmail. As such, there is not a user dashboard for users to create their own emails. Yesmail offers full analytics for their clients as well as interpretations of all data.


Yesmail target all of their campaigns for their clients and offers up-sale or cross-sale capabilities based upon the subscriber’s previous interactions with the company via email, social media or online purchases.


Yesmail tracks all of their campaigns and delivers real-time data to their clients about each of their campaigns. They do, also, provide a clickmap along with their tracking.


Users may access Yesmail’s data via their smartphones. All campaigns are optimized for mobile access.

Image Hosting

Yesmail uses each customer’s own images for their digital campaigns, and hosts them on their servers.

Email Preview

Before a campaign is sent to your customers, your Yesmail consultant presents it to you for final approval. According to the sales staff, most of their clients have very little to adjust or change in any of their campaigns since the framework which is established for each client is comprehensive and by the time that the crafting of campaigns occurs, the vision and goals are mutually understood.

A/B Testing

Yesmail tests each of their campaigns and works diligently to create and maintain a consistently productive digital campaign for each of their clients during the term of their contract.

Export Tool

Reports are available online as well as being sent to each client. These can be exported and printed for ease of comparison vs. prior campaigns. This process is simple; but if the export is large, it is best done over night.


Surveys are easily integrated into Yesmail digital campaigns. Representatives are able to help users create campaigns which are interactive. Many times, they are able to suggest or recommend tools which will enlarge the scope of the projects to make them more effective.

Social Media and Other Integrations

All of Yesmail’s campaigns are fully integrated with social media channels with social media buttons, engaging content and strongly designed calls to action to improve the sharing of your campaigns via your customer’s social media profiles.

Other Reporting Features

Yesmail offers full tracking for their campaigns including test emails, SPAM avoidance, bounced email reports, and interactions via social media.

Other Contact Management Features

Yesmail’s suite of tools to manage digital campaigns allows clients to see how their email is managed and measure results from each of their campaigns. Their tools are fully automated with real-time data available to manage the ways with which the email is being interacted by the recipients.

Other Email Creating Features

Yesmail is different from their competitors in that rather than using their tools to create email campaigns, they use their staff to personally create the campaigns for you. This approach allows very large companies to outsource their digital campaigns to qualified and well trained experts, who are committed to making your goals for a digital campaign a reality.

Contact Information


1020 E 1st St
Papillion, NE 68046-7611

US: 1.877.937.6245

Outside US: +44 (0) 20 7382 8845

[email protected]


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