StrongView is an enterprise-level digital marketing company specializing in cross-channel digital marketing for very large clients (those with millions of email sent per month). They offer personalized services to create, manage, analyze and refine marketing strategies.

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The Good

  • Technology
  • Service
  • Social media
  • Mobile-friendly

For those with very large demands, StrongView uses the latest technology to connect their customers in real time and through context marketing, meaning that promotions and campaigns are sent to the customers when they are already researching a related item. This is extremely powerful since contacts are never "cold contacts" and the prospective customer is poised to purchase.

StrongView offers very detailed and personalized service to their customers from an analysis of their current plans to implementing a strategic and dynamic series of campaigns. To receive pricing, one must have a detailed proposal created for their company.

StrongView is active on social media and maintains a robust profile on the following channels:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • YouTube

In addition to its social media integrations, StrongView is also mobile-friendly, meaning customers can reach out to customers of their own almost anywhere. the StrongView website also contains a number of support features, such as a blog, email and phone support, and live chat.

The Bad

  • Website
  • Lack of transparency
  • No free trial

StrongView is only available for a very small percentage of companies and their website is difficult to fully understand. They suffer in not interacting with the public in general terms and it was very difficult for our review team to find the right formula (company size, etc.) to get information about the company from a sales consultant. In short, StrongView could improve its customer experience and services in three important ways:

  1. Be more upfront with its pricing information. Many of StrongView's competitors are very transparent about how they price their email marketing services, and this is something that could help StrongView's customers have more confidence moving forward with their purchase.
  2. Beef up the service package. StrongView's email marketing services do not include surveys or autoresponders, meaning customers have limited options when it comes to getting feedback from their contact lists. Furthermore, it seems that StrongView emails must all be manually sent, and do not respond to customer behavior.
  3. Provide a free trial for services. While a free demo is a good way to showcase the product's capabilities, customers have no way of engaging with the product prior to purchase.

The Bottom Line

For the largest company, StrongView is a good option as they provide a fully featured solution for those wanting to increase their already massive marketing campaigns. For most, however, StrongView wouldn't make sense.

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