Pinpointe offers their services for small, medium and large businesses. They offer different pricing structures so that you can select the plan that makes the most sense for your company. Features are abundant with Pinpointe and their interface is clean and well designed for maximum productivity.

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The Good

  • Features
  • Policies

Pinpointe offers a comprehensive list of features for their users, giving even small businesses access to tools that their larger competitors take for granted.   In fact, without using the extensive training materials, one can see how many of the powerful tools provided by Pinpointe might be left unused or overlooked by an inexperienced user.

Pinpointe also has some policies in place that set it apart from some of its competitors. For example, Pinpoint offers a free 15-day trial of its email marketing services that allow customers to test drive Pinpointe and make a more informed decision. Additionally, Pinpointe provides a 30-day money back guarantee (one of the few in the industry to do so).

The Bad

  • Website
  • Training

Pinpointe’s website feels in some places as though there were two sites which were melded together and leaves the user scratching their head, wondering what they have missed. There are mentions of “agency” and “enterprise” plans, but little real mention of them on their pages. Our review team strives to simulate experiences as closely as possible to what a new and prospective customer might, and as such attempts contact via each possible and published channel. Phone agents did not give information and said that they needed to transfer the request to a different department. Our review team did not receive requested information in a reasonable timeframe (3+ business days) about the Agency and Enterprise products.

While Pinpointe has an extensive training manual (192 pages) which is detailed and allows the new customer to learn the best ways to use Pinpointe to its fullest. Our review team notes that most people today do not have time to study such an extensive document as well as to watch the webinars and intro videos. Pinpointe also lacks mobile-friend email templates, which severely limits its ability to reach customers who check their emails primarily on their mobile devices.

The Bottom Line

In spite of stating that this product is for anyone, the company’s extensive training shows that the art of email marketing (done right) is much more than sending out an email. Their tools are complete and accomplish that which is stated, but the amount of training materials to learn – especially for those just starting, or those like a few of our reviewers who are perfectionists – may be off-putting for some. The materials are easy to follow and allow customers wanting a complete solution for their marketing and wanting the tools and knowledge to create dynamic email marketing campaigns.

Our review team saw that Pinpointe did have some great tools and training materials but their customer service was disappointing.


Pinpointe offers a full-featured trial of their services for a processing fee of $1. This trial is limited to 5,000 emails being sent during that month. After the free month, customers can cancel or select a paid account. Discounts are given for accounts paying at least 6 months in advance. All accounts are based upon the number of subscribers and email which are sent through Pinpointe.

Total # Contacts in Pinpointe/Monthly Send Limit/Monthly Price/Discount for 6 months prepayment total amount billed

  • 5,000/40,000/$49/$42 – $252 total
  • 10,000/80,000/$74/$66 – $399 total
  • 25,000/200,000/$150/$135 – $810 total
  • 50,000/300,000/$245 – $220 – $1,325 total
  • 75,000/450,000/$365 – $330 – $1,984 total
  • 100,000/600,000/$480 – $432 – $2,592 total
  • 200,000/Call Pinpointe/$898- $808 – $4849 – total
  • >200,000 – Call Pinpointe for special volume pricing

Pay As You Go with unlimited contacts (one credit s equivalent to one email sent and credits expire after one year)

  • 25,000 – $245
  • 50,000 – $450
  • 75,000 – $600
  • 100,000 – $725
  • 200,000 – $975
  • 300,000 – $1,450
  • 400,000 – $1,950
  • 500,000 – $2,450
  • 1,000,000 – $2,850

Pinpointe also offers a dedicated IP plan for $50/month.

There is reference to “agency” and “enterprise” levels of membership on certain page of the website, but our reviewers were not able to find specifics concerning these plans. The review team attempted contact with Pinpointe, but did not receive responses in an appropriate (3+ business days) to clarify or to provide information about these plans and their pricing.

Dashboard Functionality

Pinpointe has a clean user interface and the dashboard is easy to use. All features are accessible with a few clicks and the analytics are easy to see and to compare across campaigns.

Pinpointe is unique in that it is designed for both large and small companies and their campaigns work equally well for both. Our reviewers found that watching Pinpointe’s website states that their how to video (about 20 minutes) is quite helpful and recommends anyone signing up with Pinpointe to do so. Without it, there are features which could not be utilized to their maximum potential. However, our reviewers could not locate a video which matched this description and requests to Pinpointe’s support team went unanswered for 3+ business days. However, our reviewers did find a few helpful videos in the Knowledgebase – Getting Started Overview and Using the Editor to Create/Edit a Campaign.


Pinpointe allows all campaigns to be targeted and for emails to be sent to your selected demographic.


All email clicks are tracked and reported in the user dashboard for your analysis. However, we could not find any information on a clickmap.


Our reviewers could not find specific information on Pinpointe’s website for whether or not their templates are all mobile ready or not and since no one from the company returned our requests, we are unable to report on this with any degree of confidence.

Image Hosting

Pinpointe has generic images in their templates which may be used without additional charges being incurred. Additionally, on the website, it states that unlimited images may be uploaded and stored on their server.

Email Preview

Emails can be previewed in different platform so that you can see exactly what your customers will see when they open their email.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is easy with Pinpointe’s dashboard. All results and analytics can be viewed side by side to make your comparisons easy to read and decipher.

Export Tool

All reports are easily accessible through the dashboard, but for those who need or would like a hard copy of their work, all reports can be downloaded to your system. This capability is quick and easy and takes few of your computer’s resources. Of course, larger campaigns create larger files and can take longer to download.


Surveys are easily inserted into any campaign. Pinpointe suggests using surveys as a call to action and to try different questions in your surveys in an A/B test.

Social Media and Other Integrations

Each campaign can include links to your social media account to encourage readers to like o follow your profile as well as can be shared with their network straight from the email. Of all of the features commonly associated with email marketing campaigns, this particular feature has the fewest mentions on Pinpointe.

Other Reporting Features

Tracking capabilities are extensive with Pinpointe. If you are curious about how your email campaign is being interacted with, Pinpointe can tell you. Pinpointe has some of the best tracking capability available with opens, bounces, forwards, etc. easily tracked and results are available in your dashboard in near real time.

Other Contact Management Features

Pinpointe offers automatic unsubscribe links for each of their templates. Users must manually add an unsubscribe if they use one of their own.

Other Email Creating Features

Pinpointe uses a simple WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) and drag and drop interface for their email templates, making it simple for anyone to create stunning email campaigns. Additionally, they offer unlimited and automatic RSS archiving of your past campaigns, making it easy for you to access them and to resend for newer customers or edit them for future campaigns.

Email can be paused or stopped in the middle of a live campaign and email campaigns can be scheduled and sent at a future date or at a specified time.

Contact Information

Pinpointe On-Demand, Inc.

4601 Lafayette Street

Santa Clara California 95056-4428

(408) 834-7577

[email protected]


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