GraphicMail is an email marketing solution that also provides social sharing and text messaging. Their goal is to help you connect to your customers and create a “lasting impression on tablets, mobile phones or computers.” After sending out your campaign, you can then view reports on who opened, clicked, and shared your message.

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The Good

  • Designed for mobile customers
  • Templates
  • Social media

GraphicMail is designed for the mobile customers. They offer the ability to create mobile-friendly websites so that your customers can easily access your emails and websites from their phones. Emails can be created specifically for mobile users making their experience with your campaigns a lot better. And to go even more mobile, you can send text messages that link to a landing page, alert customers about promotions, or to send mobile coupons.

With over 300 templates, there’s a lot of variety in the emails you can create and customize. GraphicMail allows you to test email campaigns easily to be sure you’re sending out a quality product.

Customers have reported high success rates of their emails actually showing up in customers’ inboxes. You can easily integrate social media into your emails and newsletters so that your campaigns can easily be seen on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.

The Bad

  • Short free trial
  • Navigation issues
  • Customer support

The free trial is shorter than many competitors—15 days. Also that information isn’t readily available on the site, so it can be difficult to determine just how long the trial will actually last.

Many of the actions required to complete an email in GraphicMail are in different tabs and require maneuvering around the site quite a bit to actually complete a task. When PC Mag reviewed the site, they found that the reports page isn’t actually real-time and is actually rather slow to update. After performing a test, it took 20 minutes or more for opens and clicks to register in the reports. Also, there is no auto-refresh button for the reports page to track updates.

While a popup in the bottom corner that says “click to chat” makes it look like the site allows you to instantly chat with a representative, often times what you’re actually doing is sending an email and waiting for them to get back to you. In reality, it can take over 10 minutes to get a response through GraphicMail’s live chat.

The Bottom Line

Many of GraphicMail’s best features have a downside. Even though they have hundreds of templates, many users find them somewhat generic; they have a lot of great features, many users find them difficult to navigate between and glitch; they have a live chat, it is sometimes not available and often takes a long time to get an answer. The social media integration and text message capabilities seem to be widely successful and offer users even more ways to get the word out to customers and potential customers via social websites they already use and text messages that they’re bound to see.

Per send plans

    • 2,000 sends – $9.95
    • 5,000 sends – $19.95
    • 10,000 sends – $29.95
    • 20,000 sends – $59.95
    • 50,000 sends – $129.95
    • 100,000 sends – $229.95
    • More than 100,000 sends, contact GraphicMail

Per contact plans (up to 1 daily email)

    • 2,000 subscribers – $25
    • 5,000 subscribers – $45
    • 10,000 subscribers – $75
    • 25,000 subscribers – $150
    • 50,000 subscribers – $240
    • 100,000 subscribers – $520
    • More than 100,000 subscribers, contact GraphicMail

Additional Options at Extra Cost – Contact GraphicMail

    • Dedicated IP addresses
    • Return path certification services
    • Connection to external databases for merging customized or dynamic content

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