With humble beginnings of one person, an entrepreneur and marketing specialist in 1997 and a full launch in 1999, GetResponse has grown into a leader in email marketing. With a vision to bring powerful tools to the masses and make internet marketing simple for all with the ability to please even the most tech-savvy user, GetResponse balances the complexity with the tools and features it offers with the desire and determination to keep things simple in its interface and succeeds. Their company mission states, “We are committed to being the premier provider of affordable, feature-rich self-service solutions that help small and medium businesses around the globe improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability.”

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The Good

  • Features
  • Social media
  • Training modules

GetResponse has many features and offers a lot for their members. Their technology is sound and their interface is clean and easy to use. Members can manage their email campaigns from any of their mobile devices using either the iPhone Application or Android Application.

Since GetResponse is marketing email services, one would expect them to practice what they offer as far as having an easy-to-understand website and for them to use their social media to reach out to their customers. They do not disappoint.

  • GetResponse Blog
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn

GetResponse has high-quality and easy to understand training modules – especially their three part video in getting started. The company also offers a full gigabyte for image hosting as well as a 30-day free trial for its services.

The Bad

  • Customer support
  • Export limitations

Customer service was slow to respond via email to our review team. Our team uses each method to communicate with a company and reports on the interaction so that a prospective customer might be able to predict their responses. Online chat interactions were professional as well as phone interaction, but the email was not responded to during the space of 3 business days, which is a guideline our review teams use to gauge an appropriate response time.

Not having the ability to export reports or a click map limits the services somewhat and should be considered before selecting an email marketing partner.

The Bottom Line

GetResponse has a huge array of features available for their subscribers and a generous free trial period. For many, GetResponse is the tool which will fit their needs as well as meet their budget. For those needing/wanting click maps or the ability to export reports, this is not the company to choose.

Our review team was impressed with the quality of the features and training materials as well as the pricing and as such recommends GetResponse as a company for email marketing services for those not needing an export tool or click maps as features.


GetResponse offers a full-featured 30 day trial for those shopping around for new email marketing solutions. This trial does not even require entering a credit card number, unlike some of the competition’s trial offers.

1,000 subscribers – $15/month – ($12.30 with annual discount)

2,500 subscribers – $25/month – ($20.50 with annual discount)

5,000 subscribers – $45/month – ($36.90 with annual discount)

10,000 subscribers – $65/month – ($53.30 with annual discount)

25,000 subscribers – $145/month – ($118.90 with annual discount)

50,000 subscribers – $250/month – ($205 with annual discount)

100,000 subscribers – $450/month – ($369 with annual discount)

To receive the annual discount, a one-time payment must be made rather than monthly installments.

GetResponse offers a 50% discount off monthly or annual subscriptions for qualified non-profit organizations.

Dashboard Functionality

The dashboard for GetResponse is easy to use, and clean in its design. It is easier to learn and navigate for a beginner than some of the competitors. The user interface is intuitive and GetResponse lives up to its tagline, “World’s Easiest Email Marketing.”

Get Response features a Responsive Email Design, allowing you to create templates which are interactive and engage your subscribers with calls to action which bring results. Each template is optimized to reach the 42% of users who will access your email campaign via their mobile devices.


With tools allowing you to really target your campaigns such as Advanced Segmentation and a complete Search Contacts availability, you can select the groups receiving your email campaigns as well as use the information for extensive testing.


Clickmaps are not included in GetResponse’s package at this time, however, GetResponse does a great job giving users advanced Email Analytics in a user-friendly interface.


Since many, if not most, emails are currently read on a mobile device of some sort, GetResponse promises that when users use the Email Creator that each of their pre-designed templates is mobile friendly.

Image Hosting

GetResponse has some of the most powerful image options in the industry with their easy-to-use Image Editor and the ability to upload your images onto their server for use in templates (1GB limit). Additionally, users have access to a large database of stock images in the iStockphoto Gallery.

Email Preview

Using the vast library of Email Templates, one can easily see how an email will appear in your subscribers’ boxes with the Inbox Preview tool.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing on GetResponse is easy to set up and results are easily analyzed with tracking tools. Different criteria can be set to A/B test, including time of day, days of the week, subject lines, colors, calls to action, etc.

Export Tool

At this time it is not possible to export reports, but the technicians are working to add this functionality in the future.


GetResponse allows users to create Online Surveys for their campaigns easily and without needing to worry about coding or programming.

Social Media and Other Integrations

GetResponse has powerful tools available to maximize the effectiveness of Social Media Integration in a campaign. Social Sharing allows users to insert sharing buttons directly into the email to encourage shares on subscribers’ social media accounts.

Other Reporting Features

Using Spam Checker, one can determine if email is likely to be sent to the SPAM folder and then adjust the campaign to reduce the possibility that an email will go to SPAM. Users can send test emails to their address as well as track all behavior (opens, forwards, bounces) of the email campaign once it goes to subscribers.

Other Contact Management Features

Contacts can be sorted and searched with GetResponse, helping users fine-tune their lists. GetResponse offers several tips (List Booster and GetSubscribers)

for building your email lists and has created a powerful tool in Form Builder allowing users to embed full-featured forms on their website or in their campaigns to capture contact, buying, etc. information about their subscribers.

Other Email Creating Features

Along with the features mentioned above, GetResponse offers:

  • Video Email Marketing
  • Multimedia Studio
  • QR Code Generator
  • Forms on the Go
  • Landing Page Creator
  • Deliverability
  • Developer Zone
  • Newsletter Directory
  • Autoresponders
  • App Center
  • Time Travel

Contact Information

702 West Street, Suite 101, Wilmington, DE 19801


Mon.-Fri. 9AM – 5PM EST

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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