Force Marketing is a niche digital and direct mail marketing company for used and new car dealerships. They are a full service agency, offering a comprehensive package for dealerships. They have won many awards since 2012 for excellence in customer service. Their website doesn’t give much information as far as their features and to receive information, one must speak to a consultant. Our review team had challenges getting more than a simple “yes” or “no” from the sales consultants.

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The Good

For automotive dealers wanting a full service option for their marketing, Force Marketing is a great solution. They have demonstrated their ability to increase auto sales in several areas and have many satisfied customers. The sales consultants are friendly and helpful, but are very hard-sell oriented and focused on creating new clients for their company.

Case studies and testimonials are abundant on this site, showing that customers using Force Marketing for their digital and print marketing campaigns are pleased with their service and the ROI.
The company also offers its users free webinars to discuss marketing techniques and how best to use Force Marketing’s email campaign platform.

The Bad

This company is focused in one niche and so for most, will not work. Their website speaks clearly about their accomplishments and shares testimonials and case studies without saying much about the exact features which they have in their marketing plans or prices for their services. In fact, Force Marketing does not provide any pricing information on its site at all. And while pricing is heavily dependent upon company size, etc., not being transparent about pricing estimates could dissuade potential customers from pursuing a working relationship with Force Marketing. Furthermore, this company offers neither a free trial nor a money back guarantee on any of its products or services. Potential customers are more or less at the mercy of testimonials alone when weighing the potential value Force Marketing could add to their dealership.

The Bottom Line

Force Marketing is a proven marketing solution for automobile dealerships. They offer complete print and digital marketing plans and, according to their testimonials, have many satisfied customers. For an automobile dealership wanting to increase their marketing plan, Force Marketing is worth looking into and is recommended by our review team; however, regardless of industry, Force Marketing lacks certain qualities that its competitors offer upfront, and customers should be prepared to do some digging before they can get an accurate quote for Force Marketing’s services.


Force Marketing tailors their pricing plans to your dealership’s individual needs, and as such, a consultation with a sales representative is necessary to determine the pricing program for your dealership.


Dashboard Functionality

Force Marketing doesn’t offer a lot of information about their packages and show much in the way of demos of each of their features, and as such, our review team could not delve in to the extent which they normally do to take this company for a test drive. When speaking to a consultant, our reviewer asked about the interface and demo and the ease of use. The response was that the dashboard and all features were “very user friendly.” However, we are unable to state that this dashboard is such first-hand.


Email and direct mail campaigns can be targeted to very specific groups, including auto owners, prescreened credit qualifiers, previous customers, etc.


Information about clickmapping is not available on Force Marketing’s website. But in speaking with a sales representative, our reviewer was informed that all digital communication is trackable and available both online and via mobile applications for Apple and Android.


All of the digital communication from Force Marketing is accessible on any platform, but they do not have mobile templates in place.

Image Hosting

Information on image hosting is not disclosed on Force Marketing’s website, but according to a sales representative, images can be hosted on their servers.

Email Preview

Email preview is not mentioned in the features on Force Marketing’s website, but sales consultants assured our reviewers that the capability to do so was present in all of their digital communications.

A/B Testing

As with the other features, A/B Testing is not mentioned on the website, but is available according to sales professionals for Force Marketing.

Export Tool

During a conversation with a reviewer, a sales consultant for Force Marketing stated that they do have the capability to export reports and that downloads “don’t take too much time.”


Surveys could be added to digital communications according to a sales consultant with Force Marketing, but it Is rarely done in the car dealership market.

Social Media and Other Integrations

Force Marketing offers full social media integration and sharing capability for all digital communication.

Other Reporting Features

Force Marketing’s sales team states that tracking is available for forwards, clicks, bounces and emails reported as SPAM by the end user. As with the other features, little or nothing is said about this on Force Marketing’s website, so our review team was unable to learn more than what was given by representatives of the company, which equaled little to no elaboration in most cases.

Other Contact Management Features

All subscribes and unsubscribes are automatic.

Other Email Creating Features

Our review team was unable to receive much information from Force Marketing as they are rather tight-lipped with their features and offers without a qualified prescreening (verification of working at a car dealership and contact through the dealership).

Contact Information

Force Marketing headquarters

3525 Piedmont Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA

(866) 854-2815

[email protected]


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