10 years in business, more than 120,000 paying customers, more than 1 billion emails sent per month, and clients like Apple, Ebay, Twitter, Facebook, and Intel—Campaign Monitor boasts some pretty impressive statistics. Using their email marketing software, you can design emails, automate your emails, track your results, grow your audience, integrate with social media, and ultimately expand your business.

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The Good

  • Design tools
  • Third-party integrations
  • Worldview feature
  • Flexible auto-responders

What sets Campaign Monitor apart is that it was built specifically for designers so it gives users the ability to fully customize their experience using design tools, building templates, and previewing their work.

Campaign Monitor allows you to integrate with third party programs like Salesforce, Shopify, Zapier, Podio, Englist, Unbounce, and Wufoo allowing you to do even more with your subscription.

Their Worldview feature displays data in real-time on a world map. You can see who, where, and when your customers open emails, click links, forward to their friends, or share on social media. This in addition to A/B split testing allows you to see what is working or not working so that you can see whether your investment is paying off or whether you need to make some adjustments to the way you’re reaching out to your clients.

Campaign Monitor’s auto-responders are more flexible than those of many competitors and allow you to send date-based emails, such as one wishing a subscriber happy birthday. Campaign Monitor also offers a valuable tool that allows you to create detailed user segments based on custom fields or profile data.

The Bad

  • Customer service
  • Additional costs
  • Lack of features

One of the biggest drawbacks to Campaign Monitor is the lack of live customer service. While there are thorough customer forums with easy to search for answers and you can email customer support for a response “within a few hours”; however, there’s no way to reach a live person, either by phone or by chat. Additionally, Campaign Monitor offers far less training resources and tutorials than other companies.

While the cost is low for the basic and per-campaign payment options, they don’t include all of the features that many people want—for example spam testing which costs extra.

There is no internal survey or event marketing support. If you need either of those functions, you have to use third-party services, which also have monthly fees if you’re doing more than a couple a month.

Campaign Monitor is also missing a few other helpful features such as an image library and the ability to import contacts from Gmail or other third-party address books.

The Bottom Line

Campaign Monitor has a lot of advanced features to support your company. Their templates and user-friendly designing tools simplify creating an email campaign that fits your needs and style. They also offer more sophisticated auto-responders and user segmentation compared with many of their competitors. However, they’re missing a few features that you might miss—for example any kind of live support. The lack of survey and event management tools, as well as third-party integration, is also a big downside. Most users have found that the positives outweigh the negatives, however. And there’s a reason that so many high profile, fortune 500 companies go with Campaign Monitor for their email marketing needs. The free trial doesn’t have an expiration date, although you are limited to only five subscribers; however, with access to all of the most important features, you’ll be able to get an idea of whether Campaign Monitor works for your needs.

Pricing Breakdown


Basic email support, pixel-perfect email design tools, A/B testing, list & subscriber management, powerful campaign reporting, robust email automation

$9/month – 500 contacts, 2,500 emails

$29/month – 2,500 contacts, 12,500 emails

$49/month – 5,000 contacts, 25,000 emails

$89/month – 10,000 contacts, 50,000 emails

$129/month – 15,000 contacts, 75,000 emails

$199/month – 25,000 contacts, 125,000 emails

$299/month – 50,000 contacts, 250,000 emails per month


Priority 24/7 email support, access to deliverability experts, unlimited inbox previews, unlimited spam testing

$29/month – 500 contacts

$59/month – 2,500 contacts

$99/month – 5,000 contacts

$149/month – 10,000 contacts

$249/month – 15,000 contacts

$399/month – 25,000 contacts

$699/month-50,000 contacts

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