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After eight years of research with three years of developing, two brothers finally released Shopping Cart Elite for e-commerce shop owners online. With 13 years of experience in e-commerce, Shopping Cart Elite makes a strong effort to optimize and automate everything you need to make your shop successful.

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The Good

  • Automation
  • Free Trial
  • Additional Features


Shopping Cart Elite is a complex e-commerce platform solution. One of the greatest features that Shopping Cart Elite offers is the automation that its e-commerce platform offers. Its automation features the following:

  • Easy data feed
  • Auto inventory
  • Auto data entry
  • Auto tracking
  • Spying/repricing
  • Auto status
  • Quickbooks

Free Trial

Shopping Cart Elite offers a 30-day free trial. It allows you to automate almost everything. You can get an e-commerce platform fit for Ultimate SEO, Omni Channel ready, TEA friendly, with a powerful CRM backend. Store everything you need in the cloud with Hypersonic CDN Technology. Shopping Cart Elite claims to be the world's fastest, most innovative, and secured e-commerce software available today.

Additional Features

Shopping Cart Elite offers a robust automation e-commerce platform, but it also includes a comprehensive list of features that competing e-commerce platform companies don't offer. These features include the following:

  • Data entry
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Warehouse
  • Employee monitoring
  • TEA Software (Threat And Engagement Analytics)

The Bad

  • Templates
  • Customer Service
  • Service Plans
  • Social Media

Shopping Cart Elite seems like the perfect e-commerce platform on the outside, but there are things you should be cautious of when considering it as an e-commerce provider.


Standard designing options are a bit limited with this company. When you start to setup shop on Shopping Cart Elite, there is only one basic template available in the free templates. You are given tools and settings to customize your template specific to your preference. There are several features available to help customize more in your shop, but extended design features usually cost more to add.

Customer Service

Shopping Cart Elite's customer service does not seem to be on par compared to other companies within the e-commerce platforms industry. Some of our user reviews have mentioned Shopping Cart Elite's lack of customer support.

Some of its ecommerce integrations associated with its platform as well tend to be off the mark. This may not work well for certain merchants. Despite the process and transaction fees, the sales and chargebacks may need customer support assistance which it may not provide adequately. 

Service Plans

Shopping Cart Elite's Starter Lite Plan starts at $299/month and is intended for small businesses. Some of our top recommended e-commerce providers don't put any limit on the number of products you can have on your site.

Social Media

We take into consideration different aspects of a company using social media to help promote itself. Having a higher number of likes and followers will always benefit any business and establish credibility. Shopping Cart Elite only has a little over 2000 likes on Facebook leaving us to question the credibility of the business.


The Bottom Line

Shopping Cart Elite is another great solution for e-commerce users everywhere if they are interested in the comprehensive features offered. Customers can enjoy standard packages that include a lot more than just a shopfront. Get SEO, Omni Channel, TEA, CRM, and Hypersonic CDN Technology optimized by the Shopping Cart Elite team. You can get the full experience by signing up today with a 30-Day Free Trial.

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Alex Kudritski North Miami Beach, FL

I can say the only SCE is good for is their sales pitch. They charged us $3500+ and have not delivered on anything after 3 months. Charged $1000 to setup multi-channel integration setup, was not complete until cancellation 3 months later. Another $1000 product database import and polish was not completed after 3 months of countless back and forth was still incomplete at the time of cancellation. Started charging $500/month subscription before even finishing the setup, contrary to their sales pitch. Their $500 website add-on looks like an old e-bay template from 90s. Charged $1000 for training which never took place because they couldn't get the system setup. Lied and connived about the scope of work, when we demanded refund. Most of the positive reviews appeared days after we initiated a charge-back (which they are very competent at defending). Summary: 3 months of time and effort lost at $3500 cost. Stay away!

3 years ago

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Justine Ayers Lynchburg, VA

I've been working at a company for over a year that uses SCE and I have to say I am very disappointed in the quality of product. There are updates fairly often, however if they fix an issue, several new problems pop up. After 3-4 years I would think that SCE would work smoother. Whenever we have an issue and contact customer service, they take longer than needed to delegate fixing the problem to someone else. They almost seem to just put a bandaid on problems, not actually fix them. We have had an on going problem for over a year and they still have no fixed it. The website has numerous typos, and this may be because English is not their first language, thus this makes far more work for us to correct. Sometimes the system shuts down or blocks our users out for no apparent reason. I would never recommend using SCE, especially since other companies have better customer service and no limit on the number of products that can be on the website. Or the number of users.

4 years ago

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Adam Nations Cape Girardeau, MO

Run Away!!!- My experience is the same as the others- Rip off, bad communication, frustration beyond belief, promised completion in 30 days and it took nearly a year. Yes, time is money and once they have yours they do not respect your time. I stuck it out much longer than I should hoping that once I had my site up the sales would result in the wait being worth it. But, the cloud based system never worked properly, the mobile compatibility was a joke and getting help is a challenge as you're only able to communicate via skype typically with outsourced workers. I was not satisfied with the look and feel of the site and even more disappointed with the lack of being user friendly back office. Stick with Volusion or any other reputable provider. This company is no where close to what they claim to be able to offer you. After spending about 5k I'm left with nothing. An expensive lesson learned!!!!! Beware!

5 years ago

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Brian Marconi Rockland, MA

Do not believe all of the good reviews. We were told to write a good review when we wanted to cancel. The customer service in non-existent 'until' you want to cancel. We are a tech company and even we thought the software was way to difficult to use. Price - That is out of the ballpark for start ups, there is other (many) other companies for a fraction of the cost.

3 years ago

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