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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Shopio is an e-commerce platform that lets small- to medium-sized businesses sell their goods online with a state-of-the-art, next generation setup. Shopio offers affordable prices to businesses that may not have the resources of technical knowledge or software installation. Shopio was developed and implemented by IdeaSoft, one of the leading e-commerce providers in the world. Shopio, under the IdeaSoft brand, serves more than 10,000 online stores throughout the world. The company also has a decade of experience. A company called Deloitte, which has been in business since 2001, owns IdeaSoft and Shopio. Deloitte has business software solutions for small- to enterprise-level businesses.

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The Good

  • Built-in CMS
  • SSL certificate
  • Storage and bandwidth
  • Trial period
  • SEO features
  • Marketing tools
  • Additional features
From your initial setup, Shopio is fairly easy and friendly to use. You can easily select responsive templates from their store of free and premium templates. You can also easily design your pages, as Shopio gives builders 100% control over HTML, CSS, and Javascript within the fully online theme editor. Users can also pick from existing email templates or design one from scratch for use with email marketing campaigns.

Built-in CMS

With Shopio, your page editor and content management system are all built in. You won't have to link a WordPress blog to your Shopio account if you want to include a blog on your shopping website.

SSL Certificate

We also liked that Shopio includes an industry-standard SSL certificate. With other providers, such as Avactis, you have to purchase your own SSL certificate from another provider, such as Comodo. With Avactis, you can get the SSL certificate installed or shared, but Shopio comes with a 256-bit SSL certificate. You also have a seal on your e-store so that your customers can purchase with security and confidence.

Storage and Bandwidth

While all the subscription levels with Shopio don't come with unlimited storage and bandwidth, we found that the storage and bandwidth were acceptable:
  • Small: 1 GB of file storage and 10 GB of bandwidth.
  • Medium: 50 GB of bandwidth and 5 GB of file storage.
  • Large: Unlimited bandwidth and file storage.

Trial Period

There is also a free 14-day trial period so that you can try out Shopio. You don't have to provide your credit card information up front, meaning no risk. With some of the providers in the industry, we found that we had to provide your credit card information to start charging after the free trial period ended.

SEO Features

We also found that Shopio has some powerful built-in SEO features to help your website rank better. One of the most powerful components is an automatically generated XML sitemap. As you build pages on your Shopio e-commerce store, the platform automatically adds them to the XML sitemap. Also, Shopio easily integrates with Google Analytics and Webmaster so that you can better optimize your website for search engines.

Marketing Tools

The marketing and analytics tools within Shopio are also something to be reckoned with. We found that you can see order overviews, as well as orders by customer. This helps you manage your top-selling items, as well as understand how sales and promotions make your products sell better. The marketing tools with Shopio are powerful. Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ all integrate easily with Shopio. Finally, you can easily create sales, promotions, and coupons with the built-in marketing features of this website.

Additional Features

Here are some of the features that we really liked with Shopio:
  • Affordable pricing, for different levels of business.
  • Unlimited products listings with the large business package.
  • No transaction fees for medium- and large-sized businesses.
  • Mobile optimization on all subscription levels.
  • Advanced tax management and all payment gateways.

The Bad

  • Shipping simulator
  • Lack of abandoned shopping cards
  • Subscriptions

Shipping Simulator

While a shipping simulator is not a necessity, we couldn't find one with Shopio. A shipping simulator lets the business owner take their e-store for a test drive, seeing exactly what the customer sees when they place an order. [/h3]Lack of Abandoned Shopping Carts[/h3] With other competitors in the industry, we found an abandoned shopping cart recovery feature. We couldn't see this with Shopio. However, we did find some helpful blog articles for reducing abandoned shopping carts on your e-commerce website with Shopio. With Shopio, a business owner is going to have to manage upfront costs, such as shipping fees in order to reduce their abandoned carts.


We also didn't like that the small business subscription charges a small fee for each transaction. With many of Shopio's competitors, we found that there wasn't a transaction fee.

The Bottom Line

We do recommend Shopio as an e-commerce platform for small-, medium-, and large-sized businesses. We felt that their price range was very reasonable. We also felt that the product had a lot of different themes that were customized easily with HTML, CSS, and Java. We also like the scalability available to different sizes of business. We wish that all subscriptions of Shopio came with unlimited file storage and bandwidth for customers. We also didn't like that the small business subscription for Shopio charges a per transaction fee, in addition to a monthly charge. Finally, we would like to see a shipping simulator that lets the business owner test the efficacy of their e-commerce store.
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