With an anniversary coming up on May 1, Pinnacle Cart has been around for nearly 10 years now. They offer plans and packages for eCommerce, shop hosting, designing, marketing, and more all available in one place. There are no transaction fees, and Pinnacle Cart works to make running your shop as user friendly as possible.


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The Good

  • Free trial
  • Security
  • Themes

Free Trial

Try Pinnacle Cart today free for 14 days Enjoy using their tools and setting up your own eCommerce shop with the 2 week free trial.


Pinnacle Cart storefronts are highly secure. This company is certified PCI compliant, and hosts more than 40,000 stores online. Pinnacle Cart has a preferred payment option with First Data, but still handles a massive amount of transactions by having over 30 secured gateways with supported payment options.


Pinnacle Cart offers about 33 professionally designed themes. The’s also has a theme store where you can pick a theme that specifically corresponds to the industry your product is part of. On top of this, Pinnacle Cart allows third party professionals to design custom themes by request. There are 3 design packages available that you can add to give your shop a more custom look. The Pinnacle Cart design packages range from $1200 – $3200. Otherwise customers with a little coding experience can also design their own storefront using HTML or CSS.

The Bad

  • SSL certificate
  • Additional concerns

SSL Certificate

Pinnacle Cart doesn’t have their own POS system so they charge an extra $14.95 for the SSL certificate. They only work with over 30 payment gateways, when most competitors work with more than 50 – 70 gateways.

[/h3]Additional Concerns[/h3]

  • Offering a free SSL certificate like most competitors in this industry have done.
  • Unlimited storage with their most expensive, “Enterprise” plan.
  • Explain that there are no transaction fees with using Pinnacle Cart but that there will be with any kind of merchant service.
  • If you don’t have experience designing online, setting up your shop may be limiting unless you choose to purchase a design package with your plan. All in all your plan and shop fees become pretty pricey compared to others. Generally after the free trial ends, you will also be required to pay $49 setup fee for your shop.

The Bottom Line

Pinnacle is making a strong reputation as possibly the most user-friendly eCommerce site available today. Although, in order to get your shop optimized to your own preferences you may end up spending a lot more than planned for. There are 33 themes to choose from with customizable features for each. Other themes or design packages can cost you up to $3200. Be sure to understand your shop’s plan and pricing details before you get stuck with a loaded bill you didn’t expect to pay.

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