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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

LemonStand started its business in 2010 as the new kid on the block of an emerging, competitive industry. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, LemonStand has come a long way since its inception five years ago. The company began by offering license-based downloadable software. Today, it is web-based. LemonStand's goal is to make its products adaptable for its customers, whether you're a designer or a developer or functioning in some other capacity. The product is flexible enough that it meets your needs whether your business is small, large or something in between.

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The Good

  • Pricing and plans
  • Free trial
  • Server
  • Security
  • Customized options
  • Reporting
  • Editing
  • Exit pop-up
  • Easy-to-use design
  • Customer service

Pricing and Plans

The pricing is very competitive, each having unlimited products and features. There are four plans to choose from, based on your company's needs and size. What you'll truly enjoy is the customer-friendly no-fee structure. You won't pay any extra to get started, and if you cancel, you won't have to worry about surprises or hidden costs. You can cancel at any time without question. Payments are made monthly.

Free Trial

If you want to scope out the product but aren't sure it's right for you or your organization, give the 14-day free trial a look. This will give you a chance to test our the product's features and capabilities without feeling obligated to commit to a long-term plan.


LemonStand will host the software for you online. The server's have 99.9 percent uptime with redundancies in backups for your protection.


LemonStand takes security very seriously, and your information and data will be safe and secure without question. First, your credit card information is not stored by the company, meaning your financial information is yours alone to know. Also, the company conducts hourly backups of your data. Its SaaS servers are encrypted.

Customized Options

As a designer or developer, or even as a business leader or owner, you will be thrilled with the customizable options at your disposal. LemonStand realizes everyone has different preferences and needs based on the type and size of their business, along with their customer base. As such, LemonStand ecommerce solutions are scalable, adaptable and flexible for your convenience. You may choose from among many templates and designs-whatever suits you best. You can select and customize the look and feel or your site and give it the appearance with the branding, themes, colors and logos you and your customers are looking for. When you use LemonStand, you can create your site and give it the appearance it is your company, not LemonStand so that every visitor who comes will know that it is you.


If your responsibilities lie with reporting and crunching data and numbers, you'll be pleased with the many reporting features you'll find. If you need to track sales and revenue, there is a tool to keep you apprised of the all-important numbers. Are you the type who likes to analyze every little thing? LemonStand has an analytics tool to help you see exactly who is coming to visit your site. And if you want to track payments and shipping information, there are features to accommodate your needs there as well.


Developers working on the back end of the site will be happy to note that LemonStand products come with a built-in text editor that allows you to easily make changes to your site without delays or hassles. Changes can be made in HTML, so if you or someone on your team is used to using this language, making any changes to your site won't be a problem at all.

Exit Pop-up

Chances are, if you're using LemonStand, you are trying to create a site designed to sell a product to your customer. If you want to capitalize on customers visiting your site, and if you want to increase their purchasing rates, LemonStand's Exit Pop-up is a tremendous feature. This will force a pop-up to appear every time a visitor attempts to leave your site without having made a purchase. The pop-up informs the visitor that they haven't made a purchase, and it entices the person to do precisely that.

Easy-to-use Design

Anytime you make a change or start a new process, there is going to be some trepidation and a learning curve. With LemonStand, this curve is a small one. It won't take anybody very long at all to get familiar with and comfortable with the design and usability of the program. You can have your site designed and fully functional without the stress and worry that would normally accompany such an endeavor.

Customer Service

The customer service is excellent. Response times are swift, and someone who is knowledgeable and helpful is a simple call or email away. Through customer service inquiries, you can ask technical questions, support questions, billing questions, or anything else that might be troubling your. You will get a prompt response and resolution to your issue. Customers may even chat with customer service via Skype if this suits you well.

The Bad

  • Mobile features
  • Transaction fees
  • Free trial
There is very little to not like about LemonStand. Though customer service is top-notch, as mentioned, there isn't much information about customer service online. You have to make contact and trust your issue will be resolved. But in terms of customer service FAQs or details, they're difficult to find.

Mobile Features

We like how LemonStand makes their themes and site designs responsive so that it works well with mobile devices, but an additional mobile feature that we think is important is the ability to be able to manage your store from your mobile device. If you're always on the go then being able to manage your eCommerce store from your phone is a must.

Transaction Fees

LemonStand claims to have eliminated their transaction fees to standout from their competitors as an eCommerce platform that doesn't have any transaction fees. However, with an eCommerce store, you will be required to use a merchant service or payment gateway and those services will require a transaction fee. We feel that it would be better if LemonStand explained this instead of just saying that they don't have any transaction fees to make themselves seem like the good guys and the payment gateways the ones that are taking your money with each transaction that takes place.

Free Trial

The free trial of 14 days seems a little short. It's reasonable to say that a longer period would likely give the user a better idea of whether the product is right for him or her. By way of information, the free trial had previously been 30 days, which seems to be a better option.

The Bottom Line

LemonStand has grown swiftly and surely the past few years, after opening its doors just a few years ago. It has made giant strides in quality and support, and customer will be pleased with its services. The great thing about LemonStand is that it works for anyone in any business of any size. You can so easily customize it to fit whatever it is you want your business to do. We definitely recommend using them for your e-commerce needs.
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