Fortune3 has been around for over 12 years. Fortune3 is based out of Florida and provides hosting for over 1,200 shops worldwide today. There are 6 packages to choose from, which all include unlimited storage and added features for your online shop.


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The Good

With 24/7 customer support and a 30 day free trial, Fortune3 gives all the tools you need at a more affordable price. This eCommerce company doesn’t have their own in house payment system, but Fortune3 works with 50 different payment gateways to allow purchases to be made securely at anytime. There are 6 plans to choose from – Starter, Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Unlimited all of these plans have unlimited bandwidth, features, and 24/7 support included.

Other things that we liked about Fortune3 were:

  • An unlimited product count with their Infinity plan.
  • Unlimited bandwidth will all of their plans, including their Starter plan for $10 per month.
  • Live chat on site to answer any of your questions.
  • PCI-Compliant shopping cart software
  • Comes with a free 256-bit SSL certificate from Geotrust.

Fortune3 offers an eCommerce platform software which includes a robust mobile app. You are able to manage and run your eCommerce store from your mobile devices that have the app downloaded. Mobile app features include:

  • Push Notification
  • Dashboard
  • Order Management
  • Status Changes
  • Social Media
  • Customer Management
  • Order Search
  • Customer Search

Fortune3 also has a comprehensive list for their features dealing with design of your eCommerce website. You don’t need to know any HTML in order to use their service and they claim to offer a product that is a “Fully customizable Web page.”

The Bad

Fortune3 claims to have no transaction fees but that is only if you use Fortune3 as your merchant service. A merchant service is what allows you to accept payment from customers using credit cards. If you use a 3rd party merchant service or payment gateway like PayPal then you have to pay a 1% transaction fee on top of whatever fees your 3rd part merchant service provider has in place. However the 1% transaction fee is waived if you are using Fortune3’s Infinity package.

Each package comes standard with options to help you build you store, but doesn’t allow you to post more than a certain number of products. If you plan to post more products to your site, Fortune3 will automatically upgrade your package. Be sure to get accurate pricing for any services you apply to your existing plan. Even though you may expect design features to be standard, many of these will commonly charge more to your bill each month.

Fortune3 packages will only allow you to host 20 products with the Starter package, 50 products with the Basic, 250 products with the Silver, 500 products with the Gold, and 10,000 products with the Platinum. You are only able to post 7 photos for each product you host. Fortune 3 may also be limited when working with other currencies as well.

The Bottom Line

Fortune3 may not be the best eCommerce site out there, but this company has all the right tools and affordable prices to help make any shop a success. Depending on your experience level and what your shop goals are, Fortune3 might have all the freedom and support your shop needs. Whether it’s included in the package you choose or an upgrade, this eCommerce solution can give you all the same benefits to open shop online.

Monthly Price:

The Starter package with Fortune3 costs only $9.95/month and includes unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, 20 products, unlimited support, and features included. If you’re interested in more than a starter package, Fortune3 has 5 other packages to choose from that range in price from $24.95 – $159.95 per month. The Unlimited package is the only one that will let you host and unlimited number of products. For online store starters who aren’t quite ready to pay for service, Fortune3 offers a 30 day free trial that gives users one month of free access and then allows each user to pick any plan after the trial period ends. Users can choose from special templates and receive guaranteed use of a secure checkout system.

Fees (Transaction Fees): None of the Fortune3 plans include transaction fees if you use their credit card services with your plan. Otherwise there is a 1% fee on all transactions. Also if you plan to use an external payment processor, all of the plans but the Unlimited will include the 1% transaction fee.

Hidden fees (Y/N): Yes. If you post more products than your plan includes, Fortune3 will automatically upgrade your monthly service to a packages that includes more product posting.

Free trial (Y/N): Yes. The free trial period lasts for one month (30 days).

Storefront Security (10=highly secured): 8 – All Fortune3 storefronts are highly secure. Fortune3 is certified PCI compliant, and the company hosts more than 1,200 online stores and handles a massive amount of transactions using approved payment systems. Fortune3 works with 50 payment gateways, so if your already signed up with one of the approved sources, transferring your shop to that gateway will be safe and easy to setup. The company also offers a free highly secure SSL certificate to protect customer’s information.

Storefront Design (10= highly designable): 7 – Fortune3 offers over 40 free templates to choose from. There are Deluxe Templates available starting at $149.99 and Custom Templates for $899.99. Customers with little coding experience can also design their own storefront using HTML or CSS. Several designs features will cost more monthly depending on design.

Time in Business: Fortune3 has been around for over 12 years with over 1,200 shops hosted today.

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