BigCommerce was founded in 2003 by two people from Australia who moved to Texas in hopes of making a name for themselves in the world of ecommerce. Originally the owners planned to cater their ecommerce services to small- and medium-sized businesses, but because of Bigcommerce’s growth, the company is now able to handle large-scale businesses as well.


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The Good

  • Themes
  • Integration tools
  • Additional features

BigCommerce is a highly trusted company in the field of e-commerce, as evidenced by the fact that they manage tens of thousands of storefronts and handle billions of dollars in transactions.


BigCommerce is constantly improving their services and providing new themes for its customers. It currently has over 50 different themes to choose from that look professional and elegant. These themes are optimized for most catalog sizes, merchandise categories, and promotions. Prices for these themes range between $145 – $195 and if you don’t want to pay for a premium theme then BigCommerce has seven styles of free themes available.

Integration Tools

BigCommerce also offers some unique integration tools that allow users to connect to and leverage their social networks. This gives storefront owners access to a potentially massive customer base. BigCommerce also has a unique app store of its own that offers powerful additional features for tools like email marketing, accounting, shipping, analytics, etc. Some of the apps in BigCommerce’s app store are free, while others are not.

Additional Features

Some things that we liked about BigCommerce are:

  • Over 10 years in the eCommerce platform industry.
  • Over 50 themes to choose from
  • 10/10 on our features list.
  • 15-day free trial.
  • Live chat available for customer support.
  • BigCommerce University to help you set up your eCommerce business.

The Bad

  • Pricing
  • Support


While BigCommerce’s pricing is reasonable, there are maximums annual online sales that will force you to get a more expensive plan. For example, with its Standard plan, your max is $50,000 and if you are doing more business than that then you much move up to the next plan which is $50 more per month.


Lastly, BigCommerce offers 24/7 customer support Monday through Friday by phone, and e-mail support from 2:00 AM to 6:00 PM on weekdays, but it appears no one is in the office for the majority of Saturday or at all on Sunday. This may be concerning for some storefront owners since the internet never sleeps and technical issues can cost online stores a lot of lost revenue.

The Bottom Line

BigCommerce is a great option for serious business people who want to leverage their products and grow their businesses. For online store owners who take a more casual approach to their business, BigCommerce may not be the best option since its cheapest package is still somewhat pricey. For people concerned about security, BigCommerce makes it clear on its website that their sites feature “bank vault” level security features. Overall, BigCommerce has a strong presence in the market and is a great option for anyone trying to develop a strong online presence.

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  1. User Score


    March 19th, 2016 Waco, TX

    Had everything I wanted. Seamless payment processing, relatively low fees, mobile capabilities.

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  2. User Score


    March 7th, 2016 Waco, TX

    The web design is actually unimpressive in my opinion, but there are so many features to utilize that I suggest giving it a chance. There are other platforms I would probably go with before big commerce, but they aren’t bad.

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  3. User Score


    March 4th, 2016 Waco, TX

    There are a few reasons I like Bigcommerce. First, the prices are reasonable and there aren’t any transaction fees. You also get some marketing capabilities and support even if you don’t have the top pricing package. It’s user-friendly too. I like them a lot.

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