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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Avactis is an e-commerce marketplace that was designed in 2001. There are many different editions available: Free, Owned, Life, Premium, monthly leased, and white label editions. Pentasoft Corporation established the company in 2001. Pentasoft is located in New York. Since August of 2012, Avactis has been owned by Hummingbird Web Solutions. Hummingbird is based out of India. As of now, Hummginbird out of India is responsible for all management of the Avactis e-commerce platform. The team includes software developers, web designers, sales and marketing professionals, and others who come together to make solutions for businesses worldwide.

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The Good

  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Subscriptions
  • SSL certificate
  • Analytics
  • Social media

Cloud-based Solutions

One of the things that we noticed about Avactis was that they offered cloud-based solutions for customers that didn't necessarily want to download the one-time paid versions. We liked that Avactis and their cloud-based e-commerce solutions were scalable for different-sized businesses. These cloud-based subscriptions are priced with the following tiers:
  • Core: Free
  • Professional: $249 per month.


The professional subscription level is a perfect fit for large- and enterprise-level businesses. Here are some of the features that we really liked with the professional package:
  • 25,000 MB monthly traffic
  • 5,000 products.
  • 10 GB of storage space.
  • Premium Themes included
  • An abandoned cart saver.
  • Coupons, Discounts, and more.
  • Custom SSL installation.

SSL Certificate

One of the things that we had a hard time finding out about in this industry was where a business purchases an SSL certificate. We found that Avactis has custom installation available for SSL certificates, so you can purchase an SSL certificate with some of the leading providers, such as Comodo or RapidSSL.


The analytics feature of Avactis lets a customer use Google Analytics to track customers throughout their shopping experience. We found that Google Analytics is helpful when tracking where customers are entering your website and the tracking of lost conversions. There is also a helpful blog on the Avactis website about which analytics suites work best for different-sized businesses. We found that, with Avactis, Google Analytics is a great starting tool for e-commerce startups. Clicky, however, is going to be a better for businesses that want to grow.

Social Media

We also liked the social media integrations with Avactis. They let you post Facebook advertising campaigns, such as coupons and gift certificates. We found that the social features of Facebook integration with Avactis were very promising. The mobile apps seemed to have a lot of features that easily integrated into your existing web store. For $249 per year, you have access to the following with their basic hosted service:
  • Unlimited app downloads for your customers.
  • Push notifications.
  • Free app upgrades for both Android and iOS.
  • 100 credits per year included with ticket support.
You do not get charged when customers use the app to visit your web store.

The Bad

  • Mobile app
  • Limited themes
  • Customer support
  • Ecommerce platform
  • Dashboard

Mobile App

One of the things that concerned us about Avactis was the mobile app feature. When we called in, we didn't get an adequate description of whether or not you could fully run your store on your mobile app. We also wanted to see some of the features of the mobile app demonstrated. The link to the demonstration of the Avactis mobile app did not work. We did see however, that there are push notifications for when customers have made a purchase from your store.

Limited Themes

Another thing that troubled us with Avactis was the low number of themes available on the website. We only saw twelve basic themes advertised on the website, but there are different premium themes available with the paid cloud subscriptions.

Customer Support

Another thing that we were concerned with was the customer support for Avactis. There was a ticketing system in place. We didn't see some of the questions we had answered in the knowledge base and wondered what the turnaround time on the ticketing system was. The ticketing system was also a little bit confusing, as there were two different levels of support. Also, there were some feedback and sales forms included on the website.

Ecommerce Platform

Here are our main concerns with the Avactis e-commerce platform:
  • The limited number of free themes (only twelve were visible on their website, other products have more).
  • We couldn't tell whether or not we could manage the site with the mobile app.
  • We wanted to know more about how often app upgrades were unrolled through the hosted app solution.
  • The Avactis mobile app only works with your Avactis-built e-commerce center. This could be a problem if you are using a legacy-based platform.


We also wanted to see more of the dashboard on the Avactis website. How easy is it to update your e-commerce store and edit product descriptions? The knowledge base doesn't have that many screenshots about how to do things with the dashboard. Also, we wanted to know more about how the custom SSL installation works, as well as the PCI compliant features of the website (even though Avactis does support PCI compliance). Our assumption is that PCI compliance on Avactis has bank-level encryption for doing business transactions online.

The Bottom Line

We do recommend Avactis as an e-commerce platform. You can download the basic core package for free and its open source code lets you implement many different customizations for your business. Avactis is a great product for most sizes of business. We felt that the cloud solutions were scalable and particularly suitable for large- and enterprise-level businesses, letting them select an appropriate range of products to bolster their online catalog. We would like to see more themes with Avactis. Right now, the free themes are pretty limited and we didn't get to see the premium themes that came with the product. With the open source code, however, you could theoretically make any type of theme that you desired for your business.
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