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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
3dcart is a strong provider in the eCommerce world with 7 years of experience, 17,000 customer and 6 core value to focus on. 3dcart is a leading in Innovation, Service, Simplicity, Trust, Happiness, and Prosperity. This company believes in customer security and privacy. They have adopted some of the toughest standards available for online security to ensure that every shop they host is secured and successful.

The Good

  • Free Trial
  • Themes
  • Advertising
  • Server

Free Trial

Start your new shop for free today with a 15 day free trial.


3dcart offers over 100 professionally designed themes to choose from initially. The site also has a theme store where you can pick a more specific theme. On top of this, 3dcart allows third party professionals to design custom themes by user request. There are 3 design packages available to add, which can give your shop more of a custom look. The 3dcart design packages range from $1,200 - $3,200 in price. Otherwise customers with a little coding experience can also design their own storefront using standard edit/design options, HTML, or CSS.


Free advertising credits to Yahoo!, Amazon, or Bing.


3dcart guarantees a 99.99% up-time, meaning your shop will always be up and running for your convenience.

The Bad

  • Templates
  • Additional Concerns


Designs and templates they have available don't offer much and look like they may be outdated several years. They recently have started to unveil new templates on its blog about every 2 weeks.

Additional concerns

A few things that we could see improved with 3dcart are:
  • TMaintaining well managed social profiles helps establish the credibility of that company.
  • Free advertising credits to Bing and Google.

The Bottom Line

3dcart is a great eCommerce site to start your shop with. Look into limits and plan details before you decide for sure, but there are many reason to choose 3dcart for you. They offer similar service to many eCommerce sites today, but make the biggest statement with their security efforts.  Enjoy many shop features with designing tools to make your shop more safe, secure, and successful all around.
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14 Reviews

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Christy Townzen

I would first like to say that I love 3dcart. The reason I canceled my account is because I cannot afford the monthly fee for using your service at this time. I hope to someday be able to open a new store. Your product/service is wonderful. It's easy to set up a store and I really like the different options for themes to use. Your customer service is excellent. Your representatives are very helpful and informative when it comes to answering customer questions. If in any case, they do not know the answer to your question right off hand, they will get back with you with the information your needing as soon as possible. Again, your representatives are awesome. Thank you so much for letting me try 3dcart for free for a month. I will be back some day. <3

4 years ago

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Chris LaVoie Eugene, OR

Before selecting a new shopping cart we reviewed a lot of other products. 3Dcart provided the tools and plugins that we needed - and couldn't find on most other carts. We've been with 3Dcart for a couple years now. They have been reliable and support has been prompt and helpful. The user interface is good and our clients seem to be responding well to the new cart. I am happy we made the decision to use 3Dcart

5 years ago

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Bo Corsillo

I have been benefiting from the powerful 3dcart feature set and responsive and knowledgeable customer support offered from them for nearly 10 years. I have not once thought of looking elsewhere.

4 years ago

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Lou Maroney Wallingford, PA

I have had many great experience with the customer service department at 3D cart. Whenever I have a question they get back to me with an hour . They answer my questions thoroughly and I have always be happy with the answers and they have always solved my issues.

4 years ago

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Mike Schwab Belleair Beach, FL

It was easy for me to set up and start selling. People found our products online in the first few weeks and it has taken off from then. When I need help, customer service is ready to help.

4 years ago

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Ellen Sheets Gallipolis, OH

3d cart is great, and the customer service is really solid. More templates would be nice, but it's getting the job done! And it's affordable and works with my payment gateways.

4 years ago

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Adrian Quintanilla

The issue is that 3D cart has a very basic service capabilities at its core, many of the enterprise or higher level business options are extra modules (plug-ins) and many of which do not work or are very basic in functionality. If things lay outside of the scope you have to pay them $$$ for custom programming. For a simple straight forward eCommerce its decent but if you want to do auto-ship, a proper affiliate program, orders through an API with your phone support, it will takes months to get it set-up and their support team is less than helpful on many of these subjects.

4 years ago

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Stay far, far away from this very dishonest company. Against my better judgement I let them "design" a cart for me due to the fact that carts are now going responsive. I have an absolutely beautiful site which is made made custom graphics. I talked to their sales person for probably two years about this. He finally had me convinced that they can do custom graphics and my site will look great. I took a big chance. My five year old could have honestly put together a better design. We call it the clown website because the graphics are so bad. It is a disgrace. They only give you one chance for a revision and this is a $5000 design. I knew if I had it revised I would forfeit all of my money on the spot and there was NO WAY it was going to look anywhere near acceptable. It was just a bunch of cut and paste. Nothing custom at all. And it looked really, really bad. So I said that I will have my professional designer to do the work and just put the money to the programming. Renisha, the project manager, is a real pain. She could care less if you are happy with your design. All she wants is to close out on date with your money, happy or not. I have never seen people treated like this in the professional world before and I have built several websites over the last 20 years. So their supervisor Samantha, who seems like a nice lady, said we will put the project on hold in about two weeks and will close out the project after one year, so basically I had one year to get them the design. I was fine with that. Meanwhile I had emailed their CEO twice and was totally ignored. Renisha said he was away- "right: Well I am a CEO and I am away all the time and I also answer emails while I am away. So as we prepare to hand them over the design Renisha states the deal was no longer valid and never were we given one year to complete it. Bull. I have the email and even the sales person contacted me a few days before to check on our progress. Well I told her I have been holding off legal counsel but will be moving forward with it now. She says she can no longer talk to me and this must go to their legal team who will review it in 2-3 weeks. They have no legal team. And by the way they have no security either (maybe now after the DHS and FBI has contacted them). My site and many of their customers' sites were hacked into and credit cards stolen. The hackers said it was a piece of cake. I worked with them for months and could not get them to secure my site even after they were contacted by the FBI. I asked for their security team and their people told me they have NO security team, The two guys are currently in prison and getting out soon. I will have them contact the customers they broke into and let them know what they did. What a deplorable and dishonest company.

5 years ago

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William William Auburn, AL

I talked with sales at 9am Friday, picked a plan, picked a template, and was charged for the plan TWICE. The sales guy promised to have me up and running by the end of the business day on Friday. Guess what it didn't happen. So what did I get from 3D Cart? Empty promises, two bogus charges for thing I never received, etc. You straighten it all up and make it right just like I would for my customer and I will come back and write a positive review. It seems to me that once the sales guy made the sale, that was the end of him and he moved on to his next "victim" to con money out of. As of today, I have not received a return phone, email or even an initial welcome email. The only thing I have is my bank statement showing two charges from 3D Cart.

5 years ago

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Monique Jennie Brim San Antonio, TX

Customer service has always been exceptional! I have never had a website and I do now thanks to the excellent customer service offered!

4 years ago

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Brien Wilson Longwood, FL

Love the search feature in 3D CART when I need to find a order or a product I only have to search in one search bar unlike volusion where it takes twice as long to search.

4 years ago

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Fred Burgess Liberty, NC

I was repeatedly charged by 3D Cart after the "FREE" Trial. I have asked them to quit my billing, but my credit card was drafted over and over again. When I tried to cancel the account they said they were unable to do so because I did not know the account number. It has taken many many calls and some harsh words to get this problem solved.

4 years ago

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Jim Fort Lauderdale, FL

3dcart a complete solutions for an online business. Great value for your money!

5 years ago

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Khaled dastagirzada

Awesome customer service to help you through your issues

4 years ago