Posted: George Hancock Jr. | May 14, 2015

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Can Walmart's New Service Compete with Amazon Prime?


In typical Walmart fashion, the corporation has made plans to undercut its competitors. A new service, codenamed "Tahoe," could eventually compete with Amazon Prime. Prime has really been in a league of its own for some time, having no one to compete with its fast shipping options and wide range of media available for $99 a year.

Walmart has no plans to compete with the Amazon Kindle or Fire Stick with its new service yet, but plans to save you money. Nothing unusual there, but some would say you pay for what you get. Although Walmart owns movie streaming company Vudu, no streaming services are included in the $50 fee you'll pay for Tahoe. That could change in the future but Walmart probably needs to improve Vudu and Fire Stick competitor, Spark, before it can offer something good enough to be considered a true competitor. The Verge says Spark doesn't support apps at all.

Anything you order from the one million products available with Tahoe will arrive in three days or less. That doesn't compare to the 20 million items you can get in two days, from Amazon, but it's a start. Shipping is free, as with Amazon.

Tahoe will be available by invitation in some regions this summer, according Ravi Jariwala, a Wal Mart spokesperson who spoke to CNet recently. Like another Amazon competitor, Jet, Tahoe will evolve with customer feedback in mind. According to Tech Crunch, Wal Mart likes to test new products and services on its existing customers. So, Tahoe's initial users might be in suburban areas, mostly. If the data doesn't show enough potential demand, Walmart will pull the plug.


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